Chapter 617 - Unlocked?

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Chapter 617: Unlocked?

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The main battlefield.

Hila, who was in a frenzy, had a head-on fight with the Prince of vampires.

Countless vampires swarmed toward Hila, almost surrounding her.

After Xie Junhao realized that he had fallen into Chen Yu’s trap, he took advantage of Hila and the Prince of vampires’ struggle to pull the player team back, doing his best to ensure the Northern Federation’s player team’s combat strength.

A peak Tier 7 creature!

Prince of vampires-Matthews!

Xie Junhao clenched his fists tightly.

In comparison, the Wasteland Apocalypse’s peak combat strength was very weak. The highest was only a Tier 6 mutated beast. Moreover, it was a dangerous creature that could not be controlled.

On the way back, Xie Junhao still used his binoculars to observe the battle from afar.

At this moment, Hila had already transformed into a terrifying life form. Her body was densely covered with yellow eyeballs of different sizes, making her look ferocious and terrifying.

Other than that, her body was bound by several large red chains, and the strength of the curse had been greatly weakened.

Countless vampires continued to launch attacks around Hila despite the effect of Hila’s curse.

The Prince of vampires, Matthews, also participated in the vampires’ attack.

Every time he attacked, Matthews would leave a sealing spell on Hila’s body, sealing her eyes one by one!

White energy beams shot out from Hila’s eyes and attacked the vampires around her.

Vampires were attacked and fell from the sky.

The number of vampires was constantly being reduced.

Even so, there was still excitement in Matthews’ eyes.

He could feel that this powerful life form in front of him was filled with an extremely strong life force!

If he could completely bind it and give it to the Angetas tree to completely absorb it…

The Angetas tree would improve greatly!

He might also be able to use the strength of Angetas to further gain a longer life.

Matthews was very patient.

He tried to seal Hila’s strength bit by bit, wanting to seal it into the coffin of the vampires.

Not far from the battlefield, a bat flapped its wings and flew into the forest.

Fang Heng reverted to his human form in mid-air and stopped on the branch of a big tree.

Fang Heng took out his binoculars from his backpack and observed the battlefield in front of him from afar.

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“Hila… looks like she’s been completely suppressed…”

This was troublesome.

After falling into a state of madness, Hila’s strength was greatly reduced.

The indiscriminate area damage that she used was indeed very strong. The special spiritual energy beams released by her yellow eyeballs could also pose a threat to vampires, every time she waved her mutated tentacles, she could instantly kill high-tier vampires…

All her skills were not enough to deal with the Prince of vampires.

Her tentacles were too slow and easy to dodge. The remaining eye attacks could not deal any fatal damage to the Prince of vampires.

Use the new skill he just learned?

Everlasting Moon was a skill obtained from the main hidden mission, and it had a lot to do with Hila.

He did not know if this skill could work with Hila to bring out a stronger effect and directly kill the Prince of vampires.

Fang Heng thought about it.

He did not have much confidence.

“Oh? So her name is Hila…”

A voice suddenly sounded in Fang Heng’s ear.

Fang Heng suddenly turned his head and looked to the right.

Several flesh sprouts instantly extended from the big tree.

Fang Heng flipped his wrist, and the machete slashed through the air.

Several flesh sprouts that extended from the tree were instantly cut into pieces!

Fang Heng jumped down from the tree branch and landed steadily on the ground. He looked around.

“Bellamy, come out. There’s no need to hide. Use your main body.”

“Oh? That’s amazing. You can sense the existence of my main body.”

Bellamy walked out from behind a big tree and looked at Fang Heng curiously. “Congratulations. Your strength has increased again. Did you absorb the power of the blood pool? That’s very strange. How did you do it?”

Seeing that Fang Heng was unwilling to answer, Bellamy simply shifted her gaze away from Fang Heng.

“Forget it. I’m not interested in the strength of vampires. Why did you come back so late? I was wondering if I should go and look for you.”

As Bellamy spoke, she looked at Hila, who had been sealed by the Prince of vampires. Her eyes were filled with anticipation. She continued in a friendly manner, “You promised me. Hila is mine.”

Fang Heng was vigilant as he replied in a low voice, “Indeed, I promised you, and now I have no intention of going back on my word. The thing is right there, no one will snatch it from you, as long as you can take it…”

“Aiya, Fang Heng, don’t play childish tricks on me.” Bellamy’s face was already showing some impatience, “We’re already so familiar with each other, don’t be so polite. I’ll help you destroy Angetas, and you help me get Hila. We won’t owe each other anything, right?”

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes.

“I’m not lying to you. I can feel that Angetas is already very weak, and my shielding ability is no longer able to maintain the shielding effect. There are still three minutes left. After three minutes, they’ll sense the weakness of Angetas.”

As Bellamy spoke, she blinked twice at Fang Heng and revealed a smile, “Don’t doubt me. I hope to see the Elders Council suffer a great loss because of you. We’re still very good companions. I like working with you.”

“Or…” Bellamy’s gaze gradually became sharp. “Is it just my wishful thinking that we’re companions?”

“Alright, companions. What should I do?”

Fang Heng decided to listen to Bellamy’s plan.

“Eh? You’re asking me?” Bellamy turned to look at Fang Heng in surprise. “Shouldn’t you be thinking of a way?”

“You must have a way, or else you wouldn’t have let me come here. Be straightforward and tell me what you’re planning.”

“Aiya, don’t make it sound so bad. Alright, don’t say that you can’t help me. Your spell ability hasn’t been pushed to the limit yet, right? I can feel that her strength is being suppressed.”

Bellamy’s expression gradually became solemn. She turned her head to look at Hila not far away, her eyes revealing excitement and anticipation.

“Come, release all of her strength. Let me see her true ability.”

Listening to Bellamy’s words, Fang Heng now even wanted to die.

He wanted to say that he didn’t know how to do it!

Instructor Dickey only gave him the soul summoning spell!

He didn’t know anything about unsealing strength! And it didn’t exist at all!

Unsealing Hila’s strength…

Fang Heng suddenly thought of something.

Instructor Dickey indeed didn’t tell him anything about unsealing strength.

Moreover, according to Dickey, Hila should be an extremely angry creature after being resurrected in theory.

But that’s not the case.

At first, the newly resurrected Hila was confused, but she was not aggressive.