Chapter 387 - The Great Calamity (1)

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Although the Jade Emperor had rushed over as soon as he received the news, he was not as fast as Zhun Ti. There was nothing he could do about it.

Hong Jun waved his hand and the Jade Emperor sat down at the side.

At this moment, Hong Jun looked around and said “Ever since I preached the Dao, all of you have had your own achievements. The conflict between Buddhism and Taoism has lasted until now and can no longer be reconciled. The Heavenly Court and Mount Numinous are at war. Hence, from today onwards, the great calamity will rise again! The Heavenly Court will temporarily lose all control over the mortal world! Everything will continue to operate according to the existing rules. Only either the Heavenly Court or Mount Numinous can remain to take control of the three realms!”

Hearing this, everyone’s faces turned solemn.

Their hearts were filled with joy! In this way, didn’t it mean that Mount Numinous had a chance to advance further?

Although he had profited greatly during his ascension to godhood and his journey to the west, Chanism been going downhill for so many years. There was no doubt about it.

After all, as a cultivation system that relied on merit, it did not have the authority to manage the three realms like the Heavenly Court. This was Lingshan’s hard injury.

Hong Jun’s words now undoubtedly gave Lingshan a chance to fight head-on!

Hong Jun continued, “But in this battle, the saints are not allowed to fight!”

Hearing this, the Jade Emperor’s expression relaxed a little.

The battle prowess of saints was something that the Heavenly Court could not resist at all. However, if the saints did not make a move, with the current battle prowess of the Heavenly Court, they might have the strength to wrestle with Mount Numinous.

“We will obey the Dao ancestor’s orders,” the saints replied in unison.

Hong Jun smiled again, he said, “I haven’t finished speaking. I have four streams of Primal Purple Qi here! The Primal Purple Qi will soon disperse into all the quasi-saints’ bodies. Anyone who kills a quasi-saint will obtain the Primal Purple Qi in their bodies.”

As he spoke, he spread out his palm. The four streams of Primal Purple Qi were like four purple dragons, swimming in his palm.

The Jade Emperor looked at the Primal Purple Qi and could not help but clench his fists.

They knew that once this thing was released, it would definitely have a huge impact on the situation in the world!

In other words, there might even be four more saints!

Of course, that was the most ideal state. However, it might not be able to produce that many saints at all. It might also be possible that some people did not need an entire beam of Primal Purple Qi to become saints.

No one could say for sure what would happen.

Without a doubt, the balance between the saints was about to be broken.

There were now six saints.

The two saints of the Western religion were slightly weaker, but they were all given the same power.

Nuwa was in a neutral position and did not care about the affairs of the world.

The three pure ones were in charge of their own affairs, and there were internal conflicts.

However, if one of them were to produce another saint…

For example, if the Western Church had four saints, then the other saints would probably suffer a great loss.

With more saints, the situation would become more complicated.

Now, there were a large number of quasi-saints in the world. This also meant that if these quasi-saints wanted to break through, they would have to fight each other.

Hong Jun continued, “The restriction of not being allowed to fight will be lifted after the seventh saint is born!”

The moment these words were said, all the saints looked at each other.

In other words, after the birth of the seventh saint, the saints could directly enter the arena to participate in the battle.

The birth of the seventh saint might even affect the life and death of the subsequent saints.

Was It a great calamity?

This great calamity would not just be a mere God Ascension Roll. Without the protection of the bottom line, death meant death.

The outcome of the battle might even exceed everyone’s expectations.

Everyone fell into deep thought.

This battle might even be a battle between Buddhists and Daoists.

It was especially important to see who could take the first holy seat.

Right now, in terms of the strength of saints, Daoism was definitely stronger.

The Grand Supreme Old Lord looked at the Jade Emperor and smiled. “Since the battle between Buddhists and Daoists has already come to this, the human sect has to contribute. I will let Xuan Du go to the Heavenly Court and follow orders!”

Xuan Du had long been a quasi-saint, but he never had the chance to become a saint.

The Grand Supreme Old Lord was obviously doing this so that Xuan Du could have the chance to become a saint.

But the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning did not say anything.

If it was before, he would have let the few remaining disciples of his sect go to the Heavenly Court.

But now, it was not certain.

To put it bluntly, the conflict he had with the Jade Emperor before had let him see that this Jade Emperor was not easy to deal with. If one helped him, he might lift a rock and smash his own feet!

Furthermore, he had a keen grasp of some things. Killing a quasi-saint to obtain the Primal Purple Qi did not mean that he had to join the two forces.

He still needed to figure out how to act.

When Tongtian heard this, he sneered, “The people of my Jiejiao sect have already served the Heavenly Court.”

It was obvious that whether he was willing or not, he and the Jade Emperor were bound to be on the same side.

The Jade Emperor smiled bitterly in his heart, but at this moment, he began to plan in his heart.

One had to know that he had the cultivation base of a quasi-saint. As the commander of the three realms, this cultivation base could not be said to be low. However, compared to a saint, it was nothing.

Did he not want to become a saint himself?

He definitely wanted to.

However, he definitely did not want to fight in the next round.

But would the would-be saints listen to him if he wanted to kill them?