Chapter 620 - Shady Trick (2)

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Lin Jiansheng and Di Ruofeng teleported to Mo Xiao’s door. Seeing that Lin Feng was guarding Mo Xiao’s door, Lin Jiansheng hurriedly pointed at the tightly shut door and said, “Lin Feng, is the Grand State Master around? We have something to discuss with him.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Jiansheng and Di Ruofeng didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Come in.” The Grand State Master’s voice was filled with fatigue.

Only then did Lin Feng turn around and push open the door before letting Lin Jiansheng and Di Ruofeng in.

The moment they entered the room, they saw Mo Xiao lying on the bamboo chair in his pajamas. There was a turtle shell fortune-teller on the small table in front of Mo Xiao. The back of the turtle shell was filled with cracks.

Mo Xiao didn’t even look at them. His gaze was fixed on the crack on the turtle shell.

Di Ruofeng had always respected and loved the Grand State Master. Seeing that the Grand State Master didn’t speak, he also dared to speak. Although Di Ruofeng was a Prime Master like Mo Xiao, Mo Xiao was older. In front of Mo Xiao, Di Ruofeng was just an old child.

However, Lin Jiansheng was an insensitive person. Seeing that Di Ruofeng was staring at the turtle shell carefully like the Grand State Master, he also took a look.

Lin Jiansheng lost his patience. He clicked his tongue and turned to look at Mo Xiao. He asked anxiously, “Grand State Master, what did this turtle shell say?”

Di Ruofeng glanced at Lin Jiansheng and then looked down at Mo Xiao.

Mo Xiao didn’t mind Lin Jiansheng’s bluntness. He pointed at the turtle shell on the table and said, “I was testing the children’s Central Pagoda challenge.” He gently pressed his finger in the air, and the turtle shell turned into a pile of dust.

Mo Xiao then asked Di Ruofeng, “Why are you looking for me so late at night?”

Di Ruofeng told Mo Xiao about Lin Jiansheng’s question.

After hearing their question, Mo Xiao laughed. He said to Lin Jiansheng in surprise, “I didn’t expect that an oblivious person like you would be the first to discover the problem.”

Lin Jiansheng thought, “How rude.”

It was unknown if Mo Xiao was praising or mocking him, but Lin Jiansheng blushed.

Di Ruofeng also showed a look of shame. “I’m ashamed that I didn’t think of this.” Previously, they had only been focused on dealing with Su Xuanye, so they hadn’t thought about the details behind this. If Lin Jiansheng hadn’t thought of this, probably no one would have noticed it.

Seeing the Grand State Master’s reaction, it seemed that he had long discovered the suspiciousness behind Su Xuanye’s creation of the Death Curse. Di Ruofeng hurriedly asked him, “Grand State Master, do you know how Su Xuanye obtained the instructions on how to create the Death Curse?”

Mo Xiao stood up from the wall.

He walked to the observation platform outside the resting room and looked at the endless primitive forest in the distance. He said in a low voice, “If I say that there’s a person with extraordinary strength hidden in this world, but we’ve never seen him before, that he’s hiding in the dark and stirring up trouble in an attempt to destroy everything we currently have, will you believe me?”

Upon hearing this, Di Ruofeng and Lin Jiansheng suddenly stood up from the table.

The two of them looked at Mo Xiao’s back in shock. Lin Jiansheng exclaimed, “There’s really such a person?”

Di Ruofeng narrowed his eyes and opened them completely. Mo Xiao’s thin and tall figure was reflected in his golden eyes. He clenched his fists. Because of shock, when he spoke, his voice was quivering. “Grand State Master, are you sure there’s such a person?”

Mo Xiao nodded. “He exists.”

Di Ruofeng shook his head and muttered in disbelief, “Who is it? Who was actually able to control Su Xuanye and Caro Zhengyang?!” One had to know that Caro Zhengyang and Su Xuanye had lived for hundreds of years!

But among the people they knew, who was older than Su Xuanye and Caro Zhengyang and had a higher cultivation level than them?

Di Ruofeng thought of a possibility. His pupils suddenly dilated as he looked at Mo Xiao with curiosity and suspicion.

Wasn’t Mo Xiao older than those two?

Moreover, in the early days of Caro Zhengyang and Su Xuanye’s lives, Mo Xiao’s cultivation could be said to be the strongest.