Chapter 398 - Foreign Invasion (2)

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It was precisely because of this that the Alms Bowl Arhat knew Fengming Planet like the back of his hand.

In the wilderness, Bai Xiangxiang ran for her life. Behind her were several Bhikkkus!

Fortunately, these people did not randomly kill the innocent. Their goal was very clear. They only killed cultivators above the Immortal stage.

To put it bluntly, they were cultivators belonging to the Heavenly Court.

“Hurry up and stop. It’s just the destruction of your physical body. This penniless monk and the others won’t let your soul scatter. Entering the cycle of reincarnation is a good thing!”

The monks behind said in a relaxed manner.

Bai Xiangxiang didn’t dare answer. She only dared to run as fast as she could. In front of her was the mountain gate of the Seven Phoenixes sect.

A glimmer of hope appeared in Bai Xiangxiang’s heart. As long as she reached there, she might be able to survive.

Suddenly, two people landed in front of her.

One of them was holding a Golden Alms Bowl in his right hand. It was the Alms Bowl Arhat.

And the person beside him was the former leader of the Righteous Path on Fengming Planet, Abbot Hui Ming.

“Hehe, you vile creature, what else do you want?”

The Alms Bowl Arhat sneered. With a casual wave of his hand, a golden light flew out and crashed directly into Bai Xiangxiang’s body. Bai Xiangxiang flew out without any ability to resist. She spat out a mouthful of blood and smashed onto the ground.

At this time, the Alms Bowl Arhat looked at Hui Ming and said softly, “You said that the phoenix might be here, right?”

In the intelligence reports of Fengming Planet, the Seven Phoenixes sect was one of the most unstable factors.

Because of the level of Huang Xiaoqi’s cultivation, no one knew at all.

Abbott Hui Ming said, “I’m not sure whether she is here or not, but Lu Ping should be an official appointed by the Heavenly Court. It’s just that this guy doesn’t appear at all.”

The Seven Phoenixes sect had been keeping a low profile for the past year, and there was basically no information about the outside world.

Hui Ming was also not clear about the situation here.

They didn’t know that at this moment, Lu Ping had just walked out of the Scripture Pavilion. As soon as he walked out, he saw Huang Xiaoqi.

“That vixen was beaten up outside just now. Do you need help?” Huang Xiaoqi asked.

She knew that during the past few days, the Alms Bowl Arhat had led his men to attack Fengming Planet.

However, Huang Xiaoqi didn’t know what to do. She knew very well that Lu Ping wasn’t loyal to the Heavenly Court, nor did he have much of a sense of belonging.

Therefore, she couldn’t figure out Lu Ping’s thoughts.

To her, she couldn’t be bothered with such matters. All she had to do was to protect the Seven Phoenixes sect.

These monks wouldn’t kill innocents. They were only looking for cultivators above the Immortal stage to attack.

That was why Huang Xiaoqi didn’t make a move.

As for Bai Xiangxiang, Huang Xiaoqi didn’t like her.

That flirtatious aura made people hate her.

Of course, this was Huang Xiaoqi’s impression.

From Lu Ping’s point of view, Bai Xiangxiang wasn’t bad!

That was why Lu Ping was furious!

“Who are they?”

“They’re from the Western Church. They led some people to attack Fengming Planet. These past few days, they’ve been searching the entire planet for cultivators above the Immortal stage to kill!”

Lu Ping frowned when he heard this.

“Is he strong?”

If he was really strong, he would definitely not let Huang Xiaoqi take the risk.

Huang Xiaoqi smiled and said, “His cultivation is much stronger than mine. However, if I have the Nine Dragons pendant, he shouldn’t be my match!”

Hearing this, Lu Ping felt relieved.

Outside the mountain gate, the Alms Bowl Arhat looked at Bai Xiangxiang who was struggling to get up from the ground. He said with a smile, “You evil creature, you are quite mysterious. You survived my attack. You are very impressive. Unfortunately, you can blame your bad luck for being caught in this disaster!”

As he spoke, another ray of golden light shot out!

At this moment, a dragon’s roar was heard.

An azure dragon Phantom shot out from the Seven Phoenixes sect!

The azure dragon had an imposing aura, and its eyes were cold and cold!

In the next second, it opened its mouth wide and swallowed the golden light.

“Master, please stop!”

A hearty male voice was heard. It was Lu Ping.

He and Huang Xiaoqi flew out side by side.

The Alms Bowl Arhat glanced at Lu Ping with disdain in his heart.

A mere Gold Immortal was not worth mentioning!

That’s right, Lu Ping’s cultivation base had improved once again. He had already reached the Gold Immortal stage.

Although it was still not enough to compare to these experts, he had improved a lot compared to before.

It could even be said that he had not completely absorbed the benefits he had gained from comprehending the Dao from the Scripture Pavilion.

As long as he took some time and ate all the remaining Nine Revolution Golden Cores, it would not be a big problem for him to break through to the Origin Immortal stage!

The amount of comprehension he had gained in this one year was even more than ten thousand years of normal cultivation.

One had to know that during this one year, he was completely in the mode of epiphany.

Ordinary Dao comprehension was like driving a car in the city. There were all kinds of forks, small roads, complicated road conditions, and many other obstacles.

And the state of Dao Enlightenment was like running away from the reins at an unlimited speed.

That kind of carefree feeling was definitely not something that could be compared to normal cultivation.

For Lu Ping, this benefit was far greater than that of Huang Xiaoqi.

At this time, the Alms Bowl Arhat looked at Huang Xiaoqi.

He narrowed his eyes slightly. Huang Xiaoqi’s cultivation base was as high as a Gold Immortal’s.

But compared to him, it was not enough.

However, what caught his attention was that the azure dragon just now was extremely imposing. It was definitely not an ordinary object.

As for his Golden Alms Bowl, as his natal numinous treasure, although it was not an innate numinous treasure, it was still a top-tier existence among acquired numinous treasures.

Although he did not use his full strength, it was neutralized by the other party.

This made him a little concerned.

The Alms Bowl Arhat looked at Lu Ping and sneered, “You are the planet official of Fengming Planet, right?”

Lu Ping ignored him and flew down to help Bai Xiangxiang up.

“Are you alright?” He asked with a smile

Bai Xiangxiang nodded and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, saying, “Thank God you guys came. Otherwise, I might have died.”

Lu Ping turned his head and looked at the Alms Bowl Arhat, “Master, we don’t interfere with each other’s business. I was in closed-door cultivation before, so you could kill me if you wanted to. But now, I’m in charge of Fengming Planet. Please give me an explanation,” he said with a smile

No matter what, Lu Ping had grown up on Fengming Planet. He did not want to see these Western Church cultivators act unscrupulously on Fengming Planet!

The Alms Bowl Arhat sneered and said, “The great calamity has already arisen. The Heavenly Court and Western Church can not coexist. You are the Heavenly Court’s planet official, and I am the Western Church’s Arhat. It is only right and proper to kill you!”

After saying that, he looked at Huang Xiaoqi and said in a deep voice, “You must be this kid’s lover, right? You have some tricks up your sleeves just now. However, you have met this penniless monk today. Consider yourselves unlucky. Today, all of you have entered the cycle of reincarnation!”

After saying this, he did not waste any more words. The Golden Alms Bowl soared into the sky, and a golden light that was hundreds of meters wide shot out from the Golden Alms Bowl and headed straight for Huang Xiaoqi.

In the end, each had their own master, and each had their own interests.

No one stood on the moral high ground, and there was no right or wrong.

One could only see who was better from their hands.

Bai Xiangxiang was shocked, and she exclaimed, “Be careful!”

In the sky, Huang Xiaoqi’s fiery red hair fluttered in the wind, and the Nine Dragons pendant fluttered out, and the dragon’s roar sounded again.

This time, Huang Xiaoqi didn’t hold back. When she attacked just now, she didn’t use her full strength either.

Another azure dragon flew out, but this time, the azure dragon’s shadow grew in the wind.

In an instant, a dragon that was dozens of meters tall appeared!

The difference between the two was too great.

It even surpassed the difference in their cultivation levels.

The azure dragon opened its mouth wide, and a ray of azure light shot out, and the Golden Alms Bowl was forcefully sent flying.

Immediately after, the dragon charged straight at the Alms Bowl Arhat!

The moment the Golden Alms Bowl was sent flying, the Alms Bowl Arhat widened his eyes and cried out involuntarily, “How can this be? How do you have an innate numinous treasure?”

One had to know that such a precious treasure like an innate numinous treasure was rare even in the entire universe. However, this phoenix in front of him actually had an innate numinous treasure?

Seeing the azure dragon charging over, the Alms Bowl Arhat let out an angry roar.

His body instantly grew bigger and his muscles bulged out. His face was filled with anger as three heads and six arms instantly appeared.

He was the Buddhist dharma idol! He was the Fury-Eyed Vajra!

The Alms Bowl Arhat instantly grew to a hundred meters tall, and his six arms instantly blocked the huge dragon!

Boom! The huge impact forced the huge dragon and the Arhat to retreat at the same time, leaving two deep ravines on the ground.