Chapter 829 - Persuasion

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Chapter 829: Persuasion

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“We immediately began our investigation and discovered that one of our employees was missing. His name is Luo Wenru, and he used to be a researcher sent by the Congress. We have his identity and video data.” Dodd nodded. “I suggest that you can trace it back to him.”

“Also, these are the analysis and research data that we have obtained over the years from extraterrestrial life forms.”

Dodd placed a data disk and a hand-drawn map on the table and pushed it to Sheng Hui and the others, “All the information that you want, including the research on the mutated life form, all the relevant information about the Glory Club, and Luo Wenru, who stole and damaged the extraterrestrial life form, are inside. I hope they can be of help to you.”

“Also, this is a map. We have studied the ancient writings of the Glory Club. The Glory Club built 12 temples in ancient times. They were scattered all over the world. It is not clear whether those places were used as funerary objects, but this is also an investigation direction.”

Sheng Hui accepted the information and map.

The mission did not become any clearer but foggier now.

[Hint: You have completed the stage mission-search for the missing research team. Due to your identity, you cannot receive the main storyline contribution reward. Main storyline contribution will be converted to 22 King of Gods’ points.]

[Hint: Player has triggered the next stage mission-the unknown prophecy of Glory.]

[Option 1: Try to find more temples built by the Glory Club and obtain more information.]

[Option 2: Try to find the lost liquid essence.]

[Option 3: Unknown (player can choose the direction of investigation or search for more clues to trigger the options).]

Fang Heng rubbed his neck. He felt that it was quite normal.

The main storyline mission was just like that. Under normal circumstances, it would take several years to complete.

The main storyline of the Zombie Apocalypse was just as troublesome.

Since the main storyline reward was useless, he couldn’t be bothered to think further.

“I hope you can succeed.”

“Yes, Professor Dodd, aren’t you coming with us?”

Dodd shook his head and said, “I want to, but I can’t.”

“Because there are a lot of ancient creatures down there.”

“Long before the apocalypse, we had already sensed that there were a lot of ancient creatures living below the cave. At that time, to prevent these creatures from destroying the ecology of the outside world, we relied on the funding of the Congress to build a stabilizer and a monitor. We relied on the monitor to detect the fluctuation reaction, and we relied on the biological waves produced by the stabilizer to affect the mutated forms below so that they could not escape the cave.”

“Later, after the Wasteland Apocalypse, we detected a powerful energy conversion reaction below the cave.”

“We don’t know what this reaction is. This reaction is nearly 3,000 times stronger. We speculate that it might be related to the mutation.”

Dodd spread his hands and said very casually, “We can’t be sure what this energy is, but someone has to stay behind to monitor this energy, right? I suspect that once we stop the stabilizer, there will be a riot down there. That will be troublesome.”

Sheng Hui asked, “How many mutated forms are there down there?”

“There’s no way to tell.” Dodd smiled helplessly. “According to the energy fluctuations, there might be trillions of them?”

Everyone’s hearts sank.

“Hahaha, what’s going on? Why do you have such an ugly expression? With me here, it’ll be fine.”

“We’ve been here for so many years. We’re already used to it.”

Dodd waved his hand. “Don’t think that I don’t know. The situation outside isn’t much better than here. We’ve enough to eat. At least the materials here are enough for us to eat for a few more years.”

“By the way, I’ve also found some special enhanced crystals. After the apocalypse, the structure of the ore has undergone a special change. The research materials here are limited. We can’t break it down and use this kind of energy. It might be of help to you.”

Sheng Hui nodded and said, “Thank you, Professor Dodd. We’ll think of a way to get you out of here after we go back.”

With that, Sheng Hui began to contact the outside world through communication.

It was very difficult to take Dodd’s team away, but the crystals and the like all had research value. They could think of a way to bring them out.

On the side, Fang Heng pondered for a moment and looked at Dodd. “Do you plan to stay here forever? The energy in the safe areas is limited. How much longer can you hold on?”

“Don’t worry about us. We can still hold on for a short time. If not, I can still look to you for help. I won’t be stupid and wait for death.” Dodd waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry about us. Hurry up and go. You can do it. The future of this world is in your hands.”

Fang Heng touched his chin.

Dodd’s team was very powerful.

There were architects, researchers, and even archaeologists on the team…

They had even discovered the information about the Glory Club before the main storyline mission.

An elite team that was a hundred times stronger!

Their talents were the biggest resources of this trip!

Compared to them, the main storyline mission was nothing!

Currently, the space tearing device in the safe areas had been built, and the portal to the Zombie Apocalypse prison had been opened.

He had to think of a way to bring them back with him.

Fang Heng quickly exchanged a look with Mo Jiawei, who immediately understood.

The two of them immediately communicated with Dodd’s team discretely, trying to increase their friendship and lure them back to the prison.

At this time, Sheng Hui had received important information related to the main storyline. He was not in the mood to pay attention to Fang Heng. He had been communicating with the outside world through the survival radio and analyzing the main storyline information that he had just obtained.

Three hours later, Alba and the follow-up support team outside the cave arrived. The players were fully equipped and ready to evacuate with Professor Eddington.

Alba looked at Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei, who were still in the underground research institute, whispering to a few NPCs, and felt strange.

What were they doing?

“Fang Shuo, we’re ready to leave.”

“Okay, wait a little longer, right away.” Fang Heng waved at Alba and said, “Forget it, you guys go first. Don’t worry about me, we’ll leave by ourselves.”

Alba shook his head, feeling baffled.

Fang Heng was not interested in the main storyline mission at all. He was currently surrounding Dodd. “Are you really not leaving? Dodd, I admire your courage and spirit of sacrifice, but staying here is really dangerous.”

“Haha, someone has to sacrifice, isn’t it?”

“Don’t say that, Dodd, what if I can help you guys leave from here?”

“It’s impossible. We can’t do it.”

“Even if you don’t think about yourself, you have to think about your subordinates, right?”

Dodd felt that Fang Heng was a bit persistent but he didn’t think of the worst, he said, “You’re right, Fang Shuo. But we don’t have a choice. Once I leave, the device will completely lose control. We can’t afford such a risk.”