Chapter 621 - Shady Trick (1)

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Moreover, he had gone to the Upper World to train.

Mo Xiao’s cultivation level was powerful and his age was a mystery. It was also possible that he knew the details of the Death Curse.

Mo Xiao could be that mysterious person!

Di Ruofeng’s heart was already in turmoil, but he hid it very well. But even so, Mo Xiao still understood Di Ruofeng’s emotional change.

Very suddenly, Mo Xiao turned around and gave Di Ruofeng a playful and unfathomable smile.

Upon seeing that smile, Di Ruofeng couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine.

“Dean Di, do you think it’s me too?” Mo Xiao asked with a smile.

Di Ruofeng subconsciously asked, “Who else could it be?” He basically admitted it.

Lin Jiansheng was just careless, not stupid. When he heard their conversation, he immediately understood what Di Ruofeng was thinking. Lin Jiansheng looked at Di Ruofeng in surprise and said, “Why would you suspect the Grand State Master?” He didn’t see any evil intentions from the Grand State Master.

However, it was also possible that the Grand State Master’s cultivation level was too high, so his psychic power was unable to see through the Grand State Master.

Di Ruofeng rubbed his nose and didn’t explain.

Mo Xiao explained patiently, “Sheng Lingfeng also asked me this question a few days ago.” As the president of the Alliance, Sheng Lingfeng was truly a smart and wise person. He was the first person to notice the problem.

However, out of respect and trust for Mo Xiao, Sheng Lingfeng didn’t suspect him for no reason. Instead, he found Mo Xiao and asked him many questions.

Di Ruofeng revealed an enlightened expression. “So it’s Prime Master Ling Feng.” Di Ruofeng narrowed his eyes and examined Mo Xiao. He asked suspiciously, “Is it you?”

Mo Xiao suddenly fell silent.

It had been some time since Su Xuanye’s death. In the beginning, no one realized that there was something suspicious about Su Xuanye creating the Death Curse. But soon, Sheng Lingfeng discovered it and suspected him. Immediately after, Lin Jiansheng and Di Ruofeng also thought of this and suspected him at the same time.

He believed that before long, those experts in the cultivation world would discover these doubts and then sort them out bit by bit.

In the end, everyone would suspect him.

In the end, even if there wasn’t enough evidence to point out that Mo Xiao was the mastermind, those experts would raise their swords and stab him out of suspicion, interest, and various factors.

At that time, once he, the strongest prophet on the Holy Spirit Continent, died, no one would know of that person’s existence, his motives, and his subsequent actions.

This move was really dangerous and fatal!

Seeing that Mo Xiao didn’t speak, Di Ruofeng and Lin Jiansheng’s expressions became more and more serious. “Grand State Master, is it you?” Lin Jiansheng couldn’t help but ask.

Even though he knew that this outcome might be difficult to change, Mo Xiao still didn’t dare to accept his fate.

He shook his head. His voice was soft but clear. “It wasn’t me.”

Upon hearing this, Di Ruofeng and Lin Jiansheng heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Jiansheng patted his chest and exclaimed, “You almost scared me to death!”

Mo Xiao suddenly set up two layers of barriers, one soundproof and one invisible. “Dean Di, Ling Xiao, I have something to say to you guys.”

That night, Mo Xiao, Di Ruofeng, and Lin Jiansheng chatted for a long time…