Chapter 630 - Another Prime Master Skeleton (2)

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Suddenly, Mo Xiao stopped her. “Ah Huang.”

Yu Huang stopped and turned around to look at Mo Xiao. She asked in confusion, “What else is it, Godfather?”

Mo Xiao said gently, “Ah Huang, the Eye of All Things still needs to be practiced diligently. It’s impossible for the Purifying Spirit Art to fall behind. You have to judge people and things with your heart. If you encounter something that you can’t make a choice on based on your eyes and heart, then listen to your intuition.”

“Do you know that the best choice is to make a decision subconsciously?”

Yu Huang frowned when she heard this. She looked at Mo Xiao with a deep gaze and suddenly said, “Godfather, is something about to happen?”

Mo Xiao pinched Yu Huang’s soft little ears and shook his head. “No. Go play. After you come back, you still have to continue to work hard.” With that, Mo Xiao carried Yu Huang and left.

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Yu Huang looked at Mo Xiao’s back as he left. For some reason, she felt uneasy.

It was an instinctive sense of uneasiness.

“Godfather!” Yu Huang suddenly let go of Sheng Xiao and ran towards Mo Xiao. She grabbed Mo Xiao’s arm and looked up at him. “Godfather, don’t worry. I will remember your words.”

Mo Xiao felt gratified.

He patted Yu Huang’s head and left again.

Because of Mo Xiao’s words, Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao didn’t communicate when they went down the mountain.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, Sheng Xiao said, “Do you want to ride my motorcycle or drive your off-road vehicle?” This was a plain. Any off-road vehicle was fine.

Yu Huang stared at the sexy long dress on her body and said, “Let’s drive the off-road vehicle. You drive, and I’ll sit in the front passenger seat.”

Yu Huang took out her off-road vehicle and set off for Rakshasa City with Sheng Xiao.

After the car drove for a while, Sheng Xiao suddenly said, “Is that companion dog called Yu Huang?”

“Didn’t you know long ago?” Yu Huang felt that Sheng Xiao’s question was strange.

Sheng Xiao stopped talking.

In the past, Sheng Xiao didn’t think that there was anything wrong with Yu Huang’s name. However, after he regained his memories in the Central Pagoda, he felt that it was strange when he thought about Yu Huang’s name.

He was Yu Aofeng, and Yu Huang’s Companion Beast was called Yu Huang.

Why did this sound like an insult?

“What’s wrong? Is the name Yu Huang not nice?”

“… Sounds nice.”

“Then you don’t like it?”

“I like it.”

“That’s good.”

Rakshasa City was very lively at night. Fugitives and killers from all over the continent were gathered here. There were men and women who came to Spring Night Street to have fun, and most gamblers came to Endless Street to gamble. In addition, it was also a red-light district.

Yu Huang even saw a three-storey building with the words ‘Harmony Pictures’ on it.

To be honest, Yu Huang’s favorite film was produced by this company.

Yu Huang stood in front of the building for a moment. She couldn’t help but take a photo with her phone. Sheng Xiao noticed Yu Huang’s actions and quickly pulled her away.

The hotel Sheng Xiao had booked was at the end of Spring Night Street. Although the hotel was only four stories high, it covered a wide area. There was a pool in the middle of the hotel. Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao took the elevator upstairs. There was another couple in the elevator. The woman was a beautiful and sexy elf, and the man was a human.

There were no spiritual energy fluctuations on their bodies. Clearly, they were a pair of ordinary people.

Yu Huang felt that the female elf was a little familiar. After they got out of the elevator and entered the hotel, Yu Huang finally remembered the girl’s identity. She said, “The woman in the elevator just now was the superstar of the elves, Steele, but I remember that her husband was also an elf.”

Therefore, this was an adulterous couple who had come to Rakshasa City to cheat!

Sheng Xiao brought Yu Huang through the small living room of the hotel room and into the bedroom. He stared at the bed that was covered in roses and the various props and condoms on the bedside table. Sheng Xiao hugged Yu Huang’s waist from behind.

Sheng Xiao said in a hoarse voice, “Aren’t all the men and women here to cheat?”

Yu Huang immediately got into character. She looked up at Sheng Xiao’s cold eyes and pretended to be shy. “Young Master Sheng, if Madam finds out that you followed me out behind her back, will I die?”

“She wouldn’t dare to.” Sheng Xiao took out a headband. He tied Yu Huang’s eyes with a silk headband and coaxed her softly, “My wife is reasonable. She won’t make things difficult for you.”

The little girl turned around and grabbed Sheng Xiao’s collar. She begged pitifully, “Young Master Sheng, let me get pregnant with your child. With the child, I will have someone to rely on. Perhaps your wife will allow me to be the second wife.”

Sheng Xiao wanted to laugh. He tapped Yu Huang, who had gotten into character instantly. He hugged her and threw her on the bed. “Okay, I’ll make you pregnant.”

Yu Huang didn’t know if she was pregnant, but her body was so tired that it was as if she had given birth.

After resting in the hotel for the morning, the two of them went to a stall across the street to eat dumplings before going to watch a movie.

Recently, there had been a few international movies with good reviews. Sheng Xiao wanted to watch a horror movie but Yu Huang wanted to watch a battle movie. Neither of them wanted to give in.

In the end, Sheng Xiao went to Hall 2 to watch a horror movie while Yu Huang went to Hall 4 to watch a battle movie.

The two of them, who were still intimate last night, fell out the next day because of the movie.

Sheng Xiao’s movie ended first. He leaned against the wall with an unreadable expression. He was shocked when Yu Huang patted his shoulder. However, Sheng Xiao quickly calmed down and asked Yu Huang, “Was your movie good?”

Yu Huang nodded. “Nine points for the plot, ten points for the special effects, and nine points for the soundtrack. Not bad. What about you?”

Sheng Xiao was silent for a few seconds. “It scared people to death.”

Yu Huang said, “Then it was probably quite terrifying.”

Sheng Xiao continued, “I mean, the movie scared someone to death.”

“Huh?” As she spoke, Yu Huang heard the ambulance arrive. Soon, the ambulance moved the person who was frightened to death while watching a movie.

Sheng Xiao was bold in real life, but he didn’t dare to watch horror movies. That was because the movie had a soundtrack. The combination of the soundtrack and the horror scene could scare Sheng Xiao out of his wits.

Seeing that the ambulance had taken the person away, Yu Huang held Sheng Xiao’s hand silently. She realized that his palm was covered in cold sweat.

Sheng Xiao only regained his warmth after they strolled under the scorching sun.

At this moment, they happened to pass by Bounty Street and heard the group of bounty hunters discussing something.

Yu Huang pricked up her ears and heard a group of bounty hunters discussing something strange in the distance—

Just yesterday, when a tourism development company in the Blazing Realm Continent was developing a mountain area, they found a skeleton in a cave in the mountain area. The skeleton carried resentment and killed nearly a hundred engineers on the mountain.

Helpless, the old CEO of the development company spent a lot of money to invite the only Purifying Spirit God in the world, Lin Jiansheng, to help.

After Lin Jiansheng arrived and successfully purified the skeleton, he discovered that the skeleton was that of a Prime Master! Before the Prime Master died, he had been tortured and his spiritual power had been sucked dry. Before he died, the Prime Master used his blood to leave the murderer’s name in the cave.

However, time was limited. The Prime Master died before the murderer’s name was completely written.

It was said that a few words written on the wall by the murderer.

This matter had already attracted the attention of the entire Blazing Realm Continent.