Chapter 394 - Respective Means (2)

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“The human race wants to produce a saint?”

Tongtian kept calculating and thinking.

In reality, although the human race had been the main character of the Dao ancestor for tens of thousands of years, they had almost no say in the universe.

Nuwa created humans, but Nuwa herself was not human.

And the highest cultivation level of the human race was the quasi-saint.

As for the saints, there were none who were human.

In fact, the ones who could really speak were the saints.

Of course, Hong Jun was the one who could speak the best, but most of the time, he didn’t care about anything.

Tongtian muttered, “I don’t know how long it will take for the human race to become the main characters of the world. It seems that the Dao ancestor wants to support those who we don’t want to become saints and support the human race.”

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect knew very well that whether it was the three pure ones or the Western Church’s Zhun Ti, they essentially represented the interests of their own side and not the human race.

Therefore, he thought that Hong Jun wanted to support Lu Ping.

When he saw Lu Ping enter the Scripture Pavilion, Tongtian didn’t appear either.

He didn’t plan to make a move again.

“If nothing unexpected happens, the Dao ancestor should have noticed my last move. If I make a move again, the Dao ancestor will definitely be unhappy. However, if this kid is supported by the Dao ancestor, then his sanctification is almost certain! Looking at his actions, it’s quite similar to what I did back then. If I rope him in and there are any conflicts in the future, I won’t be at a disadvantage in terms of speaking rights! If I really make a move or if I have a saint to help me, then what’s there to be afraid of the four of them?”

Ever since the Patriarch of the Heaven sect was beaten up last time, he had already experienced the pain of being alone.

In addition, usually, whether it was in front of Hong Jun or a few people discussing matters, the authority to speak was always two against one. Sometimes, it was even four against one.

This made the Patriarch of the Heaven sect extremely unhappy!

However, Nuwa had always been two against one and was just going through the motions.

At this moment, a thought appeared in his mind!

He had to form a good relationship with Lu Ping!

However, to his surprise, once Lu Ping entered the Scripture Pavilion, there was no movement.

Lu Ping arrived at the ninth floor.

The disappearance of eight million contribution points still made Lu Ping’s heart ache.

Although according to the current situation, his disciples would still provide him with an endless stream of contribution points, his heart still ached.

After going up to the ninth level, it was just like what Huang Xiaoqi saw.

Only a few shabby futons available.

Fortunately, he had already learned the effects of futons from Huang Xiaoqi.

He immediately went over and sat down.

Thus, enlightenment began.

Before entering, Lu Ping had already instructed Huang Xiaoqi to protect the sect.

There was no other way. The current Lu Ping was still far from being able to fight.

The only thing he needed to do was to quickly increase his strength.

On the other side, Yun Xiao and the others who had obtained the treasure had gone through a period of practice and familiarization.

They once again looked for Shao Deng and the others.

In the starry sky, Shao Deng looked at the four of them and sneered, “Fellow Daoist Yun Xiao, what are you doing here again? Our Western Church is not under the control of the Heavenly Court, so it’s already decided. Don’t tell me you want to kill this penniless monk to verify my Dao?”

After the last battle, he could already see that his side was not at a disadvantage against Yun Xiao and the others!

At the very least, they could maintain a stalemate. Therefore, he was even more confident.

He no longer had so much fear towards Yun Xiao.

Yun Xiao did not waste any more words and directly summoned her Primordial Golden Dipper to attack Shao Deng.

Kong Xuan immediately made his move, and the great battle erupted once again!

This battle was a battle of the Heavens and the Earth!

It was basically a copy of the last time.

Yun Xiao fought Kong Xuan, slightly gaining the upper hand.

Bi Xiao held the Golden Dragon Shears against Shao Deng, and had the upper hand.

Zhao Gongming fought Sun Wukong. They were two sides of the same coin.

Qiong Xiao chased after Zhu Bajie and beat him up!

Zhu Bajie felt bitter in his heart. With his cultivation level, he could still beat an ordinary person.

But Qiong Xiao was a disciple of the Primal Truncation sect. Her cultivation was abnormally profound.

He really could not defeat her.

Fortunately, he could barely support her. With the care of Sun Wukong, there was not much risk.

“Stop fighting, stop fighting! Anyway, there is no result if we continue fighting.”

Zhu Bajie opened his mouth to persuade Qiong Xiao.

Qiong Xiao did not say anything. She continued to swing her sword and stab.

“You b*tch, are you crazy? Why are you chasing me?” Zhu Bajie dodged the attack.

At this moment, something unexpected happened. Qiong Xiao actually agreed and flew towards Shao Deng!

Suddenly, a burst of killing intent soared into the sky.

Yun Xiao, Bi Xiao, Zhao Gongming, and Qiong Xiao each had a sword in their hands!

“Four Immortal Slaying swords!” Shao Deng cried out!

When he saw this thing, he instantly felt that something was wrong!

Kong Xuan’s expression also changed drastically. Without any hesitation, the Five-Colored Divine Light protected his body and flew straight away!

Sun Wukong let out a strange cry. Each and every one of them somersaulted out as if they were free.

Shao Deng even used the twenty-four Sea-Pacifying Pearls to protect his body and turned around to flee!

In the next second, the Immortal Slaying formation flew out and the sword formation was set up!

Zhu Bajie suddenly realized that the other party wasn’t paying him much attention.

Indeed, it wasn’t too bad. At this moment, Bajie’s cultivation wasn’t at quasi-saint realm, so he wasn’t within the range of their killing intent.

The four of them had only wanted to leave Shao Deng behind!

Shao Deng had not expected things to develop to this extent.

Sword Qi and killing intent filled the air.

The Immortal Slaying sword formation had been formed.

Kong Xuan had drilled out of the sword formation a second before it was formed, and Sun Wukong had escaped.

Only Shao Deng remained!

He had been blocked by Zhao Gongming in advance and was left behind.

At this moment, Shao Deng suddenly realized that the four of them had unknowingly stood in their positions during the battle. They were standing with him as the center, and only then did they set up the formation!

They did not give him any chance to escape.

Looking at Shao Deng, Zhao Gongming laughed at the sky and said, “Fellow Daoist Shao Deng, I invite you to die today! If you die a quick death, I can allow your soul and cultivation to disperse and enter the reincarnation cycle!”

At this moment, they had long forgotten about the Jade Emperor’s order to leave a line behind.

Killing a quasi-saint and becoming a saint was what they truly wanted!

Cold sweat broke out on Shao Deng’s forehead.

Once his soul cultivation was exhausted, he would become an ordinary ghost. At that time, he would have to enter reincarnation!

This was something he was unwilling to do.

But now, he was in a desperate situation!

One person was blocked by four quasi-saints using the Immortal Slaying formation map and the Immortal Slaying four swords. He was doomed.

He didn’t think that he could break out of the encirclement with twenty Sea-Pacifying Pearls.

He knew too well the power of the array formation and the magical equipment.

“Forget it! Today is the day I die!”

No matter what, his soul had entered the reincarnation cycle, and there was still hope that he could return to his original form in the future. However, if his soul and body were destroyed, everything would be over.

“Hahaha, don’t be afraid, fellow Daoist Shao Deng. I’ll help you!”

At this moment, a golden light suddenly appeared. In the distance, Vairocana the Great had already appeared!

Kong Xuan and Sun Wukong, who had just escaped, also came with them.

However, there were now some things in their hands.

Kong Xuan held the Seven Treasures Exquisite Tree in his hand, while Sun Wukong held the Divine Pestle.

These two items were quasi-lifting treasures.

Meanwhile, in the dark, Zhun Ti and the guide were watching the battle!

“As you expected, the Patriarch of the Heaven sect actually handed over the four Immortal Slaying swords and the formation map to these four people!” The Guide sighed and said, “In this way, the four of them will be invincible!”

Zhun Ti smiled and said, “Although the four Immortal Slaying swords and the formation map are strong, they can only guarantee that the four of them will not be defeated when they are together. Moreover, as long as we have four quasi-saints on our side entering the formation together with our treasures, it will be difficult for them to accomplish anything!”

However, they had to be more careful in the future.

At this moment, Ru Lai stepped on the Amulet Buddha and charged into the formation with Sun Wukong and the others!

This time, Yun Xiao’s advantage was no longer there!