Chapter 628 - Strange, Sweet (2)

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The couple looked at each other and saw the fatigue in each other’s eyes.

The couple returned to the academy side by side. Lin Feng stood at the back school gate and said to them, “Students who complete the mission on time can go to the charging window to collect points.”

Yu Huang’s eyes lit up again.

They went to the charging window and the staff charged each of them 100 points.

Holding the point card, Yu Huang suddenly exclaimed. She patted the card in her hand and sighed with a smile. “This is the first time I felt so rich. 100 points. I can eat my fill and take a bath.”

Sheng Xiao scratched her nose. “Good for you.”

“Are you going to eat?” Yu Huang was starving. She felt that she could finish a cow all by herself now. She never wanted to eat fasting pills ever again.

Sheng Xiao said, “Go back to the dormitory and take a shower. Then, we’ll go on a date.”

Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiao in confusion, as if she had seen a ghost. “We’re going on a date together?”

Sheng Xiao’s gaze darkened. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who else do you want to date?”

Yu Huang hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that we’ve been married for so long, but the number of dates we’ve been on can be counted on one hand. I’m a little surprised that you suddenly said that you want to go on a date.”

Sheng Xiao reflected on himself.

After self-reflection, he realized that after knowing each other for so many years, the two of them had already gotten married and had sex many times. However, the two of them hadn’t had many dates.

As her husband, he had failed her.

“Then let’s go on a date today.”

When Sheng Xiao mentioned a date, Yu Huang felt that she wasn’t very hungry anymore. She could endure the hunger.

At that moment, most of the other students were still working. They were the only ones in the entire campus. When they returned to the dormitory, Sheng Xiao kissed Yu Huang’s forehead. Then, he parted ways with her at the corner of the corridor.

Sheng Xiao returned to his room while Yu Huang returned to her dormitory.

The moment she returned to the dormitory, Yu Huang swiped her point card and filled the bathtub with water. She laid in the bathtub and took the most comfortable bath she had in the past two months.

After showering, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe and sat at the small table in the room. She took out a mirror and placed it on the table before taking out her cosmetics and makeup tools.

Yu Huang stared at her pile of expensive cosmetics in a daze. These cosmetics were about to expire, but she didn’t even have the chance to enjoy them yet. How sinful.

After being exposed to the wind and rain for two months in the back mountain, Yu Huang’s skin had become a little rough. She wiped the foundation on her face and realized that her foundation looked very cakey on her face. Yu Huang sighed and sat down cross-legged on the spot. She began to chant the Purifying Spirit Incantation.

The Purifying Spirit Power shuttled through Yu Huang’s body and cleansed her meridians and flesh. All the pores on her body relaxed, and soon, some black dirty things were expelled from her body through her pores.

Yu Huang opened her eyes and saw that her face was covered in a layer of black dirt. She returned to the bathroom to wash up.

When she returned to the dressing table again, Yu Huang saw that in the mirror, her skin looked smooth and delicate, like a freshly boiled egg. She touched her face and thought to herself, “If I open a beauty spa, I might be able to earn a lot of money.”

In this world, it was easiest to earn money from women, and women loved beauty the most.

The Purifying Spirit Art could cleanse all the filth in a person’s body. It could help them detoxify and become beautiful in the healthiest way. Who wouldn’t love it?

Yu Huang thought about that scene and couldn’t help but smile.

In this life, she was getting younger.

Sheng Xiao waited for Yu Huang in the dormitory downstairs for a long time. When he didn’t see her downstairs, he guessed that she was dressing up.

Every time his mother dressed up, she would make him and his father wait for a long time. Sheng Xiao knew that it took a lot of time for a woman to get ready. He didn’t rush Yu Huang. He only sent her a message. “Find me in the canteen when you’re done.”

Yu Huang held the camera brush in one hand and put eyeshadow on her eyes.

When she heard her phone ring, she glanced at it and continued applying makeup.

Putting on makeup required patience and technique. Yu Huang didn’t dare to be distracted.

After sending Yu Huang a message, Sheng Xiao went to Rakshasa City alone. He went to the supermarket to buy a lot of things. When he returned to the Holy Spirit Academy, it was almost dark.

He went straight to the canteen while Yu Huang stood at the entrance waiting for him.

She was dressed very formally today.

Yu Huang was wearing a long black tube top dress. Under the high slit skirt, a slender and fair leg was revealed. The ten-centimeter-long high heels made her already slender and graceful figure appear even more enchanting and charming.

After months of growth, Yu Huang’s hair was already five to six centimeters long. However, she probably felt that her hair was too short and not charming enough, so she wore an elegant black hat.

When Sheng Xiao saw Yu Huang, she was taking a selfie with her phone at the entrance of the canteen. She was looking up at the camera with a proud and cold gaze.

Sheng Xiao rarely saw Yu Huang being vain. He stood quietly in the distance with the shopping bag since he didn’t want to disturb Yu Huang.

However, Yu Huang was a Purifying Spirit Master. With her outstanding hearing, she had already noticed Sheng Xiao’s approach.

Yu Huang suddenly threw her phone at Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao quickly threw down the shopping bag in his hand and grabbed the phone with his right hand.

Yu Huang leaned against the wall of the canteen and said, “Please take a photo of me.” After a pause, she said, “You have to take a photo that makes me look noble and elegant, yet candid.”

This request was really difficult to satisfy.

Sheng Xiao said sincerely, “I can’t do that. My wife is noble and charming. You can’t pretend to be an ordinary person.”

Yu Huang was pleased with Sheng Xiao’s flattery. She said, “Then, take a few photos. I’ll post them on Weibo.” The fans were still waiting for her posts.

Sheng Xiao nodded and squatted down to take two photos of Yu Huang.

The camera was tilted up. Yu Huang’s high heels were on the cement stairs. Her graceful and enchanting body was leaning against the reddish-brown wall. Sheng Xiao’s photo could have graced the cover of a fashion magazine.

Yu Huang checked the photo and said in surprise, “Your photography skills aren’t bad.”

Sheng Xiao continued to flatter her. “It’s because the model is good-looking. You could star in a fashion blockbuster.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

“What’s wrong with you today? Did you secretly eat honey behind my back?” Why was he such a sweet talker?

Sheng Xiao said, “We’re on a date. I think sweet talking will leave a good impression on you.” He walked back and picked up the shopping bag. He looked up and asked Yu Huang, “You don’t like it?”

Yu Huang pressed her slightly red ears and said, “I don’t dislike it.”

That meant she liked it.

Sheng Xiao took out a cup of milk tea from the shopping bag. “This is for you. I heard that this is the milk tea that girls in Rakshasa City like the most. I wonder if you like it.” Sheng Xiao handed the milk tea to Yu Huang. “Try it.”

“You went to Rakshasa City?”

Yu Huang took the milk tea and took a sip. She immediately frowned and said, “It tastes strange.”

Sheng Xiao frowned. He thought that he had messed up. Then, he heard Yu Huang say, “It’s quite sweet.”

Sheng Xiao was relieved.

“Let’s go to the canteen. I’ll make you something good.” Then, Sheng Xiao walked up the stairs. He was about to enter the canteen when he thought of something. He turned around and reached out to Yu Huang. “Come, I’ll hold your hand.”