Chapter 2087 - Hell on Earth

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To Han Fei’s surprise, Jiuyin Ling stayed here.

This surprised Han Fei. She didn’t seem to recognize him. Why did Jiuyin Ling stay here? Was it a coincidence?

Han Fei dealt with the big and small matters in the village as usual, including sending some particularly outstanding children to the major schools in the Moonlight Town and encouraging the youths with mediocre aptitudes that spiritual heritage and talent didn’t decide everything.

Most of the time, the village leader was actually responsible for the market, population migration, newcomer assessment, and so on in the village. However, he wouldn’t have jobs to do all day long.

When he had nothing to do, Han Fei was reading a notebook. Because Jiuyin Ling came, the contents of the notebook were sealed by Han Fei.

When he left the Beast King, the Beast King still gave him something. He gave Han Fei this notebook, which was made by a Monarch.

This thing was worth thousands of treasures.

What Han Fei was studying was that according to the notes, everyone’s Origin Sea could produce the Great Dao runes because his Great Dao hadn’t appeared in the Origin Sea yet.

One was to fuse the Great Dao with the Origin Sea. This was the most common way. If others destroyed the Origin Sea, they would destroy your Great Dao.

In this situation, the more the Great Dao and the Origin Sea fused, the easier it would be for him to nurture his strength, and the smoother it would be for him to mobilize his strength in battle.

The other was to find an intrinsic item in the Origin Sea that could carry his Great Dao and halfly fuse the Great Dao with the Origin Sea.

In this way, if someone wanted to attack your Great Dao, they couldn’t just attack your Origin Sea. They had to find your intrinsic item.

However, in the half-fusion state, the fusion of the Great Dao and the Origin Sea was not complete. The Great Dao runes produced would be relatively slower and less powerful than the complete fusion.

Both had their advantages, some people chose the first, and some chose the second.

Han Fei had asked the old turtle, and he had chosen the half-fused state. As a result, his Great Dao had been intercepted by the Demon Purification Pot, which meant that this road was broken. If he wanted to continue on this road, he had to rebuild it or change to a new road.

In order to ensure the absolute safety of his Great Dao, one was to prove his Dao and make his Great Dao one of the Heavenly Daos. By guiding the Heavenly Dao into his own Dao, not only could he ensure the strength of his Great Dao, but he could also mobilize the power of the Heavenly Dao to ensure his strength.

And this was the way for Sky Openers to reach the longevity realm. Only by proving one’s Dao, returning the Great Dao to the Heavenly Dao, and becoming one with the heavens could one reach the longevity realm.

Even after reaching the longevity realm, one wasn’t absolutely immortal. This was because at this time, only his Great Dao became one the Heavenly Daos. After obtaining the recognition of the Heavenly Daos, if he wanted to truly not die, he had to fuse with the Dao. Then he would become a god.

However, the battle of the gods made the gods and even the Monarchs realize that one wasn’t absolutely immortal even after fusing with the Dao.

It could be seen that in any realm, there was life and death, even for gods.

Therefore, the third possibility of the fusion of the Great Dao and the Origin Sea was recorded in the notes.

This method was called Origin Returning.

This Monarch didn’t know what Origin Returning was, but he had studied it for many years and figured out a few ways.

For example, he guessed that the first was that a person walked multiple Great Daos and combined them into one, or fused them together, so that even if someone could attack you, they couldn’t erase all your Great Daos.

Another guess was that cultivators would start to walk multiple Great Daos from the Sea Establishment realm and fuse these Great Daos into their bodies, which was to temper their bodies and fuse with the Dao.

Han Fei felt that he might be able to try this path. He had the conditions to comprehend multiple Great Daos. As long as he was willing, he could have as many Great Daos as he wanted.

However, how to temper the body and fuse the Dao was a key.

The guess given in the notes was that one should engrave the Great Dao into his bloodline. This Monarch had tried, but he was already a Monarch, so he could only leave behind his bloodline inheritance. He guessed that maybe his method of body tempering and fusing the Great Dao was wrong.

Han Fei slowly closed the notes. His eyes hurt because he read the Monarch’s notes too long every day.

This was not a joke. Even he felt that what the Monarch wrote was mysterious. Even the words seemed to reveal great power.

However, he had seen enough today.

Han Fei didn’t have the time to study bloodlines now. Anyway, he had figured out the secret of opening the sky, and the records of this Monarch were all guesses and might not be accurate. He didn’t need to be in a hurry. He could try it after opening the sky.

Leaving a clone of the village leader outside, Han Fei entered his Origin Sea.

Since he returned from the endless void, it had been about 2,000 years.

In the past 2,000 years, Han Fei didn’t do anything else. After he returned, he went to the battlefield with the Hundred Demon Clan and looted the resources of the Origin Seas there. Then he began to use the Power of Will to temper his Golden Jade Bone.

Now, when Han Fei unleashed all his strength, his body was no longer able to carry all his strength. Han Fei believed that it was not a problem with his bloodline, but with his bones.

The limit of the Indestructible Golden Body couldn’t support his strength anymore.

However, the Golden Jade Bone that he was transforming into could. Over the countless years, Han Fei had accumulated a massive amount of Power of Will.

If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely be able to use this power to open the sky.

There was probably no one like Han Fei who used his strength to refine his bones.

However, with the help of resources and Power of Will, Han Fei’s Golden Jade Bone had been made by 95%.

Now, with another wave of Power of Will and resources, Han Fei continued to refine his bones.

When Han Fei came out of the Origin Sea, he smiled. 96%.

At this rate, in another ten years, he should be able to completely refine his bones.

Jiuyin Ling lived on the edge of the cliff of the Bright Moon Village. She planted a small garden and lived a peaceful life. The only thing that made Han Fei unhappy was that he agreed to be an inspector at the port.

When he first met Jiang Qin, she did the same job. Han Fei was speechless. Why did all strong masters like to be inspectors?

Of course, Han Fei felt that he might know Jiuyin Ling’s purpose. He guessed that Jiuyin Ling had probably discovered his residence in the Moonlight Town.

Therefore, by hiding his identity and pretending to be an inspector, he could interact with many people.

However, although Han Fei often went to the port to inspect, the frequency wasn’t very high. He would go to one of the ports once every five or six days. Besides, there were four ports in the Bright Moon Village. Therefore, he usually only went to the port where Jiuyin Ling was once half a month or even a month.

It had almost been a month, and it was time for him to inspect the ports. Han Fei sighed slightly. “What a headache.”

In the southern port, the brawny Han Fei strolled leisurely past the market with a stick.

“Leader, you haven’t been here for a while. Please take a Golden Dragon Fish!”

Han Fei said, “Do you want to bribe me? Just take care of your stall.”

“Leader, my son’s strength has been growing extremely fast recently. I suspect that he has comprehended something recently. You must come to my house to take a look! He definitely has the qualifications to go to the number one school in the Moonlight Town.”

Han Fei said, “I’ll go over and take a look in the next two days. Don’t tell me you fed him some spiritual fruit. It won’t do him any good.”

“Oh, how would I dare to feed him blindly! My son’s strength has really soared recently.”

Han Fei said, “Okay, I’ll take a look later.”

Before he took two steps, someone shouted again, “Leader, you’re not young anymore. Let me tell you, my nephew’s teacher, a teacher from the Second Academy of the Moonlight Town, is strong and beautiful. It’s said that she has already become a law enforcer and is willing to live in the Bright Moon Village.”

Han Fei shouted at the man, “Go away. I don’t need a woman.”

The man sneered. “Leader, are you still a virgin?”

“You’re asking for a beating!”

After a while, Han Fei patrolled all the way, watching and communicating with ordinary people.

Han Fei didn’t stop until he reached Jiuyin Ling. “Girl, judging from your temperament, are you from a big clan? Why are you staying in this small Bright Moon Village?”

Jiuyin Ling didn’t use her true face at this moment, but her aura couldn’t be changed. Jiuyin Ling smiled and said, “Leader, wherever I’m at ease, it’s my hometown. The order in the Bright Moon Village is very good, which shows that you’re good at management. I’m waiting for someone here. If I can’t get him in the end, I’ll leave.”

Han Fei shook his head slightly. “Who in my Bright Moon Village is worthy of you?”

Han Fei sighed, shook his head, and continued to patrol.

Jiuyin Ling looked at Han Fei casually, smiled, and continued to review the seafarers.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed from the distant sky. Han Fei couldn’t help but look at the source of the power. However, a million kilometers away, a huge void vortex suddenly burst out.

Next to the Ashless World, half of the main city of the White Cloud World was affected.

Immediately afterward, the sound of an intense battle erupted in the sky. This battle finished extremely fast, with only a few rounds of attacks.

Shi Pohuang shouted, “I’ll take revenge for the perished hundred demons anyway. Han Xuan, you can defend against me for ten years or a hundred years, but can you do that for thousands or tens of thousands of years? Han Fei is already dead. How can you find me? Human race, wait to be destroyed!”


The sky rippled, and the White Cloud World suffered heavy losses.

Han Fei turned into a refugee of the White Cloud World and quietly stood in this dilapidated main city. Fortunately, Han Xuan had arranged a large array here before, or else the entire White Cloud World would have collapsed.

As far as Han Fei could perceive, countless people had died.

Many people were blown up along with several islands and were reduced to ashes. Conservatively speaking, in the city that was destroyed by this blow, there were probably millions of human casualties.

Figures appeared one after another.

The kings of the outer domain had all arrived.

The master of the White Cloud White Cloud World, Jiang Liuyun, was the first to appear. He vomited blood and shouted, “Shi Pohuang, I must kill you and drink your blood and eat your soul!”

Han Xuan shouted, “All kings, return to your Heavenly Palaces quickly. Activate the city-protecting arrays. Don’t panic.”

After that, Han Xuan shouted, “Senior Conch Emperor, how is it going?”

The Snail Emperor’s voice echoed, “This guy was hit by me. Unfortunately, he ran too fast and was probably not injured. Alas! I’m still too slow!”

As for Han Fei, he was walking in the dilapidated main city. A large number of buildings had collapsed. He could see the blood mist on the buildings, the remains of the bodies embedded in the ground, a woman with only half of her body left screaming, and a youth whose body was distorted and in an irregular shape. His bones protruded from his body and he had already died.

As far as Han Fei could see, there were remains everywhere.

At that moment, Han Fei was also at loss, although he was used to seeing life and death. In the past hundred years, the people around him came and went and he wouldn’t even blink his eyes when they died. But at this moment, Han Fei felt that his mind exploded.

“Hell on earth.”

Han Fei’s eyes were cold. “Shi Pohuang, you’re courting death.”