Chapter 633 - As Expected Of An Old Monster (1)

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The red-haired woman stared at her companion’s twitching body and anger rose in her heart. She subconsciously pulled out the pistol at her waist. When she raised the pistol and aimed it at She Ying, she suddenly remembered the rumors about She Ying.

It was said that She Ying was the person who had lived on Bounty Street the longest and was also the strongest. The entire Bounty Street was under her protection. Back then, when the Blood Peacock ruled the Night Hunt, even the Night Hunt didn’t dare to offend She Ying.

She Ying’s identity and strength were mysterious. It was best not to provoke her.

At the thought of this, the red-haired woman forced herself to place the gun back on the table. She bit her lip and questioned She Ying indignantly, “Madam, when did such a rule appear?” Every owner of a shop on Bounty Street had their own rules and taboos.

Some people’s shops prohibited smoking, some people’s shops prohibited gossiping, and some people’s shops prohibited wasting food.

In short, these owners had strange tempers. If you didn’t abide by their rules, you would be unlucky.

Before this, She Ying’s shop only had one rule, and that was-”

It was forbidden to be lovey-dovey in the shop.

It was said that if the boss couldn’t woo the person she loved, she wouldn’t allow others to show off their love in her shop. There was once someone who didn’t know the rules and held hands in front of the window sill of her shop. The lady boss cut off his five fingers on the spot.

However, there had never been a rule that forbade anyone from discussing anything about that person in the cafe.

She Ying glanced at the red-haired woman indifferently. She wiped the blood off her hands in disdain and said coldly, “It was just decided.”

The woman gritted her teeth and looked at her, but she didn’t dare to protest.

They and their companions carried the short-haired man’s corpse away.

She Ying went into the house. After a while, she walked out with a new couplet. She waved at Yu Huang and her husband. “Come over and help me change the couplet.”

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao quickly put down their glasses and got up to put the couplet up.

In the new couplet, the left side said “It’s difficult to see through right and wrong”, and the right side said “It’s easy to come to a rash conclusion”. The next line was even more cocky and direct-”

After leaving Bounty Street, Yu Huang drove the off-road vehicle back to the Holy Spirit Academy with Sheng Xiao.

After returning to the academy, the two of them went straight to the administrative building to talk to Mo Xiao. However, when they went to the top floor to rest, they found out from Lin Feng that Mo Xiao had returned to the Divine Moon Empire.

“Godfather has returned to the Divine Moon Empire? When did this happen?” They had clearly seen Mo Xiao in school last night.

Lin Feng looked distressed. He wasn’t in high spirits, and his voice was a little soft. “This morning.”

Yu Huang asked again, “Why did he go back?”

Lin Feng refused to say anything else. He only said, “Don’t ask about these things. The Grand State Master has his own things to do.”

Sheng Xiao said, “Is it related to the incident in the Blazing Realm Continent?”

Lin Feng was surprised. He asked Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang, “You know about it too?”

It seemed that it was really related to the incident in the Blazing Realm Continent.

Yu Huang told Lin Feng about what they had heard in Rakshasa City.

After knowing that the matter of the Blazing Realm Continent had spread to Rakshasa City in just a day and was even talked about by those people in Rakshasa City, Lin Feng immediately revealed anger. “This isn’t true. I’ve been by the Grand State Master’s side for so many years. I know his character very well. He wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Like Lin Feng, Yu Huang believed Mo Xiao.

Recalling what Mo Xiao had said to her last night, Yu Huang had a bad premonition.

Could it be that her adoptive father had already foreseen this incident?

Sheng Xiao suddenly asked Lin Feng, “Has the Grand State Master been called back by the Alliance?”

Lin Feng nodded with a heavy expression. “Yes, the matter in the Blazing Realm Continent has blown up. Now, everyone in the cultivation world is suspecting the Grand State Master. In order to eliminate everyone’s doubts, Prime Master Lingfeng invited the Grand State Master back for a chat.”

Although it was called a chat, it was actually an interrogation by the Alliance.

If Mo Xiao couldn’t clear his name, the situation would be bad.

“Where’s my mentor?” Yu Huang didn’t see the pet Yu Huang, nor did she see Lin Jiansheng. She felt even more uneasy.

Lin Feng told Yu Huang, “God Ling Xiao was the person who discovered the Prime Master’s corpse in the Blazing Realm Continent. As a witness, he naturally has to be questioned.”