Chapter 612 - Resolved

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Oro’s heart was tied to Angetas, and he was extremely anxious. He only wanted to kill Fang Heng as soon as possible.

After catching a flaw in Fang Heng, Oro suddenly disappeared from his spot.

He directly used teleportation to appear beside Fang Heng. He suddenly stepped forward and thrust his long sword forward.

Oro was very familiar with this feeling.

The silver longsword pierced through Fang Heng’s heart, directly piercing through it!

Oro could even feel Fang Heng’s heartbeat coming from the long sword.

Red blood flowed out from the wound, dyeing Fang Heng’s chest red.

Oro suddenly had a thought.

He felt extremely uneasy and raised his eyebrows.

Looking Up, Oro saw Fang Heng’s slightly ferocious face.

Fang Heng stared at Oro, and a few game hints flashed across the lower right corner of his retina.

[Hint: You have received a critical hit from Marquis of the vampires, Oro. You have received 6,445 critical damage. You have entered the state of bleeding, serious injury, puncture and stiffness.]

[Hint: You are now paralyzed.]

[Hint: Affected by the skill effect of the undying body, your state of bleeding, serious injury, puncture, stiffness and paralysis has been removed.]

[Hint: Affected by the skill effect of the undying body, you have recovered 932 HP.]

The silver longsword also had a paralyzing effect?

Fang Heng endured intense pain. He suddenly stretched out his hands and grabbed Oro’s shoulders tightly, preventing him from moving.

Oro also instantly felt a sense of danger!

How could Fang Heng still have the strength to resist after being stabbed in the vital parts of his body!?

The uneasiness in Oro’s heart was extremely intense. His face was slightly pale as he quickly pulled out the silver longsword that had pierced into Fang Heng’s body.

He wanted to retreat.

However, teleportation was still on cooldown, and his shoulders were firmly bound by Fang Heng.

Fang Heng stared at Oro.

In the next moment, a blood-red palm extended out from the wound in Fang Heng’s heart!

The palm suddenly shot forward, grabbing towards Oro!

The special ability of the holy weapon of vampires, the necklace!

How could the necklace be in his hand?!

Oro’s heart was beating wildly!

In that short moment, he couldn’t think too much.

His body instinctively sensed the danger ahead of him and reacted first. He frantically tried to retreat and dodge!

But he couldn’t dodge!!

Oro’s strength wasn’t very strong. Coupled with the fact that he had forcefully summoned the Prince of vampires, his strength had been reduced. For a moment, he was unable to break free from Fang Heng’s hands.

The blood-red palm locked onto Oro’s throat!

Where the blood-red palm was holding onto, fine sealing lines gradually appeared on the skin!

The lines spread out rapidly from the skin in all directions.

A while ago, he was able to break free from Fang Heng’s one-sided grip on his shoulder, but now, coupled with the blood palm bind effect of the blood strike skill, Oro had no chance of breaking free in a short period of time. He was firmly trapped on the spot.

“It’s my turn.”

A cruel smile appeared on Fang Heng’s face.

The blood strike skill was really too useful!

“Fang Heng, you…”

Oro was about to say something when a large group of Lickers behind Fang Heng pounced on the two in the middle of the cave.

“Fang Heng! You’re cheating!!!”

Although he had already predicted that Fang Heng would definitely cheat, Ji Qiubei still shouted when he saw this scene.

Almost at the same time, the vampires behind Oro swarmed forward.

“Hehe, playing tricks? Very unexpected? Isn’t this common sense?”

The smile on Fang Heng’s face grew wider.

In the next moment, a large group of Lickers surrounded Fang Heng and Oro, and attacked crazily.

Then, a large group of vampires pounced forward.

In the center were Fang Heng and Oro.

Next was the group of Lickers.

The outermost circle was the group of vampires!

They were almost like fried dough entangled together.

In the dark, Fang Heng’s blood shadow clone aimed at the “meatball” and pulled the trigger.

Skill-blood explosion!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Fang Heng didn’t know how the blood explosion skill worked, but he had tested it many times before when he asked the zombie clones to commit suicide.

The final damage of the skill was physical damage.

Fang Heng was very sure about this.

[Hint: Your zombie clone has used the skill-blood explosion, causing indiscriminate damage to nearby creatures.]

[Hint: You have received 455 damage from the blood explosion.]

[Hint: You have killed a mid-level vampire*3, you have received survival points…]

[Hint: Your undying body skill has taken effect, you are immune to this damage…]

The game hints in Fang Heng’s vision were refreshing wildly.

The Lickers continuously used the blood explosion skill, causing a huge amount of damage that instantly killed all the vampires that were surrounding the center of the cave!

Seeing this scene, Ji Qiubei’s eyes were filled with shock.

With such a powerful explosion, did Fang Heng want to die together with the Marquis of the vampires?

What exactly did he want to do? Did he want to kill the vampires at the price of dying together with them?

What bigger scheme did he have?!

[Hint: You have killed the Marquis of the vampires, Oro. Your friendship with the major clans of the vampires has decreased.]

At the center of the explosion, Fang Heng had been observing the game hint. He only stopped the Lickers from continuing to use the blood explosion after seeing the game hint that Oro had died.

After a few minutes of continuous explosions, everything in the cave returned to normal.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

There were originally 60 to 70 Lickers. Now, there were only 18 Lickers left. They quickly spread out in all directions and continued to hunt down the remaining vampires.


Ji Qiubei was shocked.

After experiencing such a violent explosion, why were there still Lickers who didn’t die?

What a strong vitality!

Suddenly, Ji Qiubei seemed to have seen something terrifying, and his face instantly turned pale.

At the center of the explosion, Fang Heng actually slowly stood up.

The clothes on his body had been shattered by the previous explosion!

He looked like a bloody man.

Fang Heng stood up and slowly turned his head to look in the direction where Ji Qiubei was standing.

Ji Qiubei’s pupils constricted.

He was not dead yet?!

Ji Qiubei’s mind went blank for a moment. He did not even think about escaping.

The last Marquis guarding the main base of the vampires was dead.

The remaining blood puppets and high-tier vampires could not stop Fang Heng.

The vampires’ headquarters had fallen… The teleportation passage had been destroyed…

The plan that Night Owl had planned for more than half a century would be completely destroyed…

The source of everything was this young man in front of him…

Fang Heng looked at Ji Qiubei, who seemed to have lost his soul, and tried to call out to him.

Ji Qiubei stared at Fang Heng, his eyes full of unwillingness. “Fang Heng!”

“It’s me, there’s no need to be so agitated…” Fang Heng shrugged, looking very relaxed. He took out a new set of clothes from his backpack and put it on, “Remember what I told you? I have a batch of materials for sale, you’re welcome to come and find me.”

Ji Qiubei was stunned.

As he spoke, Fang Heng switched to the sniper rifle and aimed it at Ji Qiubei’s head. “Then, goodbye.”