Chapter 1052 - Primordial Divine Spear

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Chapter 1052 Primordial Divine Spear

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial stood up. A strange expression flashed across his eyes when he heard Han Huang’s name.

He had been born for some time. Although he had never left the Creation Emperor Court, he had often heard Han Huang’s name from other cultivators.

First Sage of the Chaos!

Strongest Divine Punisher!

Many titles were attributed to Han Huang. His battle achievements had left his name in history forever. The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial was fascinated every time he

heard of Han Huang’s legends.

How could he not be excited to see the person himself today?

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial looked at Han Huang, shocked by his domineering aura. He couldn’t imagine that there was such an expert in the world. Just his aura alone was terrifying.

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial was stunned.

Han Huang ignored the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial as he entered the hall. He looked at Han Ling and smiled. “Fourth Sister, I didn’t expect you to have such a day. I’m still curious about who the Emperor who can subdue the descendants of my Han family’s geniuses is.”

Han Ling stood up and smiled. “Second Brother, you must be joking. You must have guessed it. Otherwise, with your temper, you would barge in forcefully. How could you wait patiently?”

Han Huang smiled and nodded. The more he looked at Han Ling, the more satisfied he was.

He glanced at the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial and said, “Fourth Sister, let him down.”

Han Ling smiled. “Second Brother, don’t you think he looks like someone?”

Han Huang looked surprised.

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial became

“I see. Then let him listen here. It can be

considered broadening his horizons.” Han Huang chuckled as his gaze landed on Han Ling again.

Han Ling smiled. She was no longer as domineering as before. She had the bearing of a younger sister.

Han Huang was very satisfied with her attitude. “I’ve fused with the Supreme Rules of the Chaos, Shi Tian, Transcendent, and Consciousnessless Great Dao Worlds. My

It’s this person in the hall. His name is the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial. I plan to let the Evil Heavenly Emperor raise him.”

Han Huang was stunned. His gaze landed on the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial again and he said, “Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial? What is Ultimate Origin?”

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial immediately replied, “Above the Chaos and Primordial Chaos is the Ultimate Origin!”

“Impossible!” Han Huang shouted with a

displeased expression. “The Primordial Fiendcelestial is the strongest Fiendcelestial and also has the strongest potential. Have you

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial suddenly realized that Han Huang called himself the Primordial Fiendcelestial, although all the Primordial living beings did not believe him. He straightened his neck and said, “Although I’ve never seen him, that must be the case!”

“Hehe, is that so?” Han Huang said coldly. A terrifying aura erupted, pressing the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial to the ground. The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial looked at him in disbelief.

He was not inferior to Her Majesty!

Was this the Primordial Fiendcelestial?

“Second Brother, he’s equivalent to my child.

Why bully a junior?” Han Ling’s voice floated over gently. Han Huang’s vast aura instantly vanished.

Han Huang looked at her in surprise. Although

he didn’t use his full strength or was serious, he did not expect Han Ling to break through

It seemed that he had really underestimated

his younger sister. She could be where she was today not only because of Han Ye, Han Yao, and Han Bashen, the three peerless geniuses of the Han family.

His third sister had accompanied his father the

longest. Now that she was out wandering, she definitely had unparalleled strength.

Thinking of this, Han Huang’s eyes burst with fighting spirit.

He suddenly wanted to challenge her.

Han Ling understood what he meant, but she was not nervous or angry. She just smiled.

Han Huang smiled and said, “Thank you, Fourth Sister.”

Since Han Ling had agreed, as her second

brother, Han Huang naturally couldn’t make things difficult for her.

“How about we spar in the simulation trial

when you’re free in the future?” Han Huang asked with a smile. Han Ling also smiled and nodded.

Han Huang waved his hand, and a black spear surrounded by a purple aura descended from the sky. It pierced through the ground of the Heavenly Hall. The spear shaft shook violently and emitted a buzzing sound that left the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial trembling.

shocked. Han Huang had broken his understanding again.

Han Ling’s gaze landed on the black spear. This spear was a thousand feet long, and the spearhead occupied a third of it. It was like two

Qilin coiling around it. The blade was cold and

Han Ling could sense that this spear contained powerful vitality and intelligence. This spear was extraordinary. Han Ling waved her hand and grabbed the

black spear. Violent purple Qi erupted and the spear shaft trembled, wanting to break free from her hold. However, her eyes narrowed and she forcefully suppressed it. “Amazing!”

Han Huang sighed secretly. He knew how

powerful this spear was. Its power was already comparable to the perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm. But she suppressed it with one hand, making it unable to break free.

Could it be that Han Ling already had the

His potential was unparalleled and he had so

many opportunities. How could he be inferior to Han Ling?

However, Han Huang’s eyes were a little

complicated when he thought of his father. He couldn’t guess his father’s intentions. It seemed that he had to go back and visit the

old man and spar. Han Huang thought.

“This spear is called the Primordial Divine Spear. It surpasses Great Dao Supreme Treasures and is already an Ultimate Dao Treasure. Furthermore, its achievements are not limited to this. It can still constantly become stronger and even surpass Ultimate Dao Treasures. Fourth Sister, use it well.” Han Huang quickly left after saying his piece.

The moment he left, the oppressive atmosphere in the hall instantly vanished. The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial looked at the Primordial Divine Spear with burning eyes. Han Ling smiled and asked, “Do you want it?”

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial nodded desperately. “In your dreams. Get lost.”

Han Ling snorted softly. The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial was embarrassed and had no choice but to leave.

Han Ling looked at the Primordial Divine Spear and began to consider who to give it to. Han Ye had the World Piercing Divine Origin

Bow given to him by her father. It was not

inferior to the Primordial Divine Spear. Give it to Han Yao?

Then what should Han Bashen get?

Han Ling was actually a little vexed. the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial, she definitely could not give it to him. This child had ulterior motives. She had nurtured him

only to make use of him and would not really

treat him like her own son. The Primordial Divine Spear trembled as if

begging her to release it.