Chapter 2084 - He's Back

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Without Han Fei, the human race’s lives had to continue. A race wouldn’t easily decline just because a strong master disappeared.

In particular, Han Fei had created a golden age for the human race, although Han Fei didn’t think it was a golden age yet.

After Han Fei disappeared.

The Sword God World took the Glazed Glass World, the Supreme Mystic World, and the Immeasurability World out of the sea area where they were, and joined forces with the Dragon-Subduing World, standing off against Supreme Clearness and Infinity in the inner domain.

In the giant beast race, the Snail Emperor temporarily left the place of origin because of Han Fei’s avatar and quietly guarded the sea near the human settlement.

The main reason was that in the past few decades, Han Fei’s avatar, Zhang Daqian, had grown too fast and had already stepped into the Venerable realm. And once he entered the Venerable realm, his strength became extremely powerful. Now, No giant beast Half-Kings could defeat him.

Zhang Daqian was already a top Heavenly Talent of the giant beast race. In the eyes of the Conch Emperor, it would be best if Han Fei’s original body died. If his original body died, his avatar would rise. Obviously, Han Fei’s octopus avatar was talented and would definitely become a top Heavenly Talent of the giant beast race in the future. His strength wouldn’t be weaker than Tai Yuan. He was literally a treasure of the giant beast race.

Twelve years after the gathering of the Heavenly Palaces in the outer domain.

Now all the children in the Heavenly Palaces knew Han Fei’s name.

In fact, because Han Fei’s expedition caused too much noise, after the army returned, the kings widely spread Han Fei’s moving heroic story. Although the Heavenly Palaces didn’t erect statues for Han Fei, the name of the Human King was well known.

For example, even the children on the roadside could read aloud:

Who is to blame for the human race’s falling apart?

The inner domain despised the outer domain.

The hundred demon race bullied us because we had no emperor

They harassed the human race for a hundred thousand years

Yet the Human King was fearless of any hardship.

He gathered all the Heavenly Palace here.

He took a long-distance expedition and fought to the death

He killed a Sky Opener in fury.

was schemed against and fell into the Endless Void.

It’s hoped that the void would open one day.

Then the Human King will reappear.

In that battle, there were only two greatest heroes.

One was Han Fei, who many people mourned for.

As for Wang Yijian, people were mostly yearning for him, such as:

Wang Yijian, Wang Yijian

Who could have expected that he would kill an emperor with one slash?

He is the well-deserved Sword Immortal of the human race.

And this day was a special day.

Back then, when the Heavenly Palaces gathered, there was no leader. No one could guard this place.

Because the Yin-Yang World had no successor, in the end, Han Xuan from the Nine Palace World presided over this place and now became the leader of the outer domain.

Today was a special day because Han Xuan was about to open the sky.

Han Xuan had been a king for 100,000 years, and his strength had long reached the peak of the Sea Establishment Realm. In the battle with the Hundred Demon Clan, he suddenly had an epiphany that he was too omnipotent, but he didn’t have a strongest Dao.

According to the logic of ordinary people, Han Xuan would definitely choose a Dao that was most suitable for him and take it.

However, Han Xuan didn’t. Since he had walked this kind of omnipotent Dao before, why not bring it to greater heights? If he reached the Sky Opening realm and was equally omnipotent, he would still be a strong master just like when he was in the Sea Establishment Realm.

Of course, what stimulated him to open the sky was not only his epiphone in the battle with the Hundred Demon Clan, but also his helplessness to see Han Fei disappear in front of him.

This was Han Guanshu’s only son left in this world, his only nephew. He actually failed to take good care of him. This was Han Xuan’s driving force.

At this moment, in the Nine Palace World, above the nine heavens, the vast lightning had already struck seven times. Unlike the king-level heavenly tribulation, the emperor-level heavenly tribulation was actually not that ridiculously strong. From a king to an emperor, it was mainly about comprehension. And the heavenly tribulation could be forcibly transcended.

The kings didn’t know what Han Xuan had comprehended, but at the eighth heavenly tribulation, thousands of strange Daos suddenly erupted from Han Xuan’s body.

At this moment, all the kings were horrified. Even Luo Xiaobai and the others seemed to understand something. Han Xuan had walked thousands of Great Daos at once.

This was the only person in the history of the human race who had walked so many Great Daos at once and could still transcend the tribulation here. Logically speaking, if a person walked one Great Dao, he could become powerful more easily. But if he walked thousands of Great Daos, it was impossible for him to be proficient in every one of them. It was even very likely that he would go mad and have no hope of opening the sky in his entire life.

However, at this time, the difference between a wise man and an ordinary person might be revealed. Han Xuan could create the Thousand Opportunities Divine Ghost Compass and the internal comprehensive trial field of the Nine Palace World, which showed how intelligent he was.

Therefore, no one dared to walk this Dao, but Han Xuan did as if he wasn’t deterred by the dangers ahead at all.

The sky opening tribulation was meant to open the sky.

Therefore, the kings gathered around to see how to open the sky.

In a remote place in the sky of the Nine Palace World, there were even Venerables coming to watch. However, what could Venerables understand? It might just be for the atmosphere of the sky opening. Even if they couldn’t understand it, it could be considered that they had witnessed someone opening the sky.

In the inner circle, there were only Sea Establishers, but in the outer circle, there were countless Venerables. Almost all the Venerables of the human race in the outer domain had come.

Among the Venerables, a Venerable with messy hair and a big beard was also watching this scene with a green wine gourd in his hand.

The slovenly man casually took a sip of wine, and the smell of alcohol made the surrounding Venerables subconsciously leave.

Of course, there were many Venerables who liked to drink.

Several men came over. “Brother, your wine is very strong. May I have a try?”

The slovenly man smiled. “It’s not easy to make wine. If you drink my wine, what can I drink?”

“Hey! Fellow Daoist, why are you so stingy about a sip of wine?”

The sloppy man said, “Go buy it yourself!”

Then the slovenly man turned over and leaned in midair, looking at the sky with narrowed eyes.

The Venerables who came to ask for wine were annoyed, so they didn’t waste time on Han Fei anymore but focused on watching Han Xuan transcend the tribulation.

At this moment, a group of female Venerables came from the back of the crowd.

Someone smiled. “It’s the female cultivators from the Sanskrit Music World and the Hundred Flowers World. How fragrant!”

Someone sighed. “It’s a pity that there are too few female Venerables. It’s really difficult to find a girlfriend!”

Someone said, “Hey! I heard that a peerless Heavenly Talent appeared in the Sanskrit Music World. She cultivated the Sanskrit Music Book and mastered it in only seven days. Is it that woman?”

Someone glanced with disdain at the person who spoke. “Isn’t that obvious? You don’t even know Jiuyin Ling? It’s said that there are more than a thousand Venerables chasing her. The top geniuses of all the Heavenly Palaces are all fascinated by her, but she doesn’t like any of them. Tsk, tsk…”

Someone sighed. “It’s a pity that she is not interested in me.”

Someone sneered. “You? I heard that this woman’s talent is even above that of Ice Snow Chuling. After the expedition, she broke through three realms in one day and set the fastest cultivation speed in the Venerable realm. You, you, who do you think you are?”

The Venerables were chatting casually, but when the Sanskrit Music World and the Hundred Flowers World walked together, these male Venerables were all stunned as they watched these female cultivators pass by.

However, among these people, only the slovenly man was indifferent to this. He lay in the air, drinking hard liquor.

When Jiuyin Ling passed by this place, she couldn’t help being attracted by the wine gourd in the slovenly man’s hand. However, the gourd seemed to be different from what she remembered, and the smell of alcohol was not right. If it were him, he wouldn’t have drunk such low-quality wine.

“Ling’er, do you know this person?”

Jiuyin Ling frowned slightly. She couldn’t see the slovenly man’s eyes clearly, but his temperament and body movements were very different.

She couldn’t help shaking her head slightly. If it were Han Fei, why would he be among the Venerables? Even if he didn’t look for her, he should have looked for Xia Xiaochan and the others.

The female Venerable beside Jiuyin Ling said, “Let’s go! Come closer. This is a great event. We can’t miss it.”

After Jiuyin Ling left, the slovenly man smiled and said quietly, “Not bad!”

The strange phenomena displayed by the omnipotent Dao were indeed extraordinary. Suddenly, when the eighth heavenly tribulation descended, purple lightning fell from the sky.

Most people’s eyes fell on the purple lightning that filled the sky, but only the slovenly man narrowed his eyes and looked at the purple light that filled the void.

“Primordial Purple Qi?”

When Han Fei saw the Primordial Purple Qi, he suddenly grinned, thinking that the tribulation was over. During the process of opening the sky, there would be an extremely short process to obtain the Primordial Purple Qi. This was not only the source of the power transformation of the Sky Opener. And once the Primordial Purple Qi appeared, it meant that Han Xuan’s strength had rapidly increased, and his Origin Sea might also be rapidly expanded. It was almost certain for Han Xuan to succeed in sky opening, unless the heavenly tribulation could shatter the Thousand Opportunities Divine Ghost Compass.

However, this was almost impossible. Others didn’t know, but how could Han Fei not know that the Thousand Opportunities Divine Ghost Compass had a fifth form?

Han Fei took a mouthful of hard liquor, smiled, and said casually, “Uncle Xuan, congratulations.”

After that, when everyone looked at the sky in shock, the slovenly figure had already quietly left.

Jiuyin Ling, who was also looking up at the sky, suddenly felt that she had lost something. She suddenly turned around and looked in the direction of the slovenly man, only to find that he was nowhere to be seen.

Jiuyin Ling had no time to pay attention to the sky opening ceremony. She immediately turned back and scanned the surroundings with her perception, but she didn’t see the person at all.

Behind, a female Venerable chased over. “Ling’er, who are you looking for?”

For these people, they had long forgotten about the slovenly man just now.

But Jiuyin Ling was different. Her body trembled slightly. “He’s back.”