Chapter 397 - Foreign Invasion (1)

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Lu Ping had been in closed-door cultivation for a whole year!

That’s right, for a whole year! he had stayed in there longer than Huang Xiaoqi.

During this time, the Heavenly Court and the Western Church had completely started a war.

In the great calamity, the two sides’ cultivators attacked each other and didn’t touch the karma.

Some merit even entered their bodies.

This caused the cultivators to take the initiative to attack each other.

Wars began to break out on various planets.

And as the war progressed, more and more quasi-saints began to enter the battlefield.

Since the beginning of time, when the six saints were born, the highest cultivation level in the entire universe was quasi-saints.

To put it bluntly, many people, at the moment, were at the quasi-saint level.

This was because there was no way to advance.

For example, Sun Wukong’s cultivation was not at the peak during his journey to the West.

But now, after tens of thousands of years, his cultivation had also reached the quasi-saint level.

Many people in the Western religion were also at the quasi-saint level.

For example, there were some original disciples like Ananda Jianye, and there were also some rising stars with superb cultivation.

Not to mention anything else, even the mounts of the scholars were now at the quasi-saint level.

After the Bull Demon King was subdued by the Western sect, his current cultivation was also at the quasi-saint level.

After the great calamity, everyone had thoughts. Who didn’t want to become a saint?

It was just that they couldn’t be discovered by the other party.

As for Yun Xiao and the others, they completely forgot about the Jade Emperor’s orders and the four of them disappeared together. No one knew where they were, but in this one year, the four of them had killed two quasi-saint experts from the Western sect!

They were all original disciples of the Western sect. Their cultivations were not strong, and their magic treasures were not strong either. When faced with the four of them working together, they were almost powerless to resist.

However, these quasi-saints were only people who had touched the edge of quasi-saints.

However, they still provided the four of them with two wisps of Primal Purple Qi.

This was the only way to ensure that the four of them could get enough benefits.

On a planet, Bi Xiao looked at the devastated city with corpses all over the ground and said, “That guy, Viva Corpse Buddha, actually ran away! Unfortunately, we can’t catch him this time!”

This was originally a planet that the Heavenly Court had already taken over. However, fifteen days ago, it was suddenly attacked by Viva Corpse Buddha and his men. All the planet officials and Heavenly Court cultivators died in battle.

Viva Corpse Buddha was also one of the original quasi-saints of the Western Church.

However, he had only just entered the quasi-saint gate. In terms of combat strength, he was far inferior to them.

Any one of the four could defeat or even kill him.

However, the problem was that they did not dare be careless.

The top experts of the Western Church were not to be trifled with either.

Kong Xuan had obtained the Seven Treasures Exquisite Tree, Sun Wukong had obtained the Divine Pestle, Tathagata and Shao Deng had powerful treasures too.

If the four of them really split up and were ambushed, they would be in big trouble.

Therefore, no one dared to be careless.

However, this also caused the mobility of the four of them to be limited to a certain extent.

In order to maintain sufficient combat strength on the planet, basically, every cultivator who ascended to the Heavenly Court had been handed over to the planet official of the headquarters.

For example, on Fengming Planet, all the Immortal stage experts had been sent back.

Generally speaking, they had to be led by Lu Ping. However, since Lu Ping had been in closed-door cultivation all along, these people had gone wild and returned to their respective sects, doing whatever they were supposed to do.

Some planet officials with strong personalities had also started to lead people to attack the planets controlled by the Buddhist sect.

It could be said that the entire universe had descended into chaos.

When they learned that these people had returned, the one who was the saddest was none other than the patriarch of the Azure Cloud sect.

A large part of the reason why this fellow crippled his cultivation base was to avoid ascending. However, the final result was that the rest of them had returned.

Fortunately, he had entered the Seven Phoenixes sect and obtained a higher grade cultivation technique. He had opened the path of cultivation. Otherwise, his state of mind would definitely have exploded.

Even now, his heart could not be said to be in a good mood.

And outside the Fengming Planet, there was a person who had brought over a hundred Bhikkkus!

He was Noja Balita the Venerable also known as the Albatross Arhat.

He was one of the original Venerables of Buddhism.

However, his cultivation had yet to reach the quasi-saint level. He only had the cultivation of a Diamond Immortal. Of course, this cultivation level was already beyond the reach of ordinary people.

In fact, many people did not even dare think about it.

Ever since they traveled to the west to ascend to godhood, a large number of foreign experts had entered the Western Church, and their status had also declined.

However, this was the intention of the quasi-saint to receive the two people. No one dared to say anything.

This great calamity was also an opportunity for people like them who had not reached the quasi-saint realm.

Once the Western Church won, they would become the true rulers of the three realms.

“We have received news that the four top-tier experts of the Heavenly Court have gone to the Viva Corpse Buddha. We have limited time. Within ten days, we will kill all the experts at the Immortal stage and above. According to our intelligence, there are very few cultivators at the Heaven Immortal stage on this planet, so we will definitely win!” The Arhat said.

It was obvious that they had already made sufficient preparations.

They had already done their intelligence work ahead of time.

The monks behind him were all excited.

They were still very happy that they could win for sure.

When they saw that a group of monks had charged into Fengming Planet, the Albatross Arhat also entered.

Then, the great battle began!

No one had expected that Fengming Planet would suddenly be attacked by the enemy.

In addition, cultivators above the Immortal stage of Fengming Planet didn’t have anyone to lead them. As the saying went, a snake without a head was no good. The original Abbott Hui Ming had already been sentenced to the Western Church, and all the intelligence on Fengming Planet had been provided by him.