Chapter 617 - Slant-Eyed Monster (1)

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After Xiao Shu and Feng Yuncheng returned to the Holy Spirit Academy with the Ghost-Wrapping Flower and found Lin Feng, they found out from Lin Feng that they were the only group of interviewees who had successfully picked the Ghost-Wrapping Flower. As for the other interviewees, be it the beastmen, elves, Xuanyuan Jing, Zhong Luoxue, or the others, they had all forfeited for various reasons three days ago.

Lin Feng stared at the bag of Ghost-Wrapping Flowers in their hands with a faint smile on his face. He said, “You have to successfully plant the vegetable garden before you can pass the interview test.”

“We understand.”

Xiao Shu didn’t say anything else and pulled Feng Yuncheng to the back mountain.

The two of them carefully studied the growth habits of the Ghost-Wrapping Flower. After confirming that the best time to plant the Ghost-Wrapping Flower was at its peak at dawn, when the temperature was the lowest, they decided to plant it tonight.

The back mountain wasn’t in the school of the Holy Spirit Academy, but outside the city wall.

The back door of the academy was even more shabby than the front door. There was only a three-meter-wide passageway there, and the middle of the passageway was blocked by a thick iron door. Behind the iron door, there was the Holy Spirit Academy, and outside the iron door, there was the back mountain.

When he was about to reach the back gate, Feng Yuncheng heard a clanging sound, like a hammer hitting a rock. “What’s that sound?” He frowned and looked at the closed back door in confusion.

Xiao Shu also found it strange.

The two of them worked together to open the heavy iron door. As far as the eye could see, there were students mining everywhere. Those geniuses who were usually arrogant were squatting on the ground with their faces covered in dust and trying their best to wave the hammers in their hands to dig ores.

It was already dark, and everyone was wearing a mining lamp on their heads.

The scene was shocking and made then speechless.

Feng Yuncheng never expected that the cultivation method of the Holy Spirit Academy was like this.

Noticing that the back door had opened and someone had walked out, the students thought that it was the principal who was on duty to supervise their mining. They moved their hammers even faster.

Xiao Shu deliberately coughed.

This cough sounded like it was from someone very young. It wasn’t the old dean or Pupu An, nor was it Lin Feng, nor was it the principal.

Finally, someone put down the hammer in his hand and looked up at the back gate.

Yu Huang had the best eyesight. Even in the dark, she could clearly see Xiao Shu and Feng Yuncheng’s faces. Seeing these two people at the back of the mountain of the Holy Spirit Academy, Yu Huang was indescribably surprised. “Fourth Brother, Xiao Shu, why are you guys here?”

Upon hearing the familiar name, Yin Rong suddenly stopped mining.

Yin Rong raised her head in shock and looked in the direction of the back gate of the Holy Spirit Academy.

When she saw the familiar tall figure standing under the night sky, Yin Rong actually felt as if she had been separated from him for years.

It had only been a week since the start of school, and it had only been a week since she and Xiao Shu separated.

Yin Rong belatedly realized that the reason she had such feelings for Xiao Shu was because she missed him too much.

A few days ago, they were busy with the mission to save Miss Weng and she had no time to let herself miss Xiao Shu.

For the past two days, she had been squatting here and repeating the mechanical mining actions. She gradually lost control of her thoughts.

For the past two days, she would always think of Xiao Shu.

Did he recover? Was he neglected when he returned to the Yin Clan? Did he cultivate properly? Did he… miss her?

All kinds of thoughts piled up in her mind. Yin Rong missed Xiao Shu terribly, but she didn’t dare to call him. She was afraid that she would be tortured by her longing if she heard his voice.

Xiao Shu saw that Yin Rong was staring at him in a daze and didn’t react at all. He inserted a hand into his red hair and stroked it coolly while revealing the same flippant smile as before. “Rong’er.”

When she heard Xiao Shu call her Rong’er, before Yin Rong could give her body an order, she had already let go of the hammer and ran towards Xiao Shu.

In front of everyone, Yin Rong quickly bumped into Xiao Shu.

Surprise flashed across Xiao Shu’s eyes.

But soon, that surprise was replaced by joy and relief.

The person he yearned for had finally taken the initiative to run into his arms.

Xiao Shu opened his arms and hugged the person who was charging at him tightly.

Yin Rong ran too fast. When she bumped into Xiao Shu’s arms, Xiao Shu even carried her as he took two steps back before stabilizing himself.

Yin Rong buried her face in Xiao Shu’s arms. When she heard Xiao Shu’s strong heartbeat and his painful grunt, she realized what she had done.