Chapter 622 - I Want to Woo You (1)

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After the Ghost-Wrapping Flower was planted, it was as if someone had cast an immobilizing spell on it. It did not die or grow.

Feng Yuncheng would visit the Ghost-Wrapping Flower every morning, but he would go with anticipation and return with regrets. Compared to him, Xiao Shu was very calm. Ever since he planted the Ghost-Wrapping Flower, he had never taken care of it.

He spent all his time mining with Yin Rong.

The Black Spirit Stone mine was very difficult to dig. They could at most dig out a palm-sized mine in a day.

Every night, everyone would be so tired that they could not lift a hammer. They would meditate and rest on the spot for a moment. When their bodies recovered some strength, they would continue mining.

Just like that, a month passed on and off. Their interspatial bag finally bulged a little, but it would still take a long time to fill it up.

Yu Huang held the fasting pill in her hand and revealed a dejected expression. She loved meat. This Fasting Pill was novel for the first time, but after eating it a few more times, she felt bored.

She turned the fasting pill in her hand. When she saw Sheng Xiao and Sheng Zhou sitting together and talking to the sun, she got up and walked to Sheng Xiao. She tapped his shoulder from behind.

Sheng Xiao knew that it was Yu Huang.

Yu Huang squatted down and fed Sheng Xiao the fasting pill. “Here, breakfast.” Yu Huang had been feeding Sheng Xiao with the fasting pill for the past few days.

He looked at Yu Huang helplessly. In the end, he opened his mouth and swallowed the fasting pill. Sheng Xiao was tired of the fasting pill too. However, when Yu Huang fed it to him, it tasted sweet.

He took a bite of the fasting pill. Immediately, an indescribable smell entered his nose and throat. Sheng Xiao frowned and said, “This fasting pill is so disgusting.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang asked curiously, “Are there delicious fasting pills?”

“Of course, some particular alchemists will add some precious herbs to the fasting pill. Some like the taste of chicken, some like the taste of vanilla, and some like the taste of cod. In short, fasting pills can be produced in different flavors.”

When she heard this, Yu Huang was somewhat puzzled. “Then why did the academy give us the most unpalatable kind?” Although the original taste was healthy, it was so bland.

Sheng Zhou held back his laughter and explained, “Because it’s cheap. For the original fasting pill, an alchemist only needs to charge materials processing and alchemy fees. For fasting pills that have added flavor, you need to charge additional material fees.”

Pills were expensive to begin with. There were five hundred students in the academy, so it was not a small sum of money to distribute a bag for each.

Yu Huang cursed the academy for being stingy. After she felt that she had recovered most of her strength, she returned to mining.

Seeing that Yu Huang was working so hard, Sheng Zhou bumped Sheng Xiao’s shoulder and smiled at him. “Your wife is so hardworking.”

Sheng Xiao looked at Yu Huang’s back and chased after her. He saw her walking straight to her mine. She held the hammer and started mining seriously. Every hammer was filled with all her spiritual power. She was taking this opportunity to cultivate.

Sheng Xiao turned around and looked at the sun that rose out of the valley in the east. He smiled and said, “She’s very attractive when she’s serious, isn’t she?”

Sheng Zhou did not dare to say yes.

Sheng Xiao was a possessive person. He could praise Yu Huang for being attractive, but Sheng Zhou could not admit that Yu Huang was attractive. If he admitted it, Sheng Xiao would ask him, “Are you attracted to Yu Huang too? Do you like her too?”

Therefore, Sheng Zhou shut his mouth and pretended not to hear it. He got up and continued mining.

These days, Feng Yuncheng and Xiao Shu were also mining in the crowd.

Seeing that the sky was bright, Feng Yuncheng put down the hammer and got up tiredly to walk to the black soil beside the feces pit. As usual, he had to observe the growth of the Ghost-Wrapping Flower.

Just like before, he slowly walked to the side of the Ghost-Wrapping Flower field. He squatted down and approached the Ghost-Wrapping Flower to size it up. He actually saw something different.

“Senior Xiao Shu!” Feng Yuncheng waved at Xiao Shu excitedly. “It’s sprouting! The Ghost-Wrapping Flower has sprouted!”

Xiao Shu did not show much surprise when he heard this.

He seemed to have expected this.

Xiao Shu put down the hammer and walked towards the bag of Ghost-Wrapping Flowers.

Beside the roots of the red Ghost-Wrapping Flower, five to six very petite Ghost-Wrapping Flower seedlings grew. The seedlings were only the size of a human thumb, but they already had the general appearance of the Ghost-Wrapping Flower.