Chapter 1050 - Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone, Upgrade of the Book of Misfortune

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Chapter 1050 Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone, Upgrade of the Book of Misfortune

Why is the Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential standing in my Ultimate Origin World?

Han Jue looked at the black-robed man in confusion.

The black-robed man looked at the Chaos ahead, his eyes filled with madness.

At this moment, a domineering aura came from the chaos. Its aura was very unfamiliar to Han Jue.

“Hmph, Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial, do you think you can do whatever you want just because you obtained the Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s legacy?”

It wore an Emperor Crown that looked like the head of a Qilin. Its eyes emitted a blood light, like an ancient war god who had slaughtered its way out of purgatory.

The Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential looked down on this Great Dao Divine Spirit with a disdainful expression and said, “Who do you think you are? Tell the Ultimate God of Punishment and the twelve Divine Punishers to come. I’ll kill them all. The Chaos, the Primordial Chaos, and even the other Great Dao Worlds will submit to the Ultimate Origin World. Whoever stops us will die!”

“How arrogant! How impudent!” the Great Dao Divine Spirit shouted angrily. In Han Jue’s opinion, his aura had already reached the perfected Great Dao Supreme.

Han Jue had seen all the perfected Great Dao Supremes in the Chaos. He had tried to spy on those mighty figures hiding in the dark and noted down their auras and faces, but he had never seen this person.

It seemed that this was a junior. The current time was too far from Han Jue.

The Great Dao Divine Spirit suddenly pushed out his palms. The power of the Great Dao poured out with a monstrous force. Countless beams of light burst out from the entire Chaos and attacked in the direction of the Great Dao Divine Spirit’s palms. The scene was extremely spectacular and vast, like a Great Dao World suppressing the Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential.

The Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential laughed wantonly. Facing the terrifying torrential power of the Chaotic Great Dao, he was fearless and even

looked forward to it.

The illusion shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked dissatisfied.

It was the same every time. It ended before the main event.

It seemed that this battle was the limit of the Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential. He would either lose or go downhill.

Tsk tsk, to be powerful enough to challenge the Chaos, the Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential could be considered successful. At least, the future generations would remember his might for countless years.

Forget it for the time being.

These juniors all had an impressive future. There was no need for him to interfere.

Fate would deal with him if he went astray.

After thinking, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

Next, he could welcome the arrival of a hundred million years.

Year after year passed.

Ten thousand years passed quickly.

This was equivalent to a nap to Han Jue.

[Detected that you are 100 million years old and your life has taken another step forward. You have the following choices:]

[1: Absorb the Chaos immediately. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Primordial Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, and a chance to upgrade the system function.]

[2: Cultivate in a low-profile manner and maintain your original intention. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Primordial Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, and an Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone. A chance to upgrade the system function.]

[You have obtained a Creation Heaven’s Chosen attempt.] Excited, Han Jue immediately chose the second option.

[You chose to cultivate in a low-profile manner and obtained a Great Dao Fragment, a Primordial Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, an Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone, and a chance to upgrade the system function.]

[Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone: An evolution of the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone. It can help Dharma treasures advance. No matter how strong the Dharma treasure that is advanced is, it will attach itself to you and will always be controlled by you.]

Han Jue’s eyes flashed with joy.

He didn’t dare to give his Heavenly Dao Spirit

Stone to the Book of Misfortune because he was afraid that it would devour him.

He immediately teleported to the main Dao Field and took out the Book of Misfortune and the

The Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone had the same appearance as the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, but it was dark red.

Han Jue immediately fused it with the Book of Misfortune.

[Do you want to use the Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone to upgrade the Book of Misfortune?]

[Beginning to upgrade]

The Book of Misfortune and the Ultimate Origin

Spirit Stone disappeared at the same time. He was filled with anticipation.

Next, he waited here.

He could test how terrifying the Book of

Misfortune was when it advanced to an Ultimate Supreme Treasure.

[The Ninth Chaos sent you a dream. Do you

Why at this juncture?

Han Jue cautiously asked, “Will my life be in danger

[100 quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted.

Do you want to continue?]

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief. He had to be cautious when facing a Dao Creator.

He silently chose to accept the dream. The dream was a blank domain. He saw the Ninth

Chaos again. It was still so mysterious that his true appearance could not be seen.

The Ninth Chaos said, “Han Jue, I want to ask you

“Oh? There’s an existence you don’t know about?”

Han Jue asked with a smile. He couldn’t show nervousness, or a flaw would appear. However, he indeed did not feel any pressure. He had already used the Mystical Destiny Book to change the Dark Forbidden Lord’s identity.

“The Dark Forbidden Lord. It’s said that you’ve also been cursed by him?” Ninth Chaos asked.

Han Jue frowned. “That’s right. To be precise, many cultivators of the Heavenly Dao have been cursed by him. In the past, I thought that the Dark Forbidden Lord was a spy of the Chaotic forces. Could it be that he even cursed you?”

The Ninth Chaos said, “Of course not. It’s just that I

deduced his karma and it will trigger a calamity.” “So serious? Who is he? You have to call the other Dao Creators to eliminate him. I’ve already become a Dao Creator, but I can’t deduce his true identity. It’s really strange. Could he also be a Dao Creator?” Han Jue frowned with a worried expression. The Ninth Chaos said, “The Dark Forbidden Lord curses with a book. Are there cultivators in the Heavenly Dao who use books as Dharma treasures?”

Han Jue said in a low voice, “There are indeed many cultivators in the Heavenly Dao who use books as Dharma treasures, but there are too many ranges and their cultivation levels are very weak. The strongest is Fuxi. He has the River

Diagram and the Luo Book and is the Dao Ancestor’s disciple.”

The Ninth Chaos said, “The cultivation level of the

Dark Forbidden Lord shouldn’t be strong. He only obtained an Ultimate Dao Treasure. You should know how powerful it is. Perhaps it can’t threaten a

Dao Creator, but at that time, it could block karma and prevent the Dao Creator from sensing it. Your Dao Field should be an Ultimate Dao Treasure, so when you were weak, others couldn’t find you.” Han Jue shook his head. “Senior, are you suspecting me? I cursed you in the Dao Field? But you can visit me in my dreams, which means that the karma of my Dao Field is not that strong.”

The Ninth Chaos was silent.

[Ninth Chaos has a favorable impression of you. Current favorability: 1 star.]

He could even develop a favorable impression?

Could it really be a test?

Han Jue was surprised, but he didn’t dare to let his

guard down. One-star favorability was nothing.

The Ninth Chaos said, “I’ll give you a mission to

investigate the Dark Forbidden Lord. I’ll give you an opportunity once you find out who he is, an opportunity that can allow a Dao Creator to go

His tone was calm, but it was filled with confidence.