Chapter 400 - Old Man (2)

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Lu Ping didn’t know what Tongtian was thinking.

What he needed to do was to obtain the same benefits in the great calamity of Heaven and Earth while ensuring his own safety.

Everything else was nonsense.

Lu Ping looked at Bai Xiangxiang and said, “Contact Zi Baishan immediately. At the same time, tell him to contact all the other Immortal stage cultivators of the demon race who can be contacted to launch a counterattack against these Bhikkus!”

“No, those who can’t defeat them are of the same cultivation level, but their combat strength is completely different!” Bai Xiangxiang said in despair. “These monks are basically at the Heaven Immortal stage and above. Our cultivation level is completely incomparable to theirs. Even if our cultivation levels are almost the same, it won’t be the same in a fight. Moreover, it’s said that that Zi Baishan is already dead!”

This was something that Lu Ping didn’t expect. Bai Xiangxiang took out her phone and saw that the group of Immortal stage cultivators of the demon race was already in an uproar.

Many people were reporting the casualties and where the enemies were. At this time, no one had any prejudice.

In the previous chat logs, there was a member of the Purple-Eyed Mad Lion clan who said that Zi Baishan had died in battle!

Lu Ping sighed helplessly.

This was something that no one could do anything about.

It could only be said that life and death were determined by fate.

The end of a life represented the death of one’s consciousness.

However, there was also a problem in front of Lu Ping. It was just him and Huang Xiaoqi . It was very difficult to determine the location of those Bhikkus.

Right now, they were fighting everywhere. No one knew where these people had run off to.

Fengming Planet was so big. It was too troublesome to search for them one by one.

Of course, the other party was also trapped by this problem.

Therefore, after so many days, although there were many casualties among the Immortal stage cultivators on Fengming Planet, many people were still alive.

While Lu Ping was pondering, he suddenly saw a figure flying over from afar.

“Isn’t this the guy from the restaurant?”

Lu Ping still remembered him!

Before he went into seclusion, he had come here when he accepted Wu Xingyue as his disciple in the restaurant.

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect instantly flew over.

He looked at Lu Ping and said with a smile, “Friend, now that Fengming Planet has encountered a foreign enemy, I wonder if you have any ideas?”

For more than a year, the Patriarch of the Heaven sect had basically stayed on Fengming Planet. After all, there was no one Golden Ao Island, and he would be alone if he left.

Therefore, he had an extremely thorough understanding of the Seven Phoenixes sect and Fengming Planet.

At this moment, the disciples of the Seven Phoenixes sect were extremely happy to watch the show!

After all, it was extremely difficult for them to watch a battle of this level.

Gao Zhen and Li Qingyun stood side by side.

He didn’t know that Li Qingyun was the former Patriarch of the Azure Cloud sect.

In his opinion, ever since Li Qingyun entered the Seven Phoenixes sect, the two of them could be considered spies and should take care of each other. Therefore, Gao Zhen, who had been promoted to an inner sect disciple, was very close to Li Qingyun!

As for Li Qingyun, in order to put on a good show, he also played along. After all, from his point of view, he could obtain a lot of useful information and intelligence from Gao Zhen.

“Our deputy sect master is really amazing. That treasure broke that dharma idol in an instant!” Gao Zhen said excitedly.

Because there were still many disciples watching the show, he didn’t dare act rashly.

He respectfully addressed Huang Xiaoqi as the deputy sect master.

Li Qingyun nodded and looked at the Patriarch of the Heaven sect in the sky. He asked in puzzlement, “Who is this guy? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

The the Patriarch of the Heaven sect looked like an immortal. No matter how Li Qingyun looked at him, he was not an ordinary cultivator.

However, what surprised Li Qingyun was that he should know all the cultivators above the Immortal stage of Fengming Planet. However, he had never seen that guy in the red robes before!

“Who knows which sect he is from?” Gao Zhen said with a smile.

“Is he also here to cause trouble?”

“It doesn’t look like it!”

Because they were quite far away, they couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Lu Ping looked at Tongtian, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Who are you? What do you want to do? Just say what you want to say!”

Obviously, Lu Ping was very vigilant!

He couldn’t see through this man in front of him!

With his current cultivation, he still couldn’t see through this man’s cultivation.

Tongtian said softly, “This old man is Tongtian!”

“Whether you are Tongtian or not, what does that have to do with me? What are you trying to do?” Lu Ping had yet to react. From his point of view, this old man seemed to have a serious illness in his brain. How could he be Tongtian?

“I want to make friends with you!”

Lu Ping looked at Huang Xiaoqi and then looked at himself.

This guy is trying to hit on me? But logically speaking, he should be talking to Huang Xiaoqi, right?

Suddenly, Lu Ping thought of something and said anxiously, “My wife is beside me! And I’m not interested in you!”

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect laughed loudly, “This old man is interested in you!”

“How dare you! You old fart! I think you’re courting death!” Huang Xiaoqi was furious.

As soon as these words were said, the face of the Patriarch of the Heaven sect turned black!

“Hmph, little girl, if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t make a move now, I would definitely let you know how powerful I am!”

However, the Patriarch of the Heaven sect immediately reacted. These two fellows were thinking of something different!

He looked at the bewildered Lu Ping and said angrily, “You brat, don’t think nonsense. I am the Patriarch of the Heaven sect!”

As soon as he heard these words, Lu Ping grabbed Huang Xiaoqi who was about to make a move!

Huang Xiaoqi’s body also tilted!

“The Patriarch of the Heaven sect?”

The two of them exclaimed in unison!

Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi exchanged a look. They could see disbelief and doubt in each other’s eyes.

That was a saint. How did he appear on Fengming Planet?

Hence, the two of them began to exchange glances!

Lu Ping rubbed his hands together and laughed loudly, he said, “Haha! So it was the Patriarch of the Heaven sect in front of me. I was so rude! I really didn’t know. I’ve worshiped you since I was young. Your four Immortal Slaying swords are as well-known as thunder. Today, I actually have the chance to meet you. I wonder if you can give me a chance to take a photo with one of the Immortal Slaying swords?”

In reality, Lu Ping was very suspicious of whether the other party was real or not. However, since the other party claimed to be the Patriarch of the Heaven sect, the Immortal Slaying sword must be there. If he took it out and took a look, that thing must be extremely extraordinary. If the other party really took it out, he could deduce whether it was real or fake from the treasured sword he took out!

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect was very happy to hear Lu Ping’s flattery for the first half of the sentence. However, when he said the last sentence, the Patriarch of the Heaven sect was stunned.

The Immortal Slaying sword… wasn’t in his hand.

He smiled and said, “Friend, my Immortal Slaying sword isn’t with me!”

Hearing this, Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi exchanged glances and became even more suspicious.

Lu Ping asked suspiciously, “Then why did you come to find me?”

Moreover, he was also puzzled that this Tongtian in front of him seemed to be a little too humble.

How could he know that Tongtian was deliberately trying to befriend him? Naturally, he wouldn’t put on a high and mighty appearance.

However, in Lu Ping’s opinion, what ability did he have to make a saint like him call him a friend?

However, he wasn’t in a hurry. He would first ask this fellow’s purpose.

How could the patriarch of the Heaven sect know what Lu Ping was thinking? Instead, he smiled and said, “I saw that you were decisive in killing just now and quite appreciated it. That’s why I came to meet you!”

One had to have a reason to be on good terms with someone.

It was just a compliment, so it had to be something like that.

Unfortunately, Lu Ping was not the kind of person who could be knocked out with just a few nice words.

That’s right, Lu Ping had already turned the Patriarch of the Heaven sect into a swindler!

After all, if someone suddenly ran out and said that he was a saint, anyone would be suspicious.

However, he didn’t show it on his face. He didn’t know the other party’s cultivation yet, so he didn’t want to expose it for now!

“Senior, I heard that everyone below a saint is an ant. Since senior is a saint, I wonder if you can give me some pointers?”

Lu Ping made a request!

“Pointers? What pointers?” Tongtian didn’t care. He had a lot of disciples, so a few pointers were nothing.

Lu Ping smiled and said, “I have a magic treasure called the Mountain and River seal. I want to ask you to see how powerful my seal is! Is there any room for improvement?”

The Patriarch of the Heaven sect smiled and said, “I know what it is, just hit me with the seal!”

These words were exactly what Lu Ping wanted. He wanted to use the Mountain and River seal to test his opponent’s cultivation strength first.