Chapter 634 - As Expected Of An Old Monster (2)

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Yu Huang turned to Sheng Xiao and asked, “How long will it take for the conversation to end?”

“It’s hard to say. This matter has already attracted the attention of the entire continent. Before the truth is investigated, the Grand State Master will be kept in the Alliance.” Sheng Xiao looked at the clear blue sky outside the window and said uneasily, “I have a feeling that this matter won’t end so early.”

Yu Huang saw Sheng Xiao’s expression and noticed that Lin Feng also had a heavy expression. She had a bad feeling.

At this moment, in the headquarters building of the alliance in the capital of the Divine Moon Empire.

On the third floor of the Alliance Meeting Building, a secret review was being held today.

The President of the Alliance and the six vice presidents secretly gathered together and started a discussion about whether the murder of the Prime Master of the Blazing Realm Continent was related to Mo Xiao. As a Purifying Spirit Master, Lin Jiansheng should not have appeared here, but he was the Purifying Spirit Master who had purified the Prime Master’s corpse. As a witness, he had to be present.

Mo Xiao was wearing a casual outfit.

He was wearing a white turtleneck cashmere sweater and a long green windbreaker. He sat facing the members of the Alliance. He was sitting on an armchair with his right leg crossed on the seat. His right hand was leaning against the armrest of the sofa, and his head was gently resting on the back of his right hand. His sitting posture seemed lazy and casual, but it revealed a natural sense of nobility and elegance.

No matter what this person did, he would give off a noble feeling.

After all, he was the Grand State Master, the oldest Beast Tamer known to the Holy Spirit Continent. He had witnessed the chaos and stability of the Holy Spirit Continent, the uprising of slaves, the abolition of slavery, and the development of the Holy Spirit Continent from the farming era into the technological era.

He was an old monster.

He was also a living immortal.

Mo Xiao was clearly the one being talked to, but he was the calmest among them. He looked at the group of people opposite him indifferently. This group of people were the most famous people in the Holy Spirit Continent.

Carasso Stuling of the Elf Clan, Lu Li of the Beast Clan’s Lion King Clan, Dietrich of the Dwarf Race’s You Clan, and Dongfang Xiagui of the Blazing Realm Continent’s Dongfang Clan. These four people were old faces among the Alliance’s core leaders.

Among the Alliance’s core higher-ups, there was a President and six Vice Presidents.

Originally, Tu An of the Merman Race’s Hell Volcano Clan and the Patriarch of the Divine Realm Continent’s Yin Clan, Yin Mingchong, were also vice presidents. However, the Merman Race had been destroyed by Na Luo, and Yin Mingchong had already died. After the two of them abdicated from the position of vice presidents, the alliance would recommend two more vice presidents.

The newcomers were Ji Linyuan, the acting Patriarch of the Yin Clan, and Xuanyuan Shen, the Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan.

However, because these two people had just been promoted, they had the least say.

Seeing Mo Xiao look at them, their gazes flickered and they didn’t dare to look at him directly.

There was an awkward silence.

After a long while, Mo Xiao opened his mouth and said, “Ask whatever you want.”

Hearing that, Sheng Lingfeng picked up a stack of documents in front of him and handed them to his assistant.

During the calamity of the Wangdong City Death Curse, Fu Yu’an led a hundred Supreme Masters to sacrifice their lives. The new assistant was the former mayor of Wangdong City, Lu Yubei.

Lu Yubei took the documents and distributed them to the other vice presidents. He placed the last document on the table beside Mo Xiao. Mo Xiao reached out to take the document and opened it to take a look. Even after he read the contents of the document, Mo Xiao’s expression didn’t change.

After Carasso and the others finished reading the contents of the document, their expressions became solemn and wary.

Carasso put down the document and looked at Mo Xiao. He asked hesitantly, “Grand State Master, don’t you have anything to say after reading this document?”

Mo Xiao nodded and said calmly, “I didn’t do it. I won’t admit it. I won’t take the blame.”

Everyone was speechless.

Lin Jiansheng glanced at Mo Xiao before lowering his head again without saying a word.

In the end, it was Sheng Lingfeng who took the initiative to stand up. Sheng Lingfeng looked straight at Mo Xiao and said, “Grand State Master, I have already successfully purified the Prime Master’s skeleton. Before the Prime Master’s soul dissipated, he temporarily regained consciousness.”

Sheng Lingfeng tapped his fingers on the document and told Mo Xiao, “That Prime Master was called Dongfang Sile. He was once a good friend of yours. Six hundred years ago, you two agreed to travel to the Great World together. Since then, no one had seen him.”

“Grand State Master, Dongfang Sile died. Before he died, the only person who had interacted with him was you. Moreover, before he died, he wrote a word on the stone wall of the cave that trapped him. However, before he finished writing that word, he died.”

“Isn’t the word ‘Mo’ your surname?”

Facing Sheng Lingfeng’s accusation, Mo Xiao didn’t panic. He said in a flat voice, “Brother Dongfang and I were indeed good friends. At that time, Brother Dongfang was already an intermediate-stage Prime Master. We arranged to travel to the Great World together. But the last time we met was in front of the Central Pagoda. After entering the Central Pagoda, we never met again.”

“If I hadn’t seen this document, I wouldn’t have known that Brother Dongfang had actually been killed and that he died on the Holy Spirit Continent.” After Mo Xiao finished speaking, there was a hint of sorrow in his eyes.

He really didn’t expect that the Prime Master who was killed was Dongfang Sile.

Dongfang Xiagui, the patriarch of the Dongfang family, suddenly narrowed his eyes and said with a sinister expression, “You said you haven’t seen him afterwards, but who can prove it?!”

Dongfang Xiagui was Dongfang Sile’s great-grandson. He had grown up listening to his great-grandfather’s stories and was filled with yearning and admiration for his powerful great-grandfather. His great-grandfather, Dongfang Sile, was the strongest Beast Tamer in the history of the Dongfang family. It was under Dongfang Sile’s hands that the Dongfang family developed and became a top-notch family on the continent.z

Dongfang Xiagui, his father, and grandfather all thought that Dongfang Sile was still studying and traveling in the Great World. Before his grandfather died, he was still hoping to see his great-grandfather.

Dongfang Xiagui had also been looking forward to his great-grandfather returning to the Holy Spirit Continent and leading his family to become the strongest family on the Holy Spirit Continent.

But he awaited his great-grandfather’s corpse!

It turned out that his great-grandfather had never been to the Great World. It turned out that he had been tortured to death in the cave and all his spiritual power had been forcefully absorbed!

How could Dongfang Xiagui let it slide?!

Seeing Mo Xiao’s arrogant look, Dongfang Xiagui was enraged.

Mo Xiao glanced at Dongfang Xiagui.

Dongfang Xiagui looked a little like his great-grandfather. Mo Xiao stared at his face, which was slightly similar to his old friend’s. He didn’t quibble and only said objectively, “I indeed have no way to prove to you that everything I said is the truth, but can any of you prove that I killed him?”

Mo Xiao spread his hands out and revealed a confused look. “Why should I kill him? His cultivation level is inferior to mine, and his looks are inferior to mine. We have no feud. Why should I kill him?”

Dongfang Xiagui was speechless. “You!”

He actually couldn’t find a way to refute Mo Xiao!

Lin Jiansheng stole a glance at Mo Xiao and thought to himself, as expected of an old monster. A casual sentence could make Dongfang Xia speechless.