Chapter 616 - List

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Before the Zombie Apocalypse, this was an emergency underground shelter created by the government.

After the disaster, this place was occupied by a group of NPC survivors.

After that, the players cleared out this area and plundered the NPC’s survival materials.

Since this area lacked survival materials, it was not suitable for the initial establishment of a shelter, so the player chose to give it up.

The shelter was assessed through an ancient wellhead.

According to the original plan, Chen Yu would lead a group of Federation players to support Fang Heng in the underground shelter.

However, Fang Heng did not expect that the second half of the plan to take over Angetas would be carried out so smoothly.

They did not spend much money to seize control of the entire vampire shelter and easily obtained the half-dead Angetas.

At this time, the Eastern region’s Federation players hiding in the shelther in Area E had also received a hint that Fang Heng had obtained the identity of District 7’s World Lord not long ago.

Everyone was in a good mood.

Chen Yu was the same.

Although he still did not know how Fang Heng did it.

But this was not important.

Since Fang Heng had already obtained the qualification of District 7’s World Lord, it meant that Fang Heng’s pre-planned plan must have succeeded!

At least for now, it was definitely a success!

Destroying Night Owl’s plan and chasing the vampires out of District 7 was only a matter of time!

A player saw the situation in the distance through his binoculars and hurriedly came down to report, “There aren’t any pursuers following them! Zhao Dongyang sent a message saying that everything is normal, and he wants us to immediately go and receive them.”

“Alright! Go and receive them!”

Chen Yu did not suspect him and immediately brought the Federation players back to the ground to receive Fang Heng.

From afar, Chen Yu saw Fang Heng and the others rushing over with quick steps.

Behind them, a few fusion Tyrant form players were carrying a heavy wooden shelf as they jogged.

Chen Yu was anxious and could not help but ask, “Fang Heng, how’s the plan going?”

Fang Heng was in a good mood. He gave Chen Yu a thumbs up.

“It’s very stable. I’ve got it.”

Chen Yu’s eyelids twitched. Then, he looked behind Fang Heng at the massive object carried by the eight fusion Tyrant forms.

He was secretly shocked.

“You got it from the vampires’ headquarters?”

“Hehe, that’s right. It’s definitely something good that will make the vampires bleed from heartache.” Fang Heng reached out and patted the wooden shelf, he continued, “It’s very important. Help to escort it back to the teleportation point in Area G. Contact me immediately when you arrive. Be careful. There mustn’t be any problems on the way.”

After getting an affirmative answer from Fang Heng, Chen Yu looked up and down again at the large object that was wrapped in layers of tarp.

What a guy. He went to the vampires’ headquarters and could actually bring out such a large object?

When did the vampires become so weak?

How did the vampires’ headquarters turn into Fang Heng’s back garden?

Chen Yu was a little confused for a moment.

Moreover, what exactly was that thing?

Chen Yu knew that Fang Heng might have a reason for not saying it.

Since Fang Heng trusted him enough to give it to him, then don’t ask him anything, just do the work!

“Okay, okay. I will personally bring people to escort it back.”

Chen Yu nodded solemnly and waved at the players behind him. “Let’s go!”

“Wait.” Fang Heng reached out to stop Chen Yu. “There’s a change of plans. I also need a batch of emergency materials. Think of a way to send them all here.”

As he spoke, Fang Heng handed over the list of materials for the teleportation passage that he had obtained not long ago to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu took the list of materials from Fang Heng’s hand and looked through them one by one, frowning.

“These materials are…”

Materials needed for mechanical maintenance and construction?

Chen Yu was even more confused.

He raised his head to look at Fang Heng, continuously scratching his head.

Did he start to play some fancy tricks again?

“How long do you think it will take to gather these materials?”

Chen Yu came back to his senses. He quickly thought about it and said, “These are common materials. There are some materials and resources nearby. I’ll get someone to gather them immediately.”

As he said that, Chen Yu turned to look at Xu Hongtao. “Xu Hongtao, you’re in charge of transporting the materials. Gather them here immediately after you’ve collected them.”

“Yes!” Xu Hongtao immediately commanded a group of Federation players. “Team 3! Team 4! Follow me!”

The two teams of players immediately took action and drove four large trucks towards the distance.

“Fang Heng, what about you guys? Aren’t you going back with us?”

“No, I’ll go to the main battlefield to take a look and help you block the pursuers. In short, if I fail and the pursuers come…”

Fang Heng said and thought carefully, “Emmmmm, then don’t bother. Let’s just run away.”

Chen Yu was stunned. He felt that he was being looked down upon. He immediately nodded solemnly and said, “Fang Heng, Don’t worry. Leave it to us. We’ll do our best to protect this big guy!”

“Alright, then be careful. Keep in touch at all times.”

As Fang Heng spoke, he looked at Zhao Dongyang and Lin Hanzheng. “You guys follow Chen Yu first. We’ll meet up at Area G teleportation point.”

Listening to the conversation between Chen Yu and Fang Heng, Zhao Dongyang and Lin Hanzheng looked at each other.

How should they explain this to Chen Yu?

The so-called pursuers that Fang Heng was talking about were most likely the Tier 7 vampire prince who was suppressing Hila…

Need to fight? They couldn’t even run away…

Fang Heng looked at the time.

The 20 minutes he had agreed upon with Bellamy were almost up.

Currently, the teleportation passage to the world of the vampires had been temporarily closed, and the vampires’ reinforcements had been cut off.

As long as they bypassed the main battlefield, the journey would be relatively safe. There wasn’t much point in continuing to teleport Angetas.

They had to immediately head to the main battlefield and coordinate with Bellamy to stall the Prince of the vampires!

They need to hurry up!

Fang Heng roughly analyzed the current situation. He immediately transformed into his bat form before everyone’s eyes and flew rapidly towards the main battlefield.

This was the first time most of the Federation’s players had seen Fang Heng in his bat form.

When they saw Fang Heng take off on the spot, they were instantly envious.

The unique flying ability of vampires!

In an elementary game, the flying ability was extremely difficult to obtain. Only a very small number of players were lucky to have a similar talent or skill.

“Stop looking! Get your spirit up and get to work!”

Chen Yu curled his lips and called out to the Federation players to begin escorting Angetas back to the teleportation point.

He was already used to the new skills that Fang Heng took out from time to time.

After all, it was Fang Heng.

He had swaggered to someone else’s headquarters, and it was normal for him to have stolen most of the skills of the vampires.

In the crowd, Zhao Dongyang looked at Fang Heng, who was far away, and his eyes were a little dazed.

And with that kind of speed…

He had definitely reached the strength of a high-tier vampire!