Chapter 1051 - Birth of the Fiendcelestial

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Chapter 1051 Birth of the Fiendcelestial

Wasn’t the opportunity to make the Dao Creator stronger a Creator Lord?

Han Jue looked incredulous and muttered, “You can still become stronger. I thought you were only strong because you were the first to create a Great Dao World. So there are cultivation techniques to go further.”

The Ninth Chaos said, “I’ll wait for you to discover the Dark Forbidden Lord’s identity.” With that, the dream shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He naturally didn’t care about the Ninth Chaos’ mission.

However, he had to consider something.

Did the Ninth Chaos treat the other Dao Creators equally or was it only instructing him?

It would not be a good thing if it was the latter. That meant that the Ninth Chaos was testing him.

Why am I thinking about this?!

“I want to know if the Ninth Chaos really wants me to find the Dark Forbidden Lord’s true identity?”

[100 quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]

Han Jue completely relaxed.

Actually, he wasn’t afraid of the Ninth Chaos. After all, he had the Dao Field. He was just afraid of affecting the people he cared about.

Even with the Invocation Dao, the summoning speed could not compare to the speed at which the killing intent of the Ninth Chaos spread.

[Your daughter Han Ling has comprehended the Ultimate Origin Power and her cultivation has increased.]

[Your son Han Huang has fused with the

Supreme Rules and his Dharmic powers have transformed.]

[Your disciple Dao Sovereign was attacked by a Transcendent Cultivator] x97821183

[Your son Han Tuo was attacked by your good friend, the Ultimate God of Punishment.]

[Your good friend Huang Zuntian was cursed

by a mysterious curse.]

[Your good friend Zhao Shuangquan has obtained the inheritance of a mysterious mighty figure. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

[Your younger brother Han Ming has entered the Time Vortex.]

[Your good friend Azure Heaven Mystic was attacked by your descendant Han Ye and was severely injured.]

From the emails, Han Jue’s circle of friends

also began to become enemies. This was normal. After reaching a certain realm, they would definitely want to climb up again. However, opportunities were limited. Fights were inevitable. They would naturally become enemies as time passed.

Han Jue didn’t think that all his disciples and good friends could always love each other as long as they didn’t become mortal enemies.

He would have to take a side and cause the other to accumulate grudges if he appeared. It was very difficult to resolve the grudges at

But this was also quite interesting. Unknowingly, Han Jue’s mentality was also changing.

He felt that the things he had worried about and valued were nothing because he was strong

It was very difficult to care about all the disciples, but he had to care about his children.

Han Jue didn’t allow his children to have grudges against each other. But it would be fine if they were a few generations apart.

After reading the emails, Han Jue closed his eyes and rested. His mind wandered outside the world to travel the Chaos and other Great

The Book of Misfortune finally upgraded successfully three hundred thousand years later.

[Book of Misfortune upgraded from an

Ultimate Dao Treasure to an Ultimate Supreme Treasure.]

A notification appeared in Han Jue’s eyes. The Book of Misfortune also appeared.

A terrifying black light burst out, causing the temperature in the Daoist temple to decrease to a freezing point. The cold aura made his soul

If even the Dao Creator was like this, an

ordinary Great Dao Sage would probably be instantly destroyed in body and soul. How terrifying!

Han Jue touched the Book of Misfortune and

Baby, you were once so weak. I’ve finally nurtured you to this extent.

Han Jue caressed the Book of Misfortune for a

while. After confirming that it wouldn’t devour him, he put it away and didn’t curse the Ninth Chaos for the time being.

He would mess with him after some time.

Han Jue returned to the Daoist temple of the third Dao Field. Shan’e was in the simulation

trial. From his silly smile, he was probably torturing newbies again.

This kid liked to fight those with weaker cultivation levels. The number of battles was very similar to Han Jue’s, one against many.

Since Han Jue had nothing to do, he also started the simulation trial.

He challenged fifty thousand Immeasurable Destruction Venerables in one go! The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable was

worth 2 quadrillion years. He was stronger

than the Chaotic Consciousness and the Formless Transcendent Deity.

However, Han Jue was no longer the same as

before. He seemed at ease fighting 50,000 Immeasurable Destruction Venerables.

After all, he was a minor realm higher than him.

He continued to increase the number. His strength had been increasing for tens of

millions of years even if he hadn’t entered the simulation trial.

In the end, he stopped at 200,000 Immeasurable Destruction Venerables. He was already very satisfied with this.

Upon opening his eyes and discovering that

Shan’e was still in the simulation trial, he

didn’t disturb him and continued cultivating.

Creation Emperor Court, Heavenly Hall. Han Ling looked down at a black-robed youth. The youth kneeling on the ground appeared to be fifteen or sixteen years old. His face was

very similar to hers. He was handsome and

charming, but his eyes were inexplicably cold, like a venomous snake. “You’re formed by the Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential. I’ll name you Ultimate Origin,” Han Ling said.

The black-robed youth replied, “I heard that the strongest in the Chaos is the Chaotic Fiendcelestial. Then, I’ll be called the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial. In the future, I’ll compete with the Primordial Fiendcelestial. What do you think, Mother?”

Han Ling said, “Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial?

Sure. You don’t have to call me Mother. Call me Your Majesty.”

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial frowned. Although unhappy, he still agreed.

“I’ll personally teach you for ten thousand

years and then send you to the Heavenly Court to train,” Han Ling continued. The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial asked, “I can feel that I belong somewhere. Your Majesty, where did you find me? I want to return. There, I can become stronger, so strong that I

can surpass all living beings in the Chaos.”

Han Ling frowned. “Didn’t you hear me clearly?”

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial lowered his head.

Han Ling said, “I created you. How could you transform if not for me? If other existences find you, they might directly refine you. I’ll arrange everything for you, understand?” “Understood…” the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial replied with a trembling

Han Ling said, “Let me see how strong your innate strength is. Attack me. “Try your best. I will bring you to wherever you want to go if you can hurt me.”

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial looked up in

surprise. “Really?” “Really!”

“Your Majesty, I’m very strong. You have to be

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial stood up.

Wisps of red Qi emitted from his body, causing

a shadow to condense on his body.

Han Ling was stunned upon seeing the shadow.

Indeed. Father, this is your power. After the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial

condensed its Dharma idol, it suddenly attacked Han Ling.

The Heavenly Hall shook. Several breaths later.

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial lay on the

weapon and pointed it at him.

Disbelief appeared on his face and his body trembled.

He had lost too quickly! How could this be!

“This power of yours is very strong, but you can’t control it yet. Your cultivation and body are too weak. You still have to cultivate well.

Don’t disgrace this power.” Han Ling’s voice floated over.

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

At this moment, a voice sounded. “Your Majesty, Divine Punisher Han Huang is

here to visit. Do you want to see him?”

The voice was like thunder, coming from

Han Ling narrowed her eyes. “Let him in. Don’t