Chapter 2082 - Sea Realm Cultivators

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When everyone was talking, Han Fei would be a fool not to be vigilant.

He knew that his next step, besides opening the sky, was to find his Dao heart.

Of course, he had to return to the Raging Sea first. If he didn’t return, the bond established by him might not be so firm.

Therefore, Han Fei asked, “Teacher, where are we? How can I go back to the Raging Sea?”

The Beast King couldn’t help but glance at Han Fei. “Why? You’ve just met me and you want to leave? Am I that unlikable?”

Han Fei quickly waved his hand and said, “Of course not. I’m very happy that you’re still alive, Teacher. However, the order of the human race in the Raging Sea has just been rebuilt. If I’m not there, I’m afraid others won’t be able to control such a force. After all, it’s not stable yet.”

The Beast King sneered. “You think you’re very important, don’t you?”

The Beast King said, “Other than you, your friends and your little girlfriend have the same problem. In the end, they are too inexperienced and too dependent, so they are not strong enough yet. Oh, the only two who are not bad are the one with the spear and the manipulator. These two are not bad. Their Dao hearts are definitely stronger than yours. I didn’t notice the others, but to put it bluntly, in the Raging Sea, there are many people whose Dao hearts are stronger than yours.”

Han Fei realized that he must be talking about Zhang Xuanyu and Luo Xiaobai.

Zhang Xuanyu was the kind of person who was very perceptive and was very likely to establish his own sect. Luo Xiaobai was the kind of person who was extremely rational, smart enough to confirm and firm her own Great Dao and Dao heart.

Hearing what the Beast King said, Han Fei felt that it made sense.

But it seemed that the Beast King didn’t intend to let him go back!

Han Fei asked, “Teacher, can you send them a message? Tell them that I’m not dead.”

The Beast King asked, “Didn’t you leave a treasure behind? If you die, how can they not know?”

“That’s true.”

Since he couldn’t go back, Han Fei felt that it might be good for him to open the sky here. With the relationship between him and the Beast King, he would definitely tell him everything he knew.

Therefore, Han Fei couldn’t help but say, “Teacher, well, I’ve almost reached the peak of the Sea Establishment Realm, my Origin Sea is full, and I’ve felt the opportunity to open the sky several times. But Teacher, I don’t feel anything about opening the sky! Tell me, how do people usually open the sky? What do they need to comprehend?”

The Beast King looked at him speechlessly again. “I can’t.”

The Beast King said angrily, “If your Dao heart isn’t enough, how can you open the sky? Even if you hold on and forcibly open the sky, there might be a problem. Your Dao heart can’t carry your power at all. You will explode.”


“That’s right. With a bang, you’ll die and disappear.”

Han Fei shivered. Fortunately, he didn’t open the sky blindly. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be courting death?

Han Fei was speechless. Even a petty person like Bei Luochen had a firmer Dao heart than him? He had already opened the sky. How could I be weaker than him?

Han Fei was a little unconvinced. Why? If you said that Wang Yijian, a sword cultivator, had a firm Dao heart, I would believe you. But how could Bei Luochen have a firm Dao heart?

Seeing Han Fei frown bitterly, the Beast King couldn’t help but ask, “Well, do you want to fight the creatures of the Sea Realm?”

Han Fei was refreshed. “Teacher, are you going to send me to the Sea Realm?”

The Beast King smiled. “There’s no need to send you there. There are many people who want to enter the Raging Sea. Isn’t it simple for me to detain a few of them? Oh, decades ago, a few aliens broke in here, but I didn’t do anything. Now they are still trapped in the mist. Go fight them.”

“Are they from the Sea Realm?”

Han Fei was shocked. He didn’t expect that his first contact with the Seal Realm would be under such circumstances.

In a psychedelic array, three human-shaped Sea Establishers were passing through the mist.

These three people were extremely similar to ordinary humans. However, they also had some different characteristics. For example, their eyes were bigger, but they didn’t look cute. Instead, they looked very demonic. Their mouths were bigger, their lips were thicker, and they had sawtooth-like steel teeth.

In addition, the three of them had webbed hands and feet and a big belly. If one didn’t look carefully, they would find that they looked like obese humans.

Suddenly, one of them opened his mouth and spat out a long tongue. As the tongue extended into the sea, a black shark that had just entered the Venerable realm was rolled up by him.

Then, when the tongue pulled back, the black shark’s body shrank rapidly and was eaten by this person.

After finishing the shark, the man burped and said impatiently, “It’s been almost 40 years, but we haven’t found any flaws in this sea area. There aren’t even many decent creatures here. I’m afraid we won’t be able to return to the frogmen race.”

Another person said, “Don’t be discouraged. It’s only been 40 years. It’s said that humans once walked out of this area, which means that this is not an abandoned chaotic wasteland, but might be the legendary Origin Ground. There may still be some aboriginals here. The aboriginals are the richest. As long as we rob them, our 40 years won’t be in vain.”

“The Origin Ground? How is it possible? This area has long been listed as one of the primitive tombs, which means that it has been explored countless years ago. It’ll be good enough if we can still have some gains.”

The three of them complained to each other and continued to pass through the mist. For Sea Establishers, a mere 40 years was indeed nothing.

However, what the Origin Ground, the Chaotic Wasteland, and the primitive graveyard they mentioned were worth thinking about.

Suddenly, a fluctuation appeared in the void, and the three frogmen were refreshed. At this moment, they were not afraid of any sound, but of no sound.

Therefore, when the void fluctuated, the three of them were refreshed and immediately looked at the place where the void trembled.

When Han Fei appeared, there was a burst of exclamations, and one of them said, “A human, a human being, and he has reached the Sea Establishment Realm. I knew that this was not a wasteland or a graveyard. This place must have risen again.”

Seeing how happy the three of them were, Han Fei couldn’t help but touch his chin. It seemed that the Raging Sea was not a good place in the eyes of the outside world! Wasteland, graveyard? Was the Raging Sea so weak?

Before Han Fei took the initiative to attack, the three of them immediately surrounded him.

One of them said, “Human, tell us how to enter this place and we can spare your life.”

Han Fei looked at them casually. “Why do you want to come in so badly?”

Seeing that Han Fei was so calm, the three of them couldn’t help but frown. It seemed that this person wanted to die! As Sea Establishers, if the three of them couldn’t even defeat an aboriginal, they might as well kill themselves.

One of them snorted. “Just say it. Cut the crap. Since you don’t want to say it, we’ll search your soul.”

As he spoke, one of them attacked in an instant. When this person attacked, his speed was extremely fast, and he stepped on the void. However, the void didn’t break, which meant that the space here was far stronger than the Raging Sea. However, it wasn’t much stronger.

This person tried to stab Han Fei. The moment he burst out, his speed was extremely fast. Han Fei estimated that this person’s instantaneous explosive speed had reached Xia Xiaochan’s explosive speed. This meant that the other party’s understanding of speed was deeper than those in the Raging Sea.

The power that erupted from his sharp thorn was not weak either. The power and the metal sharpness aura erupted at the same time, which was mixed with the Chaotic Qi and the power of the Great Dao. Han Fei felt that this attack was comparable to Zhang Xuanyu’s Knock on the Heavenly Gate.

Han Fei thought to himself, Are the people from the Sea Realm all so strong? How can a random Sea Establishment Realm cultivator have so much Chaotic Qi?

Han Fei extended his hand and grabbed at the person. This scene stunned the three frogmen. Is this person so bold? He’s only in the Sea Establishment realm. How dare he grab my attack?

However, the result horrified the three of them. Han Fei blocked the blow with his palm, grabbed the sharp thorn, and slashed out with his other hand.

The frogman was instantly blown up.

However, instead of being reduced to powder, he still had his flesh and blood left.

From the power of this blow, Han Fei could tell that this person’s strength had probably reached more than 240,000 waves, and his body was quite strong. Although it wasn’t as strong as the top ten of the Raging Sea Sea, it was close.

Was this the strength of a random Sea Establisher in the Sea Realm?

Han Fei was shocked. In this case, how strong would the Heavenly Talents of the Sea Realm be?

Han Fei was shocked, but so were the three frogmen. This was just a f*cking wild land. How could a Sea Establishment Realm cultivator born here be so strong?

The person who was blown up by Han Fei was quickly regenerating. The other two charged at Han Fei at the same time. One of them rolled up a huge wave and pounced at Han Fei, and the other seemed to be walking on the Great Dao of Strength. He took out a small seal and smashed it at Han Fei.

Han Fei punched twice in a row, shattering the wave and sending the small seal flying.

With a thought from him, the three of them were blocked by the time barrier and couldn’t even escape.

“How is it possible! You are not an aboriginal. You are definitely not an aboriginal.”

Han Fei’s suppressing pressure descended, and blood and killing intent soared to the sky, suppressing the three of them until they could hardly move.