Chapter 605 - Full of Treasures

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Ji Qiubei could not help but remind Oro for the third time. “Marquis Oro, we have to be more vigilant. The teleportation passage connected to the world of the vampires is significant to us. I just got the news…”

“No need to say it. I know what you are worried about.”

“Don’t worry. We have an endless supply of vampires. The deeper we go into the periphery of the shelter, the more they will be besieged by us.”

Oro waved his hand, full of confidence.

“Even if they sneak into the hinterland, there are still a large number of vampires in the periphery of the shelter. Ordinary people can’t get close to them.”

Oro did not care about the Inhumans outside.

He felt that this wave was stable.

The strength of the Prince of vampires was unshakable.

Once the Prince of vampires, Matthews, made his move, the group of Inhumans’ attack would be dissolved in an instant.

In addition, the periphery of the shelter of vampires, which was constantly joining the frontal battlefield, was also set up with vampires’ restrictions. There were also a large number of high-tier blood puppets guarding the interior.

It was impossible for the Inhumans to make a move against the teleportation passage.

Even so, for the sake of safety, Oro still controlled some of the blood puppets that were originally guarding the Angetas tree to move into the teleportation hall to protect it.

Even Oro himself stayed behind to protect it.

After all, they had already made the same mistake once when they were in the vampires’ branch.

This time, the shelter was impregnable.

Ji Qiubei shut his mouth when he heard this.

He felt that it made sense.

The shelter of the vampires’ headquarters had been defended to such an extent that theoretically, the safety of the teleportation passage should be impeccable.

Would Fang Heng really be so stupid as to force himself to come?

Or did they have other plans?

What were Fang Heng and Chen Yu trying to do by breaking into the hinterland of the vampires?

What exactly was their plan?

Just as Ji Qiubei was thinking hard about gains and losses, under the leadership of Lin Hanzheng, Fang Heng and his group of five had already sneaked into the sewer with masks and entered the periphery of the shelter of the vampires’ headquarters.

This shelter was originally built by the Federation.

It was originally transformed from an abandoned steel mill.

Chen Yu spent some time and quickly found the shelter’s construction blueprint. In the end, it was Fang Heng who came up with the sewer invasion plan.

After all, Fang Heng was very familiar with the sewer.

As the group walked through the sewer, Fang Heng sighed in his heart.

The effect of the special potion was very good.

Along the way, they met many vampires, but they were all undetected.

However, as they approached the headquarters, the number of vampires increased significantly. It was inevitable that people would be suspicious if they entered the shelter from the front.

Therefore, entering the shelter from the sewer was the best choice for vampires.

The journey was very smooth.

Just as they were about to enter the shelter from the sewer, Zhao Dongyang suddenly shouted and grabbed Lin Hanzheng’s shoulder.

“Wait, stop!”

Lin Hanzheng’s body froze, and he immediately stopped moving.

Everyone turned around and looked at Zhao Dongyang, puzzled.

“It’s the restriction left by the vampires.”

Zhao Dongyang’s expression was strange. He carefully stepped forward and leaned against the sewer wall to check.

“Passing through the restriction will trigger the alarm.”

Lin Hanzheng and the other two were puzzled. They looked at Fang Heng, who had already passed through the restriction.

Noticing their gazes, Zhao Dongyang coughed lightly.

“He’s different.”

Lin Hanzheng suddenly understood.

He wasn’t human.

Another player asked, “Then what should we do? Is there a way to solve it?”

“It’s a little troublesome. I need to try. It might take some time.”

“There’s no need to trouble yourself. Let me give it a try.”

Fang Heng took out the holy weapon of the vampires and walked to the restriction of the vampires.

The anti-magic effect of the vampiric spirit cane could even work on the barrier of the vampires. It was even easier to deal with this kind of restriction.

He raised the spirit cane and gently knocked it to the ground.

A ripple flashed, and the restriction on the wall instantly lost its effect.

“It’s broken!”

Zhao Dongyang’s eyes lit up. He waved his hand and said, “Come on, let’s go!”

The group moved along the underground sewer through the barrier left by the vampires. Soon, they came out from the entrance of a kitchen in the shelter.

They had successfully invaded the shelter!

“That place, let’s go.”

Fang Heng roughly identified the direction and continued to lead the group in the direction of the ancient tree.

There were still a large number of vampires in the shelter.

Most of them turned into bats and flew out of the shelter.

In comparison, Fang Heng and his group, who were traveling in the opposite direction, made the vampires feel a little strange.

But it was only strange.

No vampires came up to Fang Heng to talk to him or ask questions.

Everything was peaceful along the way.

Until they reached the entrance of the cave in the fifth basement where the vampires’ sacred tree, Angetas, was.

Previously, the two high-tier vampires had already been killed by Fang Heng.

At this moment, the other two new high-tier vampires were guarding the entrance.

Fang Heng, Zhao Dongyang and the others behind him signaled with their eyes, and then they walked up.

The two high-tier vampires stopped Fang Heng.

“Explain your purpose for coming.”

Fang Heng was already prepared.

Last time, his lie had been exposed by the two guards.

This time, before he came, he had already communicated with Zhao Dongyang, the expert, and found a more reasonable excuse.

“I’m a subordinate of Duke Bellamy. I’m here to use the blood pool to advance my bloodline.”

As Fang Heng spoke, he took out two pieces of low-quality blood marrow from his backpack and threw them at the two high-tier vampires, one on the left and one on the right.

Blood marrow was the currency of the vampires.

It was the crystallization of blood with a high concentration of energy after purification.

It was non-toxic and harmless, easy to carry and absorb.

Vampires could cultivate and recover quickly by absorbing the strength of the blood marrow.

When Fang Heng learned from Zhao Dongyang about the blood marrow during their exchange, he immediately realized that he had made a loss.

After killing the Marquis of the vampires, the blood left in the corpse could produce a lot of high-quality blood marrow.

High-quality blood marrow was worth a lot of money in the world of the vampires!

Fang Heng felt that the Marquis of the vampires was full of treasures.

After killing them, the vampires would usually drop high energy evolution crystals and survival points.

In addition, they could also drop holy weapons of the vampires. The blood from the corpse could be used as blood marrow to sell in the world of the vampires, and the souls collected by the Book of the Dead could be sold in the Necromancer Association for money…

The two high-tier vampires took the blood marrow and looked at each other.

They had some doubts in their hearts.

They were also aware of the troubles that the vampires had encountered outside the barrier.

Angetas was currently using all its strength to create vampires.

Even the Prince of the vampires had been awakened.

At this time, there was still someone who came to purify and level up their bloodline?

Fang Heng looked at the two calmly.

“Any other questions?”