Chapter 609 - Drink Till You're Full

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A moment later, more than 70 zombie clones were soaked in the blood pool.

The zombie clones were sucking the blood in big mouthfuls.

The blood in the blood pool started to decrease visibly.

Zhao Dongyang stared blankly at this scene for a moment.

In an instant, an idea flashed through his mind.

Fang Heng had a special ability. He could control zombies to consume the strength of the blood pool.

And the source of the strength of the blood pool was Angetas!

This meant that the strength of Angetas was constantly being consumed!

Fang Heng’s goal was to weaken the Angetas tree!

He was preparing to transplant Angetas!

So that was his plan!

Zhao Dongyang looked at Fang Heng with a hint of admiration.

As an expert, Zhao Dongyang felt that he had to do something.

He quickly turned on the survival radio and sent a message to Fang Heng.

[Zhao Dongyang: Fang Heng, the Angetas tree has been set to give priority to the use of energy to give birth to vampires. We can change it to giving full power to the blood pool.]

[Zhao Dongyang: This will stop the vampires from giving birth to new vampires. Moreover, we can go one step further by overdrawing Angetas’s strength to a great extent and making it fully supply the blood pool energy. This will make Angetas weaken even faster!]

Fang Heng was cutting the vines. When he opened his communicator and saw the message from Zhao Dongyang, he could not help but be stunned.

There was actually such a good thing?!

After spending some effort, bringing an expert here was indeed useful!

Previously, he was prepared to use external forces to directly destroy most of Angetas and make it enter a weakened state.

Now, since there was a better way to make the Angetas become weak, there was no reason not to use it!

Fang Heng casually cut off the vines of Angetas and quickly returned to Zhao Dongyang. He asked in a low voice, “What should I do?”

“Um… this…”

Zhao Dongyang rubbed his temples and recalled, “There are corresponding incantations in the Book of Aether of the vampires. Only vampires can use it. I’ll go offline to check. Give me two minutes.”

“No need to check. It’s just the Book of Aether.” Lin Hanzheng looked at Zhao Dongyang. “I’ve memorized that thing.”

“Huh?” Zhao Dongyang was also stunned. “Why are you memorizing this thing?”

“Sigh.” Lin Hanzheng sighed, and a hint of resentment appeared in his eyes. “When I was in the Vampire Apocalypse, I also wanted to take the demon-hunting license. What a pity…”

As he said that, Lin Hanzheng took out a pen and paper, quickly wrote the incantation on the paper, and handed it to Fang Heng.

Fang Heng took the paper.

The incantation only had three short sentences, and it was very concise.

“You guys stay here and be careful.”

After saying that, Fang Heng turned around and walked toward the Angetas tree again.

Coming to the front of the Angetas tree, Fang Heng stretched out a hand and touched the tree with one hand.

The bark of the ancient tree was extremely rough, but the palm of his hand felt a warm feeling coming from it.

Fang Heng realized that the blood in his body was reaching a certain level of connection with the ancient tree.

They shared the same origin?

Fang Heng slowly closed his eyes, feeling the response of the strength from Angetas.

He had a sense of being contained by a powerful strength of the same origin.

“Not now!”

Fang Heng suddenly opened his eyes and silently chanted the incantation in his heart.

[Hint: You are trying to use an unknown incantation.]

[Hint: The unknown incantation will cause an unknown effect, please be careful.]

[Hint (triggered based on the difficulty of the elementary game): This incantation is extremely dangerous and only works on certain special objects. Casting the incantation will consume a large amount of mental strength, please use it carefully.]

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows and ignored the game hint, continuing to chant the incantation in his mind.

Three short sentences.

The moment the last word of the incantation was finished, the mental strength in the attribute panel was instantly drained. At the same time, his mind was in violent dizziness!

[Hint: You have completed the unknown incantation.]

[Hint: You have entered a mild state of mana exhaustion.]

[Hint: For the next 240 minutes, your mental strength’s recovery speed will be reduced by 500%. Before you use any skills that consume mental strength, your mental strength*10 HP will be deducted first.]

[Hint: Your incantation has caused the current state of Angetas to change.]

[Hint: Your affinity with Angetas +0.01.]

Fang Heng did not have the time to read the game hint. At this moment, he felt as if the world was spinning. He subconsciously placed one hand on the tree trunk of Angetas.

The dizziness lasted for a full two minutes.

By the time Fang Heng came back to his senses, the nutrient supply to the newborn vampires had already stopped.


Using the incantation could actually cause such a strong negative effect.

Fang Heng was glad that he had not been attacked by the vampires during this period of time. Otherwise, this plan might have failed.

The fruit that gave birth to vampires on the trunk of the tree gradually withered and died off.

New vampires were no longer born, and the number of vampires in the cave began to decrease significantly.

At the same time, the branches of the tree once again bloomed with a bright red color!

The blood pool was once again filled with blood.

High-tier vampires’ skill experience bar was also increasing rapidly.

Fang Heng licked his lips.

A hint of greed flashed in Fang Heng’s eyes.

He continued to walk towards the right side of the sacred tree Angetas. He pulled out his machete and brandished his blood blade, trying to free the remaining zombie clones.

Suck dry all of them!!!

Headquarters, teleportation hall.

Oro suddenly sensed something and frowned.

Why did the speed at which Angetas gave birth to vampires suddenly stop?

Why was Angetas’s strength…

A vampire rushed over and whispered something beside Oro.

Oro’s eyelids twitched slightly.

Ji Qiubei saw that Oro’s expression was strange and asked, “Lord Oro, did something happen?”

“There’s a problem with Angetas.”

Ji Qiubei’s heart moved and instinctively stopped him, “Lord Marquis, be careful of the other party luring the tiger away from the mountain…”

Oro turned around and his eyes were fixed on Ji Qiubei.

“Angetas is the foundation of our world’s vampires. Without Angetas, even if we obtain this broken world, it would be meaningless! Do you understand?!”

After saying that, Oro ignored Ji Qiubei and led the vampires out of the teleportation hall.

Ji Qiubei gritted his teeth.

“Understand my ass!”

Who cared if the vampires were dead or alive? He only wanted to get the purple spatial crystals!

Seeing Oro and his group leave, Ji Qiubei gritted his teeth.

He didn’t have any actual combat ability, and he couldn’t order the vampires. There was no point staying here, so he simply followed them.

Among the many vampires who followed Oro to the fifth basement, one of them had a layer of red light in his eyes.