Chapter 399 - Old Man (1)

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The azure dragon was embraced by the huge dharma idol.

At the same time, a new item was being auctioned on the stage. Due to its special location, there was no auctioneer in this auction house. Instead, the auctioneer would personally go up on stage to introduce the item. As for whether it would succeed or not, it all depended on the eloquence of the auctioneer and the value of the item itself.

The new item was a huge axe-shaped spirit tool. On the whole, it did not look much different from the axe in the outside world. However, for some reason, the moment this spirit tool appeared, it attracted the surrounding spiritual energy to gather towards it.

It was very obvious that this spirit tool had its own uniqueness, but Gu Xi was not interested.

Although there were not many people who used this sort of axe-shaped spirit tool, it was a genuine ancient spirit tool after all. Many people present began to bid one after another.

“1,500!” A person was the first to speak loudly.

The auctioneer on the stage shook his head slightly. Clearly, this was not the price he wanted.

One bid after another rang out. The price of this axe was also getting higher and higher.

“2,200 spirit stones? Is it that cheap?”

Gu Xi, who was below the stage, frowned. He had a puzzled look on his face.

Although he did not know the true level of this spirit tool, it was still a genuine ancient spirit tool. Moreover, it looked like it had just appeared in the world. 2,200 spirit stones was indeed too low a price.

If it were in the outside world, the price would at least be more than ten times higher.

“The currency here is not spirit stones, but this.” The white-clothed woman pursed her lips into a smile and waved the jade pendant in her hand.

Gu Xi was stunned at first, but then came to a sudden realization.

The so-called bidding here was not spirit stones, but points in their hands!

“Many contestants may have limited strength, so they are unable to obtain many points. Hence, this trend has been in vogue since a few years ago. The contestants who are not strong enough will not choose to hunt demon beasts after entering this place, but choose to search for the ruins or Secret Realms here. They will bring the spirit treasures they obtained here to be auctioned in exchange for points ranking.”

Thus, Lu Ping wouldn’t hesitate!

“No! Sir, it was all a misunderstanding just now! Leave something behind so that we can meet again in the future. If I die, there will definitely be Western experts coming again! You will definitely die!” The Alms Bowl Arhat said anxiously.

Unfortunately, Lu Ping was not moved at all.

Seeing that Lu Ping did not say anything, Huang Xiaoqi smiled and said, “Master, I’m sorry. My husband doesn’t allow you to live!”

As she spoke, she activated the Nine Dragons pendant, and another nine phantoms rushed out!

The dragon roar appeared again!

This time, the Alms Bowl Arhat fell.

The smoke and dust dispersed, and his physical body disappeared. His soul and cultivation were all scattered, leaving only his ghostly soul.

Before long, a Soul Reaper appeared. Even the Alms Bowl Arhat had to enter the cycle of reincarnation.

It was just that he would definitely be born with a relatively good family background.

However, his cultivation in this life had been completely lost. No one knew if he would be able to awaken his true spirit in the future.

As for Huang Xiaoqi, when she killed the other party, she obtained a large amount of Heaven and Earth merit.

Immediately after, she turned her gaze towards the monks who were chasing Bai Xiangxiang!

The monks immediately felt that something was wrong and turned around to run!

However, how could Huang Xiaoqi let him off? The cultivation of these monks was far inferior to that of the Alms Bowl Arhat.

In an instant, they were captured by Huang Xiaoqi.

Looking at the monks in front of them, Lu Ping smiled and said, “Masters, I believe that you are all people who have studied Buddhism. I believe that you have long understood the matter of life and death. Although this matter has disappeared, you have entered reincarnation, which is no different from immortality. Masters, please go!”

As he spoke, he looked at Abbott Hui Ming. The two of them could be considered old acquaintances.

“Abbott Hui Ming, why do you say that you want to attract people to attack our Seven Phoenixes sect?”

Hui Ming closed his eyes, chanted a Buddhist chant, and said, “If you want to kill me, then kill me.”

Lu Ping would not be soft-hearted either. To put it bluntly, the matter at hand was very simple. Everyone had their own standpoints, and life and death were at stake. If Huang Xiaoqi was defeated today, would these monks spare their lives?

Obviously, this was unrealistic.

It was nothing more than a question of who would be reincarnated.

“Good luck, everyone!”

As soon as Lu Ping finished speaking, he killed a few people.

He understood what Huang Xiaoqi meant. Since he was the one who killed these people, the merit from Heaven and Earth naturally fell on him.

Sure enough, after killing these people, Lu Ping also sensed a lot of merit from Heaven and Earth entering his body.

The golden light from the Golden Lotus in his body was even stronger.

Lu Ping looked at Huang Xiaoqi and said in a deep voice, “There should be quite a number of monks on Fengming Planet. Try your best to figure out how to get rid of them. In the great calamity, the Heavenly Dao encourages slaughter. To put it bluntly, it is to make the number of Immortal stage experts and quasi-saint experts in Heaven and Earth even fewer! We must also seize the time to obtain merit and raise our cultivation base. Otherwise, if a powerful enemy really attacks, we might not be able to deal with them! Moreover, I’ve decided to conduct a large-scale enrollment. From now on, our Seven Phoenixes sect will break away from Fengming Planet!”

Lu Ping was able to move the sect into a separate space. He could already see that a great calamity had already arisen. Whether it was Fengming Planet, the southeastern star domain, or even the entire universe, they would all be embroiled in a great war.

He did not plan to involve the Seven Phoenixes sect’s disciples in it.

Although the other party only targeted Immortal stage experts, no one knew if there would be any accidents.

Lu Ping’s so-called actions, as well as Huang Xiaoqi’s actions, had all fallen into the eyes ofthe Patriarch of the Heaven sect at this moment!

“What a good numinous treasure. Its power is not inferior to the Primordial Golden Dipper. Hehe, it must have been gifted by the Dao ancestor!”the Patriarch of the Heaven sect thought to himself.

After pondering for a moment, he made a decision!

He was going to rope Lu Ping in!

If Lu Ping was set up by Hong Jun to become a new saint, Tongtian had no doubt that he would succeed.

Hong Jun, who had the Jade Butterfly of Destiny in his hand, fused with the Dao with his body, and grasped the rules of the game, was unshakable by anyone. At least, that was what it looked like at the moment.