Chapter 396 - Each Party’s Plan (2)

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He still couldn’t bear the heavy responsibility.

The guide shook his head helplessly and said, “But we can’t really rely on outsiders for everything!”

“There’s one person who might be able to,” Zhun Ti muttered.

“The Golden Cicada Master!”

Zhun Ti said, “Ever since the Western Church was established, because of the teachings, it was very difficult to get out of an awkward situation. Those with a slightly weaker disposition wouldn’t be able to raise their cultivation, but those with a higher cultivation wouldn’t have the ambition to raise their cultivation! He was wholeheartedly thinking about helping all living things. The Golden Cicada Master’s cultivation was also at the peak of the quasi-saint realm. Although he was a little rebellious and was a little inferior to these people, if he was willing to think about it, it was not impossible.”

The guide sneered, “You think he will help you? That kid is very difficult to deal with!”

“So, this matter, you still have to carefully think about it. You have to have a reason to get him out!”

The guide sneered, “What reason? That kid doesn’t care about cultivation or whether he becomes a saint or not!”

A trace of helplessness flashed across Zhun Ti’s eyes, he said, “Yes, he doesn’t care. But we have no choice. If it really can’t be done, we can only rely on these outsiders. They have been in our Western Church for so many years. Their status is respected. After becoming a saint, they will consider their many years of friendship. It’s better to be friendly than to be taught by him to become a saint.”

There were some things that they could not change.

In Mount Numinous, there were fewer and fewer people.

Most of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas were sent out.

But as for the Golden Cicada Master of the Xuantan Merit Buddha, he was not interested in this matter.

He closed his eyes to meditate, and suddenly opened his eyes.

He saw a Daoist appear in front of him.

The Golden Cicada Master stood up and bowed to him, saying, “Greetings, Uncle.”

The guide waved his hand and smiled. “There’s no need to be so formal.”

“Uncle, why are you here?”

As the guide, if he had nothing to do, he would not have come to his place.

“Nephew, it’s like this. You should have heard the Dao ancestor’s voice transmission. The great tribulation is about to begin. All the immortals, Buddhas, and quasi-saints are in the midst of the tribulation. Our Western Church and the Heavenly Court will have to decide who is stronger. At this time, you can’t focus on meditating and comprehending the Dao. You have to do something.”

The guide sneered, “Is it that easy? Didn’t you hear the other words of the Dao ancestor? Didn’t you have the Primal Purple Qi enter your body? The great calamity this time will bring about the birth of a new saint. Perhaps it will be one, or perhaps it will be four. No one can say for sure, but there will still be one. The great calamity can no longer be controlled. There will definitely be countless quasi-saints falling.”

The Golden Cicada Master closed his eyes and chanted a Buddhist proclamation.

He said, “As the saying goes, if I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell? If that’s the case, the bodies of the people of our Western Church will perish and they will be reincarnated. At most, they will be able to re-cultivate their cultivation and suffer some karma from reincarnation. What’s the big deal?”

The guide was helpless.

They did not want it either. Back then, they had created the doctrine and made great wishes in exchange for Heaven and Earth merit to become saints. They did not expect the end result to be like this.

Of course, there were some who cared, but those people’s cultivation progress was slow. It could even be said that it was difficult to advance!

Among the outstanding disciples of Buddhism, they often didn’t care about cultivation and other things.

What they cared about was all living things.

The Golden Cicada Master in front of them was the same.

Zhun Ti was still thinking of asking him to find someone to fight? Wasn’t this a fool’s dream?

“HMPH!” The guide flung his sleeves and turned around to leave.

He did not want to discuss it in detail with him. After all, this fellow’s eloquence was not bad. If they were really discussing the Dao, it might be an endless situation.

He and Zhun Ti were like two great parents.

At the unit, they wrote a textbook.

In the end, their own children also learned this textbook.

They learned according to the textbook.

Those with high cultivation were those with good results. They became bookworms.

Those with bad results were not competitive.

This was very infuriating!

When he went back and saw Zhun Ti, the guide’s face was dark as he said angrily, “Persuade your own disciple! It’s impossible for me to persuade him!”

“Oh!” Zhun Ti was not surprised. He smiled and said, “Then there’s nothing we can do. It’s been hard on you!”

“If you knew this would happen, why did you ask me to go?”

Seeing that Zhun Ti had been prepared beforehand, the guide was a little unhappy!

The guide laughed loudly and said, “Won’t there be a chance if we give it a try? If we don’t give it a try, we definitely won’t succeed. Alright, if he doesn’t want to go, then we won’t go. After all, the outcome is still unknown.”

“So you want me to go!”

“I can’t help it. I’m his Master, and that kid won’t give me any regard. If we really quarrel when the time comes, what if we can’t win? Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? You don’t like to argue with others, so you’ll definitely be fine!”

Hearing what the guide said, he felt helpless.

Sometimes, Zhun Ti was really irrefutable.

On the other side, in front of the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning were his two disciples, Tai Yi and Guang Chengzi.

After looking around at the two disciples, the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning said, “What are you two thinking now that the Great Calamity is coming? Do you have the heart to become saints?”

“Of course!”

The two said at the same time.

The Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning looked at Guang Chengzi.

He naturally liked this disciple.

The Heaven-Turning Seal could also be said to be an extremely powerful treasure among the disciples.

After thinking for a moment, the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning handed over the three treasures in his hand, he said, “This time, the saint is unable to make a move, so I’ll give you these three treasures. I hope that you can seize enough primordial purple clouds in this great calamity and become a saint!”

Guang Chengzi quickly went forward to take it, and a hint of envy flashed in the eyes of Tai Yi.

He naturally liked such a precious treasure.

But it was not something he could have just because he wanted it.

At this moment, the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning looked at Tai Yi. He opened his right hand, and a big banner suddenly appeared in his hand. His face was solemn, he said, “Tai Yi, I’ll leave the Pangu Banner to you! You must not be careless just because you have this thing. You must plan before you act and get enough benefits!”

He had never been a particularly favored disciple.

But this time, the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning gave him such a precious treasure as the Pangu Banner.

In fact, the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning was also determined by his performance in the last disaster.

He liked the way Tai Yi protected his own disciples.

Tai Yi was full of excitement. He hurried forward and knelt down on the ground, raising his hands above his head.

He took the Pangu Banner and said loudly, “I will not let you down.”

After the treasure was bestowed, the Heavenly Venerate of Primordial Beginning said in a deep voice, “This catastrophe is caused by the fight between the Heavenly Court and the Western Church. Chanism has many disciples in the Heavenly Court. This time, you can go to the northwest star domain and gather the remaining twelve Gold Immortals to kill Wen Shu and Pu Xian first! As for the rest, if there is a chance, you don’t have to hold back against those from the Heavenly Court. Remember, no one knows how many quasi-saints you can kill to get a whole beam of Primal Purple Qi. If you get enough Primal Purple Qi, I will immediately tell you to leave the war, comprehend the Heavenly Dao, and become a saint!”

“Understood, Master!”

The two answered in a deep voice.

It was obvious that this was a great opportunity for them.

Furthermore, on Nuwa’s side…

Although Nuwa never cared about worldly affairs, the people around her had their own opinions.

Nuwa directly gave the mountain and river map to Fuxi!

It could be said that most of the quasi-saints were already prepared to participate!