Chapter 2079 - Banished into the Endless Void

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Chapter 2079: Banished into the Endless Void

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To be honest, after killing two Sky Opening powerhouses on this expedition, Han Fei was relieved.

This was because Sky Openers were the ceiling of strength in the Raging Sea. As long as there was a Sky Opening realm powerhouse, neither the Yin-Yang World nor he was safe.

Besides, this great victory had extraordinary significance. Not only had it established his dominance over the human race, but it could also be imagined how many people in the 25 Heavenly Palaces in the outer domain would provide him with power of faith. That was an unimaginable number.

Han Fei suspected that He Daoyuan and Bei Luochen had become Sky Openers so quickly because they were once the leaders of the human race and had gained a lot of power of will.

However, Luo Xiaobai still sent Han Fei’s share to him in advance. As members of the Thug Academy, they knew that resources were not easy to get.

Besides, according to Han Fei’s description, the further they went, the more resources they needed. Han Fei told them that he alone had consumed hundreds of billions of resources.

And now, Luo Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu only had more than 10 billion resources each. Of course, it was enough for them to use.

However, they didn’t think it was enough for Han Fei. They knew how many resources Han Fei had consumed when he was cultivating in seclusion in the Yin-Yang World.

Luo Xiaobai came to Han Fei and handed a large amount of resources to him.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Shall we go back now?”

However, the moment Luo Xiaobai threw the resources to Han Fei, Han Fei suddenly had a warning. The faces of the others changed drastically.

Kong Shen was the closest to Han Fei and was about to attack, when he saw the void where Han Fei was collapsing.

This time, even Han Fei was caught off guard. Besides, Luo Xiaobai was still beside him. Han Fei clearly felt that the power that suddenly erupted around him was trying to crush Luo Xiaobai.

How could Han Fei tolerate this? Han Fei immediately wrapped Luo Xiaobai with the Infinity Water and pushed her away with his palm.

At that moment, Han Fei had already fallen into the void. In the end, only a crazy laughter was left in the void. “Han Fei, even if I die, I’ll banish you.”

Kong Shen and Wang Yijian arrived almost at the same time.

Wang Jian directly attacked, cutting through the void and connecting to the endless void.

However, what awaited Wang Yijian was a void storm. No matter how powerful a Sky Opening realm cultivator was, he still couldn’t step into the endless void, so Han Fei didn’t come out.

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan, Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, Old Bai, and Old Jiang all arrived.

Tang Ge, Jiuyin Ling, and the others who had only wanted to watch Han Fei become stronger secretly all rushed over.

Wang Yijian glanced at the stunned Luo Xiaobai. “We can’t find him.”

Kong Shen said, “Bei Luochen deliberately severed his Great Dao to make people think that he had died, but he secretly left a wisp of his soul to drag Han Fei into the endless void when Han Fei didn’t pay attention. Also, he detonated his last wisp of soul to stop our rescue.”

Luo Xiaobai was dumbstruck. “How can this be?”

Xia Xiaochan was anxious. “Can’t we enter the endless void? You’re in the Sky Opening realm. It’s only been the blink of an eye. You can definitely bring him back, right?”

At this time, the Snail Emperor said, “Falling into the endless void doesn’t necessarily mean death. According to my inherited memories, if he can find a way out in a short period of time, he can survive. However, Bei Luochen used his last strength to stir the endless void here and seal this exit. In a flash, he might have gone to an extremely distant place.”

“Thousand Opportunities, Void Breaking!”

In Han Xuan’s hand, the Thousand Opportunities Divine Ghost Compass turned into a tangible array, forcibly tearing through the void and connecting to the endless abyss, trying to let Han Fei see it.

Unfortunately, after a full five seconds, no one came out. The endless void quickly closed.

Han Xuan’s face was dark as he gritted his teeth and said, “Bei Luochen! Infinity World! If anything happens to my nephew, I’ll crush the Infinity World.”

After Luo Xiaobai was lost in thought for a moment, she suddenly felt that something was wrong. The Infinity Water gathered in front of her again.

Luo Xiaobai immediately asked, “Can we find him through this thing?”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes lit up. The Infinity Water still had a strong soul branding on it. Xia Xiaochan immediately said, “As long as this drop of water doesn’t become ownerless, it means that he is still alive.”

At this time, Li Yingtian of the Ashless World flew over. “This is our Ashless World’s treasure, the Chaotic Original Water. Once this thing becomes ownerless, it will return to its original form and wait for its new master. As long as it is still in the form of a drop of water, the Human King must still be alive.”

The Snail Emperor: “Go back and wait! He’s no longer here. There’s no point in waiting here.”

Xia Xiaochan clenched her fists and said firmly, “I’m going back to the Mermaid Royal Family.”

The endless void was a place that even Sky Openers didn’t dare to easily step into. This was a pure void, with no concept of direction or time. Where you were, where you would float to, no one knew.

The only thing Han Fei could be sure was that this place was full of Chaotic Qi. If he could absorb Chaotic Qi instead of getting lost here, he might be able to absorb a lot.

At the last moment, Han Fei already knew why he was tricked. There was only one possibility. Bei Luochen had severed his Great Dao, faking death, just to wait for an opportunity to drag him into the endless void.

In this regard, Han Fei was indeed careless. He thought that Bei Luochen had definitely been dead now that the Heavenly Phenomenon had appeared. Sure enough, no one who could reach the Sky Opening realm was simple. Even under such circumstances, Bei Luochen still succeeded.

Han Fei immediately used the time reversal technique. However, in the endless void, the concept of time didn’t seem to work.

This was because as soon as he was sucked in, he was lost. After reversing time, Han Fei seemed to have crossed a long distance, but he didn’t find the entrance to the endless void.

Because he knew how terrifying the endless void was, Han Fei triggered the mark of the Void Temple without hesitation.

However, what made Han Fei’s heart heavy was that the endless void seemed to be isolated from the outside world. Even the mark of the Void Temple didn’t work. No void hand extended from the distant endless land and grabbed him out.

At this time, Han Fei learned that even the Void Temple wasn’t omnipotent. Perhaps they were very strong, but in this mysterious world, there were still places they couldn’t step into.

In the end, Han Fei had to use the Vast Ocean Navigator.

Fortunately, the Vast Ocean Navigator could still guide Han Fei. At that moment, Han Fei leaped with golden light and flew crazily in the direction pointed by the Vast Ocean Navigator.

Unfortunately, seven or eight seconds was too short. In the endless void, he might have deviated too far from the previous battlefield, so Han Fei couldn’t reach the exit even when the Vast Ocean Navigator stopped.

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At this point, the three chances of the Vast Ocean Navigator were used up.

When Han Fei had no choice, he wanted to hide in his Origin Sea.

However, something unexpected happened. He couldn’t enter the Origin Sea in the endless void. His soul power seemed to be limited by the rules in the endless void. Not only couldn’t he enter the Origin Sea, but he couldn’t even communicate with it.

At this moment, Han Fei had used up all his means.

“Son of a b * tch… Old Yuan, can we get out?”

At this time, Old Yuan was only a very small wisp of soul, and his connection with Gui Sanqing had been severed.

The old turtle said, “I’ve never been to the Endless Void! This is a place of great horror. I’ve heard that there were creatures who could pass through the Infinite Void, but no one has ever seen or known it. You can only wait for an opportunity. For example, in the nearby space, someone happened to open the Infinite Void. Otherwise…”

Han Fei’s heart sank. Opening the endless void and tearing the void were two different concepts. If a Sea Establisher attacked with all his strength, he could open the endless void, but the closing ability of the endless void was very strong. A Sea Establisher could only open it for a moment at most.

Only those who had reached the middle or late stages of the Sea Establishment Realm or the Sky Opening Realm could maintain the opening of the endless void for a long time. However, in the Raging Sea, there were very few such people.

Han Fei asked, “How long can I survive in the endless void? Will I die so soon? But I think I still have a chance.”

After a long time, Han Fei gradually felt dizzy as if he was about to be assimilated by the endless void.

This situation really startled Han Fei. He tried to stay awake for a long time, but he seemed to be unable to hold on anymore.

At this moment, he could only maintain his consciousness by fusing with Little Black and Little White.

However, this state didn’t last long. Han Fei didn’t know when he canceled the fusion. His body, like a stiff corpse, floated in the Chaotic Void for a long time.

His consciousness was hazy. Sometimes, it was as if he had passed through layers of chaotic mist. Sometimes, he would suddenly wake up, but then fall asleep again.

He had completely forgotten to use the Vast Ocean Navigator.

At some point, the Emperor Sparrow woke up and actually broke through the barrier of Han Fei’s soul sea, appearing in the endless void.

Therefore, there was the scene where the Emperor Sparrow carried Han Fei through the endless void, but Han Fei didn’t know it.

Until a certain moment.

Han Fei’s consciousness that was almost completely asleep encountered a white light…