Chapter 625 - Yu Huang's Self-Created Cultivation Technique (2)

She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement Emperor's Song 2022/9/13 16:41:47

Immediately, spider web-like cracks appeared on the Black Spirit Stone.

When Di Ruofeng saw the change in the Black Spirit Stone, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Although this team possessed strength, their actions always went over the line for Xilong Guild.

One had to know that the guild leader had already stated clearly that the Xilong Guild was not to provoke the members of the Hidden Dragon Guild.

However, these people didn’t take it to heart at all.

As the vice guild laster reported the situation, Xilong Guild quickly took action.

“Ding! Player ‘Ceiling’ has been kicked out of the Xilong Guild! 30 contribution points in total, cleared!”

“Ding! Player ‘Keda’ has been kicked out of the Xilong Guild! 16 contribution points in total, cleared!”

“Ding! Player…”

Five consecutive messages suddenly appeared in front of those players.

Following that, the Vice Guild leader of the Xilong Guild sent three similar messages in the world channel.

“Our Xilong Guild does not want to be enemies with Maise the God and the Hidden Dragon Guild. We have already dealt with the pests among us. We solemnly apologize to Maise the God!”

On the world channel, everyone was chatting happily. They did not pay attention to the Xilong Guild’s matters at all.

After all, the escort mission was more important to them now.

Hence, the three similar pieces of news were directly drowned out. Not many people noticed it.

However, the sincerity of the Xilong Guild was indeed displayed.

Di Ruofeng blinked at her and said, “You just comprehended a cultivation technique, right?”

Yu Huang did not admit it directly, but the corners of her lips curled up uncontrollably.

“Sheng Xiao!” Di Ruofeng suddenly waved at Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao walked over with a dark expression. He stared at the mine under Yu Huang’s feet and said nothing. Yu Huang could dig one ore a day before, but Sheng Xiao could dig five Black Spirit Stones a day on average. After a month of digging, Sheng Xiao’s mine was already very big.

Yu Huang’s mine was wider and deeper than the other students’ mines.

Clearly, Yu Huang’s mining speed was considered fast.

“Sheng Xiao, compete with Yu Huang,” Di Ruofeng suddenly said.

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao looked at Di Ruofeng at the same time. “Compete?” They asked the same question.

“Yes.” Di Ruofeng pulled the beard on his chin and said, “I want to see what grade the cultivation technique you just comprehended is.”

Yu Huang rubbed her nose in shame, and her clean nose was instantly smeared with dirt by her. She said, “Grand Mentor, I only comprehended one move. It’s not considered a cultivation technique.” Ordinary cultivation techniques had many moves. She was embarrassed to call it a cultivation technique.

Di Ruofeng snorted. “What’s there to be humble about? Isn’t the Blazing Moon Art only one move?”