Chapter 2083 - Han Fei's Choice

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How could these three frogmen from the Sea Realm expect such a terrifying powerhouse to appear in a wasteland?

Under Han Fei’s terrifying suppressing pressure, the blood in the three of them boiled, and their will almost appeared. The three of them looked at each other and ignited their blood almost at the same time. The Chaotic Qi in their bodies burned crazily, and under Han Fei’s suppressing pressure, they stood up bit by bit.

Han Fei couldn’t help frowning. With his current strength, it was almost impossible for him to find an opponent in the Sea Establishment Realm in the Raging Sea.

At such a close distance, under his suppressing pressure, these three people actually resisted, which surprised Han Fei.

Immediately, Han Fei unleashed all his momentum. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t suppress these three people.

However, when Han Fei unleashed his full strength, the three of them seemed to use secret techniques, trying to break free from Han Fei’s suppression.

At that moment, the three of them took out their weapons at the same time, which were all ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures and were detonated instantly. Even if they had to die together, they had to seriously injure Han Fei and create a chance for themselves to escape.

The explosion of the three ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures blasted through the time barrier and indeed pushed Han Fei back. Even Han Fei was injured and hundreds of wounds appeared on his body, his internal organs trembled, and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

However, the three frogmen were even more miserable. Their bodies were blown to pieces, and the three of them had to spend a huge amount of energy to rebuild their bodies. Even if they could rebuild their bodies, they would still remain seriously injured.

The three of them thought that the self-destruction of their weapons could knock Han Fei back. At this moment, they were about to escape together. They swam in the void and their speed soared to 100,000 kilometers per second. This speed reached a terrifying 300,000 kilometers per second.

However, Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let them escape. He jumped in front of the three of them with a golden light and slashed, killing one of the guys who hadn’t recovered yet.

In the sky, a Great Dao crack flashed past. Perhaps this was already the edge of the Raging Sea, and the scale of the weather explosion was much smaller than in the Raging Sea.

One of the frogmen died, and the remaining two immediately retreated. One of them shouted, “We can’t hold on anymore. This person walks the Great Dao of Time and is too strong. Today, we are doomed, but no matter what, I don’t want to die here.”

“Burning Pulse, Giant Frog War Body.”

Han Fei was shocked to see this scene. This person had set his meridians on fire, including his soul, flesh, bones, and Chaotic Qi… Anyway, his body suddenly doubled in size, and his strength doubled.

This person used his arm as a blade and slashed at Han Fei. Han Fei couldn’t help but be amazed. This power was already 90% of his strength before he activated his Great Dao.

This shocked him and made him yearn for it. If any king in the Sea Realm was so strong, what level would he be if he went there?

Of course, in the face of this person’s attack, Han Fei didn’t hold back. He extended his two fingers and All Great Daos in One Sword instantly defeated this person and completely killed him.

At this time, the Great Dao crack had just appeared, and the last frogman was about to blow himself up. But how could Han Fei allow that? The Void Lines were already prepared. Seeing this, he directly threw them over.

However, with a bang, this person still exploded. Even two of Han Fei’s Void Lines were shattered, and his soul was slightly damaged.

Han Fei couldn’t help frowning solemnly. Why?

At this moment, the Beast King appeared beside Han Fei and asked casually, “What did you feel?”

Han Fei said, “Very strong. If the Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses in the outside world are generally this strong, I’m afraid few kings in the Raging Sea can be considered Heavenly Talents.”

The Beast King said, “Do you know why you can’t control this person’s soul?”

Han Fei looked at the Beast King in surprise, but then he understood. After all, the Beast King had already reached the longevity realm. If he couldn’t even see through the Void Lines, what kind of Monarch was he?

Han Fei shook his head. He didn’t understand this either.

The Beast King said, “Because of his Dao heart. His Dao heart and will are very strong. Even if he died, he didn’t want to be controlled by you. Therefore, he detonated himself, and your Dao heart wasn’t enough. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have had a chance to succeed.”

At this time, the Beast King chuckled. “Now you know the problem of your Dao heart, right? Techniques and combat skills are not enough. The Dao heart is the foundation of cultivators.”

Hearing what the Beast King said, Han Fei was depressed, but these three people were indeed not weak.

Unfortunately, Han Fei didn’t expect that the other party could resist the control of the Void Lines.

If it were before, Han Fei would have felt that the quality of the Void Lines couldn’t keep up.

But now, Han Fei knew that the problem was that his Dao heart wasn’t firm enough.

Han Fei asked, “Teacher, have you never been to the outside world?”

The Beast King shook his head. “The outside world is dangerous, and there are even Monarchs coveting the Raging Sea. I want to go, but as you can see, people break in every once in a while. I can just leave, but those people all want to hunt the Raging Sea. If they really come in, how much trouble do you think it will cause?”

The Beast King said, “Now I’ll give you two choices. One is to go to the Sea Realm, and the other is to return to the Raging Sea. There are many benefits to going to the Sea Realm. Your vision, perception, comprehensive strength, combat skills, and even resources will all rise to another level. Of course, it will also be more dangerous. When you return to the Raging Sea, what you need to consider is no longer your strength, but your Dao heart. It’s up to you what you choose.”

Han Fei took a deep breath and said frankly, “I want to go back to the Raging Sea.”

How many races were there in the Raging Sea? How many races were there in the Sea Realm? The Sea Realm was so big. If he went there, he wouldn’t be able to come back anytime soon.

As for the Raging Sea, he still had many things to do. The inner domain hadn’t been resolved, the Heavenly Desolate City hadn’t been rebuilt, and Shi Pohuang hadn’t been killed.

Besides, since there were still flaws in his cultivation, it was even more inappropriate for him to advance rashly. The Sea Realm was a place he had to go to anyway, so he was not in a hurry.

Seeing that Han Fei was quite calm at this moment, the Beast King couldn’t help but nod slightly. “At least you know your limits. You should settle down now. If you choose to go to the Sea Realm, I will be disappointed.”

Han Fei asked, “Teacher, how can I go back?”

The Beast King said leisurely, “Don’t you have that Vast Ocean Navigator? Why, do you need me to teach you how to go back?”

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. Fine, I’ll come out anyway.

However, it wasn’t easy for him to meet the Beast King, and the Beast King was already a Monarch. Wouldn’t he be stupid if he didn’t ask him for any benefits?

Therefore, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher, do you have anything to teach me?”

The Beast King slapped Han Fei into the bottom of the sea and cursed, “You simply can’t be taught! Do you lack anything? You’re so damn rich!”

The Beast King left angrily, but he left a mark. This was the way back.

He knew that Han Fei could enter the Origin Sea of others, so he left the resources of the three people who had just died to Han Fei.

Han Fei sighed and thought to himself, If you don’t want to give it to me, so be it! Why did you hit me? What kind of temper do you have?

Han Fei appeared in the Origin Sea of one of the frogmen. When he entered the Origin Sea, he was shocked to find that this person’s Origin Sea had been expanded to more than 60,000 kilometers, with resources distributed less than 20,000 kilometers, which were much less than his.

As for the Chaotic Qi, there were surprisingly as many as 50,000 wisps, and this was after they used up a lot of it.

As for the other two, their Origin Seas were about 50,000 kilometers wide. They also had fewer resources and more Chaotic Qi.

In terms of the size of the Origin Sea, these people’s Origin Sea was larger than the kings in the Raging Sea. Obviously, the resources they obtained were mainly used to expand the Origin Sea, so the Origin Sea didn’t have enough resources.

However, Han Fei was sure that in the Sea Realm, the source of Chaotic Qi was definitely much easier than the Raging Sea. From just these three people, he had obtained more than 140,000 wisps of Chaotic Qi. In the Raging Sea, he would have to kill at least 20 kings to get this number.

Raging Sea, outer domain, human gathering place.

Han Fei’s disappearance didn’t separate the gathered Heavenly Palaces. This was because people discovered that when the Heavenly Palaces gathered, their relationship with each other became more harmonious. Whether it was trade, resources, or their own forces, they were all at their peak since the Age of Doom.

Among the Heavenly Palaces, the only one missing was the Yin-Yang World.

Because Han Fei wasn’t around, no one could control the Yin-Yang Heavenly Palace. However, many people from the Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World came to the outer domain to study.

Even the strength of the current Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World were improving by leaps and bounds. However, the cultivators of Yin-Yang World dabbled in all kinds of things, which were all the original great techniques and combat skills of Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World. Therefore, they needed to communicate and make up for their shortcomings with other Heavenly Palaces.

As for the Heavenly Palaces that had disappeared in the early years, they were all tempted by the harmonious environment in the outer domain. One after another, the lost Heavenly Palaces returned.

Less than a month after the return of the Flying Feather World and the Ashless World, the population here had surged by one-tenth, all of which migrated from other Heavenly Palaces.

The Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds had gathered. It was too difficult for the various academies under the Heavenly Palace to enter. Besides, now that the Heavenly Palace had gathered, the flow of people was too high, and the students were easily recruited.

When the Flying Feather World and the Ashless World returned, there were many people who came because of their former fame. As for the two Heavenly Palaces that had a small population, they were naturally happy to accept these people to settle down.

In the Flying Feather World, in a place called Moonlight Town, a young cultivator traveled here and built a straw hut and a yard less than a kilometer long on the edge of a cliff. After finishing his work, he lay under the moonlight and fell asleep.