Chapter 607 - Blood Strike

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He could actually continue to condense and level up? !

Fang Heng did not need to gulp down blood like before. He only needed to soak his entire body in the blood pool. The game hint on his retina continued to refresh.

[Hint: You have received damage from the blood pool-3516].

[Hint: you have received damage from the blood pool-3516. Due to the blood affinity effect, this damage has been reduced.]

[Hint: You have received -3,517 damage from the blood pool…]

[Hint: You have received a negative effect-blood poison.]

[Hint: Your intermediate bloodline condensation has reached: 0.01%.]

There was such a good thing?

To be greedy or not greedy this time?

If he was greedy, would time allow it?

After all, one could multitask while condensing the vampires’ bloodline.

He had to be greedy first!

Fang Heng opened his eyes and looked at the two high-tier vampires outside the blood pool.

These two vampires were a little troublesome. He had to think of a way to get rid of them. It was best not to make too much of a commotion.

By the blood pool, if one looked carefully, the two vampires could roughly see Fang Heng’s figure inside the blood pool.

The two of them looked for a long time but didn’t find anything wrong with Fang Heng, so they turned their eyes to Zhao Dongyang and the others.

“Which vampire clan are you from?”

Lin Hanzheng froze when he was asked.

This question was hard to answer. There were many factions in the vampire clan, so who knew which clan Duke Bellamy belonged to!

Zhao Dongyang had done his homework and quickly said, “We are from the Vardini clan.”

Why did it take so long to answer such a simple question?

This delay made the high-tier vampire, Corey, frown and realize that something was wrong.

He stared at Lin Hanzheng with a layer of blood-red light in his eyes.

Seeing the other party’s eyes, Lin Hanzheng became absent-minded at that instant.

“You’re not a vampire?”

He was about to be discovered!

Lin Hanzheng was shocked, his heart thumping wildly.

“Chi! Chi!!”

In the next moment, two huge blood-red palms stretched out from the blood pool.

Fang Heng, who was at the bottom of the blood pool, seized the opportunity to release the skill while the two high-tier vampires were distracted!

The moment the large hand came out of the blood pool, it grabbed the ankles of the two vampires.

The two vampires immediately felt something grabbing them tightly.

The strength of the blood palm formed from the blood in the high-tier blood pool was so high that it exploded!

A powerful force came at them. The two high-tier vampires did not have time to say anything before they were dragged into the blood pool by the blood palm.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Two ripples appeared on the surface of the calm blood pool.

“Gulp Gulp Gulp…”

Then, a series of gas came out from the blood pool.

The two vampires were dragged into the bottom of the blood pool by the blood palm and were pressed to the ground.

The HP of the high-tier vampires dropped rapidly due to the dual effects of the blood pool’s damage and the blood poison!

As time passed, the strength of their struggle became weaker and weaker. They gradually lost their resistance and completely melted into the blood pool, becoming new nutrients for the blood pool.

[Hint: You have killed a high-tier vampire*2. You have obtained 201 survival points.]

[Hint: You have received -3,516 damage from the blood pool…]

[Hint: Your mid-tier bloodline condensation has reached: 5.71%.]

“Blood strike… this skill is really useful.”

After finishing off the two vampires, Fang Heng muttered in his heart.

He closed his eyes and focused on condensing his bloodline.

Beside the blood pool, Lin Hanzheng carefully swallowed his saliva.

He and Zhao Dongyang looked at each other.

There was no doubt that Fang Heng did it.

In the blink of an eye, the two vampires were gone.

What a terrifying ability!

Vampires’ headquarters, teleportation hall.

The space tearing device released a blue light screen.

The blood slaves laboriously filled boxes of blue crystal ores into the energy district.

Through the light screen, high-tier and mid-tier vampires continuously entered District 7.

Marquis Oro personally guarded this place.

A mid-level vampire flew in, transformed into a human form, and knelt on one knee.

“Marquis Oro, there’s a strange fluctuation in the sacred tree Angetas. The guards suspect that it’s related to a normal vampire who entered the blood pool to condense his bloodline. He claims to be a subordinate of Duke Bellamy. Do you need to go over and check?”

Oro frowned. He closed his eyes to sense the situation in Angetas.

There was nothing out of the ordinary.


When Ji Qiubei heard this news, he immediately shivered.

It’s Fang Heng!

“Be careful! Marquis, it’s very likely that the other party is luring the snake out of its hole! You must ensure the safety of the teleportation passage!”

Oro originally intended to personally go to the fifth basement to take a look.

Hearing Ji Qiubei’s words, he thought for a moment.

What Ji Qiubei said was also possible.

Since there was no problem with Angetas, then there was no need for him to go over and take a look.

“Go back and bring him here after he finishes refining his bloodline.”

Inside the blood pool, Fang Heng’s eyes suddenly opened.

[Hint: Your bloodline condensation has reached 100%.]

[Hint: Your skill, mid-tier vampire bloodline, has advanced to high-tier vampire bloodline.]

[Hint: Your original skill, mid-level vampire bloodline, has been deleted.]

[Hint: Your current high-tier vampire bloodline level: Level 1.]

Fang Heng’s eyes were covered with a deeper blood-red hue!

A line of game hints was reflected in his pupils.

Skill-high-tier vampire bloodline (Level 1).

(Description: Player can have multiple bloodlines at the same time, but some bloodlines cannot be possessed at the same time).

(Description: Zombie clone and vampires have a conflict of bloodlines, and can only inherit a small portion of the bloodline’s benefits).

Level restriction: This skill can be upgraded to Level 20 (Player’s current highest-level skill cannot exceed the player’s current level. Player can find a way to upgrade the bloodline).

Derivative skill 1: Vampires’ bloodline.

Skill description: After learning the skill, you will immediately gain 250% additional maximum HP, strength +3, agility +9, physique +4, perception +5; you will gain strength at skill level*0.8, agility at skill level*2, skill level*physique at 0.8, perception at skill level*0.4.

Derivative skill 2: Blood draw (click here to see the details).

Derivative skill 3: Self-healing (click here to see the details).

Derivative skill 4: Night walk (click here to see the details).

Derivative skill 5: High-tier bat form.

Skill description: By relying on the strength of the bloodline, the player can enter the bat form. Under this form, the player can have faster flying speed.

Fang Heng quickly scanned the skill description.

Skills 1, 2, 3 and 4 were not much different from before. It was just that the attribute had slightly increased.

Skill 5, the bat form could be maintained for a longer period of time. It could obtain a faster flying speed. After being attacked, it would not be so easy to exit the bat form.

This time, the upgrade was mostly just a change in the attribute.

Fang Heng noticed another detail.

After upgrading to a high-tier vampire bloodline, the skill could actually continue to be upgraded!