Chapter 619 - Shady Trick (1)

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Di Ruofeng wasn’t angry when he heard the nickname ‘Slant-Eyed Monster’. He took a sip of cold beer and recalled carefully for a moment before saying, “I was an abandoned baby. Later, I was adopted by an old man who lived alone. That old man relied on selling medicinal herbs for a living. We often went into the mountains to dig for medicinal herbs and lived wherever we went. I lived with him for six years. When I was six years old, he was unlucky and met a low-level tiger demon beast in the mountains…”

Di Ruofeng spun the beer can in his hand, and his wrinkled brows seemed to frown even more. “He carried me and ran for a long time, very far. Finally, we encountered a spacious river. The old man threw me forcefully towards the other side. I was lying on this side of the river, and he was standing on the other side…”

Di Ruofeng didn’t elaborate on what happened after that.

When Yu Huang and the others heard Di Ruofeng’s recount, they subconsciously slowed down.

They then heard Di Ruofeng say, “Later on, I became a street child and started to wander around the world. Later, I passed by a county city that had suffered a flood and a plague erupted. I met Su Xuanye. That year, I was 10 years old and had yet to awaken my beast form. Su Xuanye took care of me for two years and taught me many ways to survive…”

Di Ruofeng blinked his heavy eyelids and said, “Because of my childhood, I’ve always respected Su Xuanye. His life has actually been very difficult.”

Pupu An had also participated in the battle against Su Xuanye. Thinking of Su Xuanye, Pupu An sighed. “I heard that he had also traveled the continent and helped everyone.”

“Yes,” Lin Jiansheng added. “He has indeed helped many people. When I was very young, he was already a famous Purifying Spirit Master on the continent. At that time, he was still very benevolent. Wherever there was trouble, he would be there. In my heart, Su Xuanye has always been a benevolent Bodhisattva. He was a saint in my heart. To be honest, when I discovered what Su Xuanye had done behind people’s backs, I really found it unbelievable.”

“He’s a benevolent Bodhisattva and a murderous demon.”

Nodding, Di Ruofeng said, “Yes, I find it unbelievable, just like you.”

Pupu An turned the duck leg on the grill over and suddenly sighed with emotion. “If not for the change in the Prosperous Capital, I wouldn’t have known that there was such an evil spell like the Death Curse in this world.”

Pupu An’s casual remark caused Lin Jiansheng to fall into deep thought.

Lin Jiansheng suddenly put down the mutton skewer in his hand and lowered his head to look at Di Ruofeng, who was much shorter than him. He asked in a low voice, “Dean Di, do you know the casting process of the Death Curse?”

Di Ruofeng shook his head. “How would I know? The Death Curse is a forbidden curse even in the Great World. Very few Beast Tamers in the Great World know about this curse. How would I know?”

Lin Jiansheng crossed his arms and said thoughtfully, “According to what you’re saying, most people only know the existence of the Death Curse and the price needed to create it, but very few people know the specific process of setting up the Death Curse, right?”

“That’s right. If everyone knows it, can it be called a forbidden technique? Even in the Great World, such a forbidden technique will never be circulated. Once it is circulated, it will be denounced by the entire continent.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Jiansheng remained silent for a long time.

Di Ruofeng had yet to notice anything wrong.

Lin Jiansheng stared at the dancing sparks in the grill and suddenly asked, “As someone who has never traveled to the outside world, how did Su Xuanye know the details of the Death Curse?”

Di Ruofeng’s eyes narrowed.

He suddenly looked up at Lin Jiansheng with a rare cold expression.

Pupu An was shocked by their reaction. “What’s wrong?”

Di Ruofeng suddenly threw down the skewer in his hand and said, “I’m not eating anymore. I’m going to find the Grand State Master!”

“I’ll go too!” Lin Jiansheng strode after him.

Pupu An stared at the fragrant meat on the grill and turned to look at the two people’s backs and blinked. He didn’t understand what they were doing.

Barbecue only tasted good when there were many people. After Di Ruofeng and the others left, it was boring for Pupu An to eat alone. He turned around and left.

As soon as they left, Xiao Shu walked to the grill and became the chef. “What do you guys want to eat? Tell me. I’ll roast it for everyone.” There were still so many ingredients left. They couldn’t be wasted.

The top floor of the administrative building was the resting area for the principals.