Chapter 831 - Petrification

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Chapter 831: Petrification

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“Why don’t you come down with us and take a look?”

Mo Jiawei continued to probe, “It’s not a good thing to keep defending passively, right? We have to figure out what’s down there.”

“Yeah.” Dodd nodded. “I think so too. In fact, we’ve sent a few teams to scout down there before. Unfortunately, all the teams we sent are missing.”

“I need some time to prepare. Later, I will bring some people with you to scout the area. This time, I hope to find some information.”

[Hint: Player has triggered the team mission, Dodd’s defense.]

Mission name: Dodd’s defense.

Mission requirements: Help Dodd investigate the bottom of the cave.

Mission reward: Dodd’s friendship.

On the other side of the underground cave, Fang Heng also received a hint that the game had triggered.

There was no way to refuse it…

In the depths of the cave, Dodd’s team descended from the second basement using a rope.

Below the dense pits was an even larger layer of the cave.

Dodd was shocked when he saw the group of mutated forms controlled by Ark Company.

A large number of Lickers with terrifying shapes were densely packed together, giving people a great sense of security.

The third basement of the cave was different from the upper basement.

The ground looked like it had been bombarded by countless cannons, and there were many large holes scattered on the ground.

“That’s where we found the prism.”

The team walked forward for more than ten meters before Dodd pointed to a certain direction in the distance.

“The coffin of an extraterrestrial life form?”

Fang Heng followed Dodd. As he spoke, he controlled the Lickers to explore the darkness ahead.

“Yes, the structure of the life form in the prism is different from any known creature, but they look very similar to us humans. They also have a high level of civilization. I believe that they are extraterrestrial creatures,” Dodd said, he extended his hand forward. “The strange magnetic field fluctuations are coming from deeper inside. The energy fluctuations are extremely huge.”

“Haven’t you guys explored it before?”

“The special life form is already a huge discovery. The country asked us to start studying it immediately. In addition, the detection conditions at that time were limited, and we didn’t know enough about the unknown fluctuation of the magnetic field. As the exploration went deeper, the first batch of explorers soon had a radiation reaction.”

“We couldn’t determine whether this kind of magnetic field and special radiation was dangerous, so the subsequent exploration was temporarily put on hold.”

At this point, Dodd could not help but lower his head and pondered, “The subsequent research on the magnetic field has yet to begin, but an accident happened during the experiment on the first-generation body. Now that I think about it, that accident was also very strange. Perhaps someone tampered with it and caused the destruction of the first-generation body…”

Fang Heng’s heart stirred.

The game log showed that the Lickers had encountered an enemy!

“There’s a situation, everyone be careful.”

Dodd’s team took out their weapons and formed a circle to guard the surroundings.

Fang Heng’s pupils were suffused with a red glow as he looked into the depths of the cave.

It was a gigantic arthropod-like reptilian body. Its body had become extremely huge due to the mutation. Its body was over ten meters long, and its tentacles were nearly one meter long.

Fang Heng immediately thought of this creature.

The connection between the centipede’s body and its branches was a spore-like circular shape.

It looked very strange and out of place.

Its feet were like steel needles, and each time it landed, it would create a shallow pit in the ground.

When the players saw such a centipede, they immediately felt goosebumps all over their bodies.

The centipede crawled extremely quickly on the ground and quickly headed towards the player team.

The group of Lickers was fearless. Under Fang Heng’s control, they immediately pounced toward the giant-sized centipede.

Its huge size became a disadvantage at this time. A large number of Lickers pounced onto the centipede’s back.

The sharp claws of the Lickers cut many wounds on the centipede’s body.

Green blood spurted out from the centipede’s wounds.

Fang Heng was shocked.

The Lickers had turned into a petrified state!

When it touched the giant-sized centipede’s green blood, the Licker’s body was immediately covered in a layer of grayish-brown color. Its body fell from the sky uncontrollably. In the blink of an eye, its skin turned into a grayish petrified state!

Fang Heng immediately opened the game hint to observe.

[Hint: Your zombie clone has been splashed with blood and entered a special petrification state.]

The petrification effect could not be removed by the undying body effect!

[Hint: You have entered the petrification state. You are petrified. Please immediately stay away from threats or remove the state.]

[Hint (based on beginner-level game difficulty): Player’s current petrification degree: 0.02%. If the petrification degree exceeds 20%, the player will be affected by negative effects. If the petrification degree exceeds 50%, the player will be punished by the attribute penalty and a large reduction in movement speed. If the petrification degree exceeds 80%, the player will not be able to move and will be punished by a large number of negative effects.]

Just as Fang Heng was about to make a move, the reptilian mutated forms that had retreated earlier once again surged out from the depths of the darkness!

The petrified Lickers that had turned into stone statues were not only unable to attack, but it was also terrifyingly fragile. It was swept by the centipede’s tentacles and exploded into pieces with a bang.

There was actually a bug for such a close combat effect?

“What kind of monster is that!”

“Shoot! Maintain formation and retreat!”

This was the first time Dodd had seen such a monster in a cave. They ordered the team to maintain formation and shoot from a distance while retreating.

Mo Jiawei covered his left eye with his hand and stared at the mutated centipede in the distance, activating his talent skill.

“Tier 6 mutated life form-enchanted death spider.”

That thing was a spider?

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

It was actually on the same tier as the Duke of vampires!

He thought it was just a normal monster hunt, but he didn’t expect to encounter a Duke-level mutated beast.

Mo Jiawei quickly browsed through the information he got through his talent detection skill.

“Its blood has a petrifying effect. In addition, it can charm most life forms through the patterns on its eyes and back. It relies on this ability to control life forms to provide nutrients for it. After the radiation mutation, its ability has greatly increased…”

“Its weakness is the fire attribute. The high temperature can make its blood lose its petrifying effect…”

“Also, it’s not a battle-type creature!”

As he was speaking, Mo Jiawei let out a soft exclamation.

“Its condition is very strange. It seems that some of its abilities have been bounded?”

Why would they be bounded?

A Tier 6 non-battle-type creature, coupled with being bounded, meant that its strength would be greatly weakened.

In short, he had to think of a way to get rid of the petrified state first.

Fang Heng flipped his wrist, took out the Book of Creation, and raised his hand toward himself.

Within the dim cave, a beam of Holy Light shone down.