Chapter 391 - Heaven’s Wonder (1)

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Star dollars? To be honest, he had never even seen the currency of Fengming Planet, not to mention cell phones.

In the eyes of the Patriarch of the Heaven sect, the materials he had given were definitely top-notch equipment refining materials for these “mortals.”

However, the other party didn’t recognize it.

“Who did you say doesn’t have money!” The Patriarch of the Heaven sect’s eyes widened.

When he waved his hand again, a few pieces of paper star dollars appeared in his hand! To him, creating things out of thin air was not a difficult matter.

Of course, this referred to ordinary things. If he were to say that he could create natural treasures out of thin air, then he would not be able to do it.

This was because it touched upon the essence of the laws of this world. Once he did so, the Heavenly Dao would produce an extremely strong repulsion.

Even Hong Jun would make a move against this kind of person who defied the laws of the Heaven and Earth.

At that time, this world would no longer have a place for him unless he was strong enough to fight against the Heavenly Dao!

It was just a few pieces of paper currency. To the Patriarch of the Heaven sect, it was just a piece of cake.

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect passed the paper currency to the waiter and left.

After a while, Wu Xingyue’s parents came to the restaurant together.

Lu Ping brought them all back to the Seven Phoenixes sect.

Lu Ping hadn’t expected that there would be an unexpected surprise this time.

What Lu Ping didn’t know was that Tongtian had already followed him into the Seven Phoenixes sect.

Tongtian strolled through the Seven Phoenixes sect.

However, no one seemed to see him.

“There aren’t many people with high cultivation in this kid’s sect, but there are quite a few of them!”

Tongtian silently observed everything in the Seven Phoenixes sect.

He was still worried that Lu Ping was up to no good.

“HMM, there are quite a few demons as well. This kid is quite broad-minded. He has some tolerance!”

Back then, Tongtian had always believed that there was no discrimination in teaching.

He also knew that there was a clear distinction between the various clans now.

Therefore, when he saw that Lu Ping had all kinds of disciples in the Seven Phoenixes sect, a trace of admiration rose in his heart.

Lu Ping brought Wu Xingyue back to the sect.

When they arrived at the floor where the core disciples were, Lu Ping directly held a ceremony to acknowledge her as his disciple.

Wu Xingyue served tea to Lu Ping and kowtowed.

Tongtian watched silently from the side.

At this moment, he had a look of reminiscence on his face.

People had lived for a long time, and some memories were the best wealth.

He still remembered that back then, Holy Mother Turtle Spirit Spirit had sincerely acknowledged him as her master for the sake of pursuing the Dao, but in the end, she had fallen in the great calamity!

“Ha, bullsh*t!”

He mocked himself softly.

Seeing that the ceremony was over, Lu Ping went forward to help Wu Xingyue up, he smiled and said, “Alright, from today onwards, you will be my personal disciple. However, your aptitude is really not good. I have another medicinal pill here. After you consume it, your aptitude can be changed!”

Wu Xingyue took the medicinal pill and swallowed it without suspecting him!

Then, she sat down cross-legged.

Lu Ping carefully guarded her by the side. After all, he had never seen anyone consume such a medicinal pill before. He did not know what kind of effect it would have.

The Heaven and Earth true Qi gradually fluctuated. Lu Ping’s face was solemn.

Large amounts of Heaven and Earth true Qi poured into Wu Xingyue’s body.

The fluctuations became stronger and stronger.

Wu Xingyue’s body gradually revealed a desolate aura.

Tongtian’s eyes widened.

Wu Xingyue had the aura of Holy Mother Turtle Spirit Spirit?

“Impossible! Absolutely Impossible!”

Tongtian muttered to himself.

Even if he had awakened Holy Mother Turtle Spirit Spirit’s true spirit, she had only occupied Wu Xingyue’s body.

She was still a human.

She definitely did not have the aura that was unique to the spirits of the desolate Heaven and Earth.

“Only demons have ever turned into humans. How is it possible for a human to turn into a demon?” He was even more shocked when it saw that Wu Xingyue’s body was exuding the aura of the wilderness.

One had to know that even though saints could easily change a person’s aptitude, but they could never change a person’s race.

But right now, Wu Xingyue was right in front of him, and there was a strange change!

Lu Ping also stared at Wu Xingyue nervously.

This powerful aura was naturally understood by him as demonic Qi.

Wu Xingyue’s aura became stronger and stronger, and behind her, a huge turtle slowly condensed!

As a prehistoric creature, the Holy Mother Turtle Spirit Spirit was naturally much stronger than ordinary people.

Needless to say, she was naturally gifted.

Therefore, Lu Ping was very certain that if he gave Wu Xingyue the pill, she would definitely be able to obtain the Holy Mother Turtle Spirit Spirit’s aptitude.

However, the aura that she gained from this aptitude was completely beyond his expectations.

After the turtle condensed, Wu Xingyue’s entire body emitted a green light, and a turtle shell condensed from spiritual energy slowly appeared.

To be honest, it was quite ugly.

However, Lu Ping knew very well that the defensive ability of the turtle shell was absolutely extraordinary.

“This is weird,” Tongtian mumbled to himself. “It’s not a demon, but a condensation of demonic energy. How did she do it? Why did she condense a godly turtle, and why did her aptitude change? It’s exactly the same as it was in the ancient times!”

That’s right. As the former Master of Holy Mother Turtle Spirit, he knew Holy Mother Turtle Spirit’s aptitude the best. In his opinion, Wu Xingyue’s aptitude had changed from the lowest level to an existence that didn’t lose to Holy Mother Turtle Spirit at all, moreover, the condensed demonic Qi body gave Wu Xingyue an even more powerful form!