Chapter 624 - Yu Huang's Self-Created Cultivation Technique (1)

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“I can’t take it anymore. I can’t dig anymore!” Estelle dug for three hours in one go. He was so tired that he couldn’t raise his arm. He put down the hammer and looked up at Yu Huang. “Yu Huang, let’s rest for a while.”

Yu Huang continued mining and ignored him.

Estelle didn’t feel offended. He closed his eyes to rest for a moment. When he opened them again, he saw that Yu Huang was still mining tirelessly. Only then did he find it strange. “Yu Huang, aren’t you tired?” Was this person’s spiritual power inexhaustible?

Yu Huang didn’t speak. She raised the hammer again and ruthlessly struck the Black Spirit Stone.

Estelle sat up straight and stared at Yu Huang as she swung the hammer. He said in surprise, “What’s going on? Why do I feel that her hammering force is getting stronger and stronger?” Estelle had never taken standard Beast Tamer lessons before. He was worried that he was mistaken. He quickly shouted at Sheng Xiao, “Sheng Xiao, look at your wife! There seems to be something wrong with her!”

Hearing Estelle’s shout, everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao put down the hammer and walked towards Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao walked to Yu Huang’s side. Seeing that Yu Huang didn’t notice him approaching, he shouted in a low voice, “Wine.”

Yu Huang ignored him and didn’t stop mining.

Seeing this, they all revealed worried gazes.

What was going on? Why didn’t Yu Huang react?

Could it be that she had gone crazy from mining?!

Sheng Xiao stared at the way Yu Huang held the hammer in her left hand. He noticed that the spiritual energy fluctuations she emitted when the hammer landed on the Black Spirit Stone were getting stronger and stronger. He felt the spiritual energy fluctuations released by the hammer. He rolled his eyes and said thoughtfully, “She’s…”

“Epiphany!” The old dean’s voice suddenly sounded behind Sheng Xiao.

Everyone turned to look behind Sheng Xiao and saw the principal walking over briskly.

Di Ruofeng stood beside Sheng Xiao. He observed Yu Huang’s every move attentively. He noticed that Yu Huang’s gaze was becoming increasingly focused. The spiritual energy fluctuations of the hammer in her hand were getting stronger and stronger. She was in a mysterious state

Di Ruofeng exclaimed, “Yu Huang is in a state of epiphany. Don’t disturb her.”

Epiphany was a mysterious state that cultivators yearned for the most but couldn’t get. Every time they had an epiphany, cultivators could make shocking progress. Some could double the absorption of spiritual power during the period of epiphany, while others could break through the bottleneck and improve through epiphany. There were even talented people who could create their own cultivation technique during the epiphany.

In the three thousand worlds, most of the cultivation techniques were created by Beast Tamers through summarizing their life experiences and insights. However, there were also some people who were blessed by the heavens to suddenly enter an epiphany at an unexpected moment and create their own cultivation techniques.

Back then, Yin Mingjue had created the Blazing Moon Art through epiphany during a desperate battle.

However, he didn’t know what Yu Huang would comprehend.

After knowing that Yu Huang was in a state of epiphany, the students felt admiration.

“Impressive.” Feng Yuncheng held the hammer and said with an envious expression, “When others mine, the more they mine, the more difficult it becomes. When Yu Huang mine, the more she digs, the crazier she becomes. She can even comprehend something from mining. This comprehension…” Feng Yuncheng shook his head. However, when he thought about how Yu Huang had long comprehended the power of the Divine Master, he didn’t feel shocked.

It seemed that no matter what happened to Yu Huang, it was only right.

“Go and mine. Don’t crowd around here.” Di Ruofeng waved his hand, and the students hurriedly dispersed. They pretended to focus on mining, but their eyes kept looking at Yu Huang.

Di Ruofeng stared at Yu Huang and couldn’t help but feel gratified.

Regardless of whether Yu Huang could comprehend anything or not, being able to enter a state of epiphany was enough to make him feel satisfied.

At this moment, Yu Huang’s consciousness was blurred. Her body was clearly in a severely exhausted state, but her mind was unprecedentedly lucid. The spiritual power in her body was like a waterfall as it gushed out non-stop.

Spiritual power poured into her left arm. When Yu Huang felt that her spiritual power was completely exhausted, she swung the hammer in her hand based on her senses.

The hammer that contained all of Yu Huang’s spiritual power forcefully struck the Black Spirit Stone. The Black Spirit Stone beneath her feet suddenly trembled forcefully. Following that, the unshakable Black Spirit Stone actually spread out in all directions with the hammer in Yu Huang’s hand as the center.