Chapter 830 - : Energy Reaction

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Chapter 830: Energy Reaction

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“I have a way.” Fang Heng continued to persuade, “How about a bet? I can take you out of here. If I can do that, you can take your people and join my shelter after we leave?”

Dodd was stunned. He felt that Fang Heng had other intentions. “What do you want to say?”

“To help you solve these problems, of course.”

Dodd shook his head and smiled bitterly. He pointed at the three-dimensional map on the control panel.

“Fang Shuo, do you see it? With such a powerful energy reaction, there are at least billions of mutated forms hiding below. It’s impossible for us to…”

“Let’s try. There’s no wrong in trying, right?”

Seeing that Fang Heng was so insistent, Dodd shook his head and did not say anything more.

It was impossible. It was simply impossible for anyone to do it.

“Yes. I’ll get someone to write a detailed evaluation report for the follow-up of the mission. The expert team will give a preliminary suggestion tomorrow morning.”

After leaving the cave, Sheng Hui gathered the federal team for an impromptu meeting to prepare for the next stage in the main storyline mission deployment.

With the completion of part of the main storyline, the morale of the Federation players was soaring.

“Oh right, ask the Ark Company if they are interested in the next stage of the mission plan.”

Sheng Hui thought of Fang Shuo.

He thought very highly of Ark Company and felt that Fang Shuo was a good person, very reliable and sensible.

He did not talk too much and did not cause any trouble. He did not look at any item related to the mission and did not care about it. He was also very efficient when it came to doing work.

If it were not for Fang Shuo, they would not have been able to find the temple and the cave under the temple so easily. They had even successfully found Dodd’s research team.

At first, Sheng Hui only thought that this guy was quite powerful.

Now that he thought about it carefully, if it were not for the Ark Company, they might have had to delay this mission for more than a month.

Alba scratched his head and said, “We haven’t contacted Ark Company yet.”

Sheng Hui was startled and a strange expression appeared on his face. “Huh? What?”

“They were still there when we left the underground research institute. I asked them again when we came back, but I don’t think anyone saw them when we returned to the camp. I think they should still be at the research institute.”

After all, there were only two people in the Ark Company, so their presence was very weak. The players in the same industry did not notice that these two people were missing.

Sheng Hui was puzzled.

“Since the main storyline mission is gone, what are they still doing there?”

The two looked at each other and saw puzzlement in each other’s eyes.

“Forget it. Let’s try contacting them again. Currently, the main storyline is the priority. We have always been the most thorough in our research on the Wasteland World. The central Federation is inclined to let us take control of the Wasteland World.”

“Right now is a critical period. Everyone, you must not let down your guard. The other three Federations will cooperate with us on the surface, but they are secretly watching us like tigers watching their prey.”

“In addition, we must also be careful of the other anti-federation forces destroying the main storyline.”

Sheng Hui thought for a moment, in the end, he added, “I’ll bring some people back overnight. You’ll stay here with a small team and continue to observe. The Ark Company doesn’t seem to be interested in the main storyline. They’re a good partner. Try your best to fight for it.”

Late at night, in the underground research institute of the temple, looking at the real-time projection through the portable monitor, Dodd and the researchers in the research institute were surprised and felt a chill in their hearts.

They had never seen such a terrifying mutated monster before!

Their combined combat strength could be said to be terrifying!

Countless mutated monsters fought together! The sound of killing filled the entire cave!

Especially the eight three-meter-tall giant-sized life forms from the Ark Company.

They waved the huge iron twist in their hands. Every time they swept past, they would blow up a bunch of crawling mutated beasts. Every time the iron twist landed, it would create a huge pit in the ground.

Fang Heng was currently standing on the first floor of the underground cave. A portable surveillance camera was installed in front of his chest.

He stood quietly on the spot and looked ahead.

The mutated monsters that were slaughtered had turned into evolution crystals and a huge amount of survival points. The entire first level of the cave was covered with a thick layer of evolution crystals.

Seeing that it was almost time, Fang Heng waved his hand forward.

[Hint: Player has obtained complete evolution crystals*13,724, Tier 1 evolution crystal*3,199, Tier 2 evolution crystal*776.]

There were actually so many of them?

The number of mutated forms that spread out from underground was extremely terrifying. With the fusion Tyrant form’s AoE damage output, Fang Heng’s killing speed was also astonishing!

After killing for more than three hours, a game hint refreshed in Fang Heng’s vision.

[Hint: Player has met the level-up requirement.]

[Hint: Player has leveled up to Level 24. Player has obtained an additional 122 zombie clones. Current total number of zombie clones: 731.]

[Hint: Level 25 level-up requirement, Tier 1 fusion evolution crystal*10,000, Tier 2 fusion evolution crystal*50,000.]

[Hint: Level 25 is the maximum level-up requirement in the elementary game. Player needs to go to an advanced game to trigger the next level-up hint.]

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows.

He had never heard of such a limit before.

Thinking about it carefully, it seemed to make sense. Back then, before he reached Level 10, he had already triggered the entry requirement for the advanced game. Ordinary players would not waste their time leveling up to the maximum level in a low-tier game.

The next phase of leveling up required tens of thousands of evolution crystals.

It seemed that the game did not want him to continue fishing in the elementary game.

Fang Heng pursed his lips.

After making some calculations, it was actually not difficult to level up to Level 25.

After reaching the last level, he would run to the high-tier world.

Fang Heng made up his mind and looked up again.

The mutated life forms in the cave had gradually stopped climbing out of the cave.

The surroundings slowly quietened down.

There was also some silence in the hall of the research institute.

Dodd had once made a model predicting that the number of unknown mutated life forms at the bottom of the cave could be hundreds of billions.

Only god knew how much space there was in the depths of the cave that could accommodate so many life forms.

It was simply unrealistic to kill them all.

But now, after killing for more than three hours, these mutated life forms actually didn’t dare to show themselves?

Things gradually developed in a direction that Dodd didn’t expect.

“Hu…” Seeing the expressions on everyone’s faces, Mo Jiawei looked at them, he said, “How is it? I didn’t lie to you, did I? I told you that our Ark Company has the ability to deal with these mutated beasts. We’ll think of a way to get you out of here.”

Dodd came back to his senses. He pressed a few buttons on the control platform and said, “The host’s magnetic field reaction is still at a high level. The position of the radiation source hasn’t been weakened. There might still be a large number of high-tier life forms hiding below.”

“I won’t leave this place with my people until I’ve confirmed that the threat has been eliminated.”

Compared to before, Dodd’s tone was a little softer.