Chapter 395 - Each Party’s Plan (1)

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That’s right, just as Sun Wukong and Kong Xuan were escaping, they were stopped by Zhonghuang and received a precious treasure!

And led by Tathagata, they charged into the Immortal Slaying sword formation to rescue Shao Deng!

The treasures in their hands were not weak either.

Even though they couldn’t win in the Immortal Slaying sword formation, they still had the strength to fight.

Wu Ju also knew that Liu Sanniang was looking at him. He smiled and said, “My master taught me how to make tea. He said that I’m impetuous and that making tea and copying scriptures are both meticulous work that can calm me down. While making tea, the first thing to do is wash the tea. After the tea is washed, it won’t taste bitter. The second thing to do is make the tea.”

Liu Sanniang looked at him calmly. From washing tea to making tea, Wu Ju was very meticulous, as if he was really just here to drink tea and chat with Liu Sanniang.

Wu Ju pushed the first cup of tea to Liu Sanniang and gestured for her to drink it.

Liu Sanniang picked up her teacup and took a sip.

Wu Ju smiled. “Is it good?”

Liu Sanniang said calmly, “I don’t like tea, so I can’t really tell.”

Wu Ju didn’t mind. He smiled. “People’s taste differs.”

Liu Sanniang cut to the chase. “Didn’t you want to discuss Buddhism with me?”

Wu Ju nodded. “I wanted to start with chit-chat, but you don’t seem to be into it. Then I’ll just get to the point.”

Wu Ju paused and looked at Liu Sanniang. Seeing her calm expression, he said, “Miss Liu, what do you think karma is?”

Liu Sanniang said calmly, “Everything in the world is karma.”

Wu Ju smiled. “What do you think of the three murder cases?”

Liu Sanniang did not speak. She looked at Wu Ju, who was no longer smiling. His eyes were like an endless dark abyss that was sucking Liu Sanniang in.

With a crisp sound, something seemed to be broken. Liu Sanniang turned around and saw Chu Yan standing not far from her with a cold expression.

Wu Ju smiled. “Miss Liu, have a good dream.”

Chu Yan walked over, grabbed Liu Sanniang’s hand, and walked out with her.

Liu Sanniang could only jog to keep up with his walking. She could feel that Chu Yan was angry. He was like a dark storm, ready to roar.

The fear in Liu Sanniang’s heart rose. Her voice trembled unconsciously. “Chu Yan, let go of me.”

Chu Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks. He pulled Liu Sanniang into his arms and hugged her tightly. Liu Sanniang was terrified. For some reason, she was very afraid of Chu Yan.

In this great calamity, with these two treasures, it was no doubt that they had the initiative.

Shao Deng watched as the three of them obtained the treasures.

Not only did he not have anything, he even lost half of the Sea-Pacifying Pearls. His heart was filled with bitterness.

He said, “Now that my treasure is damaged, if we fight again, I’m afraid it will become a weak point.”

The guide smiled and three relics appeared in his hand. He handed them to Shao Deng and said, “I used these three relics to destroy the Slaughter Immortal sect back then. I’ll let you use them. You can protect yourself!”

Shao Deng was filled with joy and took them.

It was enough for his combat strength to surpass the Sea-Pacifying Pearls before they were taken away.

Stroking the Sea-Pacifying Pearsl in his hand, he felt a little regretful.

It would be great if this thing really belonged to him.

After informing the four of them, the two saints left.

After leaving, the guide pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s give them the treasure. Are these four really reliable? We still have to think of a way to turn one of our own into a saint.”

They didn’t trust them. Even after so many years, the guide still didn’t trust them at all.

After all, when it came to their origins, none of these four people were Western-trained cultivators.

Zhun Ti sighed, he said, “There’s nothing we can do. Although our disciples, Ananda and Jia Ye, have just touched the cultivation level of a quasi-saint, they are still quite inferior compared to them. Even if they have supreme treasures, their combat strength is probably not good enough. They can naturally fight against ordinary opponents or those who don’t have supreme treasures, but against people like Yun Xiao and Zhao Gongming, it’s simply difficult to resist. When the supreme treasures are taken away by others, we will hurt our reputation for nothing!”