Chapter 389 - Meeting (1)

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In the southeast star domain, the Heaven sect master appeared in front of Yun Xiao and the others.

The four direct disciples of the Heaven sect, had entered the Western sect.

Holy Mother Turtle Spirit Spirit had died tragically and her soul was scattered.

Holy Mother Wudang had also left the Heaven sect for many years and was nowhere to be found.

Even he didn’t know where Holy Mother Wudang was now.

After that were the other disciples.

Among the other disciples, Zhao Gongming was the leader.

Yun Xiao and the others were discussing how to deal with Shao Deng and the others when the Patriarch of the Heaven sect, Tongtian suddenly appeared!

Seeing him, the four of them were all shocked and knelt down at the same time as they shouted, “Greetings, Master!”

“Get up!”

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect said faintly.

Ever since the Divine Ascension failed, he had sealed off the Golden Ao Island and didn’t allow these disciples to return.

It was also a sign that he was disheartened.

Looking at these familiar disciples, he had mixed feelings in his heart.

Yun Xiao and the others were even more excited than before.

They stood up one after another.

“Master, we’ve missed you so much.” Bi Xiao had also put away her mischievous attitude from the past.

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect had a cold expression. He waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to act like a brat! All of you should have heard what the Dao ancestor said, right? Now that the great calamity has arisen again, this is both a calamity and an opportunity for all of you. This time, the great calamity is even more dangerous than the previous one. If you die, your Dao will vanish. Therefore, all of you must not be careless. However, this time, whether or not you can become saints will also depend on this great calamity.”

Speaking up to this point, he flicked his sleeves and four immortal swords flew out!

They floated mid-air!

They were the Immortal Slaying swords!

“In terms of scheming, I’m inferior to them. I don’t know what they think in private. These four swords will be given to the four of you today. Together with this Immortal Slaying formation map, the four of you will definitely have a great increase in battle strength!”

Tongtian took out the Immortal Slaying formation map and handed it to Yun Xiao. He said, “Among these disciples, you are the most stable. You will keep this formation map.”

After saying that, he looked at the four of them, he said in a deep voice, “Remember, the Dao ancestor said that before a new saint appears, the other saints can not act. You have my four Immortal Slaying swords and the Immortal Slaying formation map. As long as you act together, you will be invincible. When the time comes, we will work together to kill others and seize the Primal Purple Qi so that we can seize the initiative.”

Yun Xiao, Zhao Gongming, and the others were touched.

After all, bestowing such a precious treasure was a huge risk to Tongtian.

Handing the four swords and the formation map to the four of them would increase their battle strength greatly, but if anyone were to have an accident and lose one of the swords, Tongtian would be in an extremely passive situation in the subsequent great tribulations.

After distributing the treasures, the Patriarch of the Heaven sect said, “Alright, there’s no need for all of you to act like weaklings. Just try your best to survive.”

After saying that, his figure disappeared in an instant.

Seeing him leave, the four of them fell into silence.

After a long while, Yun Xiao said, “Master, we can not let you down. We will first use the swords to vanquish Shao Deng, Kong Xuan and the others!”

As she spoke, her body was filled with killing intent.

These four Immortal Slaying swords could be said to be the number one killing treasure of the Heavenly Dao.

With the four quasi-saints and the Immortal Slaying formation map, it could be said that no saint would be able to defeat the four of them.

However, a problem also appeared. If they wanted to unleash the greatest power of the Immortal Slaying sword formation, the four of them couldn’t separate.

Once they separated, it would be hard to say what would happen.

After all, the power of the four Immortal Slaying swords was still very strong, but it wasn’t so unsolvable.

On the other side, the Heaven sect leader left the Immortal stage.

He looked at Fengming Planet, which was the closest to him. With a shake of his body, he changed his appearance.

He appeared in a city on Fengming Planet.

There was no one on Golden Ao Island. It didn’t matter whether he came back or not.

After seeing the four disciples, his heart was filled with emotion. He recalled the scene when ten thousand immortals came to the imperial court, and he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

He simply wasn’t in a hurry to go back. Instead, he came to Fengming Planet to relax.

He strolled through the streets in casual clothes.

He felt the rare smell of smoke and fire.

The surrounding crowd of cultivators had nothing to do with them.

Tongtian came to a restaurant. He didn’t go to a private room. Instead, he sat down in the lobby.

He ordered a few dishes and a bottle of wine and started to eat by himself.

He planned to stay here for a while and also to see if Yun Xiao and the others could obtain the results of the battle!

He didn’t have any good feelings towards Shao Deng. It could even be said that he hated him to the bone.

On Lu Ping’s side, things were still the same.

Compared to before activating the system, life had become much better.

His cultivation level was high, and he didn’t have any financial pressure.

However, he didn’t cultivate all day long.

After all, there were too many beautiful things in life.

He brought along Huang Xiaoqi, Huang Shiliu, and Lu Yu to go shopping together.

To Lu Yu, the taste of wealth and freedom was something she had never experienced before.

It was really great to be rich.

She could buy beautiful clothes and jewelry at will.

She could have anything that she once yearned for.

The few of them shopped all morning and bought many things, but Lu Yu was still excited.

“Bro, after we finish eating, can we go buy some clothes for Mom and Dad?” Lu Yu asked with a smile.

Lu Ping agreed without hesitation.

The only thing that made Lu Ping a little unhappy was that he was too famous now. Basically, he would be recognized wherever he went.