Chapter 919 - End of Training

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Chapter 919: End of Training

Kunlun shook his head slightly and looked at Yu Huang again. This time, he said, “The moment you arrived, I sensed my old friend’s aura.”

Yu Huang was slightly shocked when she heard this. “Senior, you mean…”

Kunlun was unwilling to say anything else. He only sighed as he lamented, “I really didn’t expect that the reincarnation of the Divine Feather Phoenix and Black Qing Sky Dragon would actually end up in a small world like the Holy Spirit Continent…”

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao lowered their heads in shame.

Kunlun’s gaze swept across Donor, Estelle, and Beatrice. In the end, his gaze landed on Feng Yuncheng. “You have a very strong murderous aura…”

Feng Yuncheng hurriedly replied, “Feng Yuncheng, your beast form is the Bewitching Butterfly. You have indeed awakened your killing instinct.”

Kunlun nodded and said, “In ancient times, I had always wanted to find a child with the talent to kill as my disciple, but I was unlucky and never found one. Now, although I have recovered my memories and the body of a Divine Master, my strength is very weak. I wonder if you are willing to acknowledge me as your mentor and be my only personal disciple. My killing cultivation technique must be the most suitable cultivation technique for you in the world.”

Feng Yuncheng was overjoyed when he heard this and his heart raced.

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Feng Yuncheng had always been a thick-skinned person. He immediately knelt down to Kunlun and said solicitously, “I, Feng Yuncheng, am willing to acknowledge Senior Kunlun as my mentor and treat you as my parent. I will respect, love, filial piety, and care for you…”

Kunlun immediately frowned and said, “You talk too much. Forget it.”

Feng Yuncheng immediately shut his mouth.

Kunlun laughed. “Young people should speak less and do more.”

Feng Yuncheng nodded vigorously.

“Alright, from today onwards, you will be my only personal disciple.”

Feng Yuncheng then shouted, “Mentor!”

Nodding, Kunlun suddenly glanced at Na Ling with a gentle gaze.

Seeing this, Feng Yuncheng immediately understood what Kunlun meant. He hurriedly turned around and shouted at Na Ling, “Mentoress!”

Although Na Ling looked like a young teenage girl, she was actually very naive. When she heard the term ‘Mentoress’, she was first stunned before raising her head and asking Kunlun, “Kunlun, what does Mentoress mean?”

Kunlun extended his right hand towards Na Ling.

Na Ling held Kunlun’s hand trustingly.

After Kunlun pulled Na Ling to his side, he scratched Na Ling’s nose and said, “You’re my only wife. A mentor’s wife is called a mentoress.”

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Na Ling knew what a wife meant. Yu Huang was Sheng Xiao’s wife. Na Ling had even secretly seen Yu Huang pressing Sheng Xiao against a tree and kissing him. Na Ling looked up at Kunlun and said, “Yu Huang is Sheng Xiao’s wife. If Yu Huang can kiss Sheng Xiao, can I kiss you too?”

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao blushed.

Donor and the others looked at Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao with mockery.

When Kunlun heard Na Ling’s words, he raised his eyebrows solemnly and said to Na Ling, “You can when you grow up.”

Na Ling said, “Then I’ll definitely grow up quickly.”

Kunlun stared at the crossed battle-ax mark on his arm. When he thought of his dead old friend, he couldn’t help but feel pity.

“Your training will only end in seven months. During this period of time, stay in the mystic realm and cultivate.” Kunlun said this to Yu Huang and the others. Then, Kunlun said to Feng Yuncheng, “You, follow me during this period of time.”

Feng Yuncheng nodded obediently.

After saying that, Kunlun left with Na Ling and Feng Yuncheng. It was unknown where they were going. Before leaving, Feng Yuncheng turned to look at Beatrice. Beatrice waved at him and gestured for him to get lost.

After they left, Yu Huang muttered softly, “Kunlun doesn’t look cute at all.” He was much cuter when he was still a simple-minded baboon.

Sheng Xiao stroked Yu Huang’s hair and said, “He’s Senior Kunlun now.”

Yu Huang was a little sad as she said, “We’ve always wanted to help Kunlun gather all his bones, but after Kunlun has really gathered all his bones and recovered his memories, he’s no longer the Kunlun we’re familiar with. I feel a little saddened, and I have a…”

She frowned and said, “I have a feeling that I killed my friend with my own hands.”

Sheng Xiao wasn’t a person who was good at comforting people. When he saw that Yu Huang was upset, he placed his hand on her ribs and said in a low voice, “Kunlun will always live in our hearts.”