Chapter 918 - Untitled

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Chapter 918: Untitled

Xiao Shu shook his head and laughed self-deprecatingly as he said, “But I’m not Yu Huang. I don’t have that much sympathy. I saved you because I wanted to. As for taking you away, I’m not that kind.” Xiao Shu suddenly looked at Yu Huang, who happened to be looking at him.

Xiao Shu knew what Yu Huang was thinking about. He said, “Now that I think of this past, I realize that when I first entered the Kunlun Mystic Realm, the Kunlun Divine Master gave me a chance, but I didn’t grasp it.”

“I was wondering that if I had saved you and brought you away, would I have been able to unravel the true mystery of the Kunlun Mystic Realm step by step? Would I have been able to help the Kunlun Divine Master collect his remains scattered all over the mystic realm? Would I have been able to obtain the inheritance of the Kunlun Divine Master?”

Hearing this, no one said anything.

They didn’t know what to say.

It could only be said that Xiao Shu’s coldness and heartlessness destined him to be unable to obtain the inheritance of the Kunlun Divine Master.

“Alright, if I missed the opportunity, so be it. Now, thanks to everyone, I’ve also obtained a piece of Divine Master bone fragment and successfully obtained the power of the Divine Master. This can be considered a key to opening the path to becoming a Divine Master.” Xiao Shu said to Kunlun, “Let’s go and retrieve what belongs to you.”

Kunlun nodded and flew to the plain below with Na Ling in his arms. Then, he stood in front of the Black Shark Bird’s corpse.

When he approached the Black Shark Bird’s corpse, the Black Shark Bird’s left leg trembled unconsciously.

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It was a lost bone that had sensed its master’s existence.

The leg bone’s devilry had been successfully suppressed by the Black Shark Bird and no longer had the power to attack. Therefore, when Sheng Xiao raised the Dragon Sword and cut off the Black Shark Bird’s left leg bone, the leg bone didn’t attack him.

When the leg bone landed on the ground, the fur and flesh on the leg were instantly peeled off, revealing a long leg bone that a human should have.

After Kunlun put Na Ling down, Na Ling rubbed her eyes and stood with Yu Huang.

Kunlun bent down and picked up his left leg bone with both hands. The moment he held the left leg bone, the entire Kunlun Mystic Realm suddenly trembled. In that instant, the aura on Kunlun’s body suddenly became strange and unfathomable. He looked like a calm ancient well.

However, as long as one threw a stone into this ancient well, that stone would fall into the endless depths and never reach the bottom.

After Kunlun took out both leg bones and placed them in front of his legs, the leg bones fused with the baboon’s legs. Following that, Kunlun’s body began to twist crazily. Yu Huang and the others only heard the sound of bones shattering.

Kunlun knelt on the ground and howled in pain.

Yu Huang and the others revealed pained expressions as they watched Kunlun’s body continuously change between the form of a human and a baboon.

But how could one be reborn without experiencing pain?

This was Kunlun’s own path. He had to walk it himself.

When Na Ling saw Kunlun’s pained and terrifying appearance, she, who could knock down a sea rabbit with a single punch, was actually so frightened that she hugged Yu Huang tightly and buried her face in Yu Huang’s chest. Her entire body was trembling. As Yu Huang gently patted Na Ling’s shoulder, she observed Kunlun’s transformation.

In the past, Kunlun could quickly fuse with his remains. However, this time, perhaps because all the remains had been gathered and all the bones in his body had to be recombined, the process was extremely long.

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Even when the sky darkened, he still hadn’t completely fused.

As soon as the sky darkened, the parasitic crabs that had fallen asleep during the day woke up. They first crawled towards the corpse of the Black Shark Bird ancestor and quickly gnawed on it until only bones were left. Then, they crawled towards Yu Huang and the others.

“Form the array!” Sheng Xiao immediately raised the Dragon Sword and released his spiritual power to form a protective shield to resist the parasitic crabs.

Seeing this, Yu Huang and the others also released their spiritual power to strengthen the protective shield.

For the entire night, they protected Kunlun.

When dawn broke and the sun rose again, Kunlun finally slowly opened its eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, everyone could clearly sense that Kunlun’s aura had changed.

He no longer had the simple and kind aura from before. His gaze became sharp, like that of an aggressive eagle. He looked like an overbearing sword, in which the blade was sharp and the blade was hard. Even the hilt was filled with an indestructible aura.

Kunlun turned around and looked at Yu Huang and the others with a deep gaze.

At this moment, Yu Huang and the others seemed to have seen the Kunlun Divine Master who had fought victorious battles more than ten thousand years ago and made the three thousand worlds feel deep veneration.

They were not sure if Kunlun had recalled his previous life. No one knew how to interact with Kunlun, so they pursed their lips and didn’t dare to say anything. Even Sheng Xiao remained silent.

Kunlun suddenly spoke. He looked at Xiao Shu first and said, “As a demon beast, you had the will to defy the heavens and change your fate. The moment you entered the Kunlun Mystic Realm, I sensed your existence. I gave you guidance, but you didn’t seize that opportunity.”

Hearing this, Yu Huang knew that Kunlun had remembered everything.

Xiao Shu also realized that the Kunlun in front of him wasn’t their close friend, but the Slaughter Divine Master, Kunlun.

Xiao Shu hurriedly bent down and replied respectfully, “Although I didn’t successfully obtain your inheritance, I’m still grateful that you gave me a chance back then. Senior, I’ve disappointed you.”