Chapter 2089 - Slaying an Emperor (2)

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Han Fei’s explosion was the explosion of a godly weapon.

All these years, Han Fei had done something. In addition to forging the Golden Jade Body, observing the Monarch’s notebook, and waiting for the opportunity to open the sky, he had been studying how to kill the enemy.

Of course, he also studied Shi Pohuang’s Great Dao of Space because Han Fei knew it too.

It was not easy for a Sky Opening realm cultivator to die because there were too many resources in the Origin Sea. He could instantly mobilize all the power and easily crush the intruders.

If he didn’t have the Demon Purification Pot, he wouldn’t have blatantly entered a Sky Opener’s Origin Sea to fight.

However, because his Origin Sea was suppressed by infinite power, it was difficult for Han Fei to quickly take down his opponent. Even the Demon Purification Pot needed to absorb energy for a long time.

Fighting a Sky Opening Realm cultivator like before had too many limitations, and it was difficult to win quickly.

Therefore, the fastest way to destroy the other party was to use absolute power, which he happened to have. No matter how long the thing he fished out of time could last, even if it could only last for a moment, it was enough.

Han Fei even tried fishing the Beast King. However, the Beast King that he finally fished out slapped him to the ground and cursed, “Don’t use this method on a Monarch. Even if your enemy is in the Sky Opening realm, although he can’t see the future, he can connect to the past unless you’re strong enough to use time to block the other party’s will.”

Because of the Beast King’s reminder, Han Fei didn’t try to fish strong masters again. However, the Ultimate Blade was his own, so it was easy for him to fish its historical phantom.

How could the self-destruction of a godly weapon be blocked by a Sky Opening realm cultivator who was not a body refiner? Even if Shi Pohuang’s original body was that of an octopus, his flesh and blood were relatively tough and not strong enough to resist the self-destruction of a godly weapon.

Shi Pohuang’s body was instantly blown to pieces, but this was far from killing him. Han Fei could only cause trouble for him the moment he regathered his body.

After all, he hadn’t opened the sky yet. In terms of understanding of the Great Dao and the depth of the Origin Sea, he still couldn’t compare to a real Sky Opening Realm cultivator. He could crush Shi Pohuang, but he couldn’t completely kill him.

As long as a Sky Opener’s Great Dao was not destroyed, he would not die.

However, this time, Han Fei didn’t immediately enter Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea. Instead, he stacked hundreds of time barriers in the place where Shi Pohuang’s true body was revived.

“Time Loop.”

This was the time barrier that Han Fei set up. He was repeating something over and over again for a certain period of time, just like the War Soul Realm in the Ideal Palace. Han Fei didn’t allow Shi Pohuang’s body to be reconstructed, so his soul was in a chaotic state for a short period of time.

In the end, Han Fei entered Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea again. However, this time, he didn’t intend to compete with him in resources. The moment Han Fei entered his Origin Sea, the Vast Ocean Navigator revolved.

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Shi Pohuang shouted in a low voice, “Han Fei, do you think the Great Dao of Time can trap me?”

Han Fei sneered. “If it can’t, you would have taken action now. Why waste time here?”

Han Fei didn’t know how long the Time Loop could last, but the Vast Ocean Navigator pointed to a clear direction. This meant that Han Fei didn’t need to destroy the entire Origin Sea of Shi Pohuang, because he had his own intrinsic item.

Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea was a pure ocean mainly with algae forests and coral reefs. Because the octopus might like to drill holes, there were especially many caves here.

Han Fei took a step forward, and a massive void vortex interweaved, forming an Endless Void channel in the entire Origin Sea, trying to stop Han Fei.

Han Fei smiled. He was performing the golden light leap in this Endless Void channel.

“You’re looking for death…”

However, to Shi Pohuang’s surprise, Han Fei ignored the existence of the void channel and stepped on the void to fold it.

Shi Pohuang exclaimed, “How do you know the Great Dao of Space?”

At this moment, the Immortal Fiend Saber condensed in Han Fei’s hand, and a large amount of Immortal Qi and Fiendish Qi intertwined, slashing at one of the billions of shells.

While attacking, Han Fei replied, “I learned the Great Dao of Space when I was a Venerable.”

In an instant, under the power of the Time Arcane Technique, Han Fei’s attack burst out twice. The shell was directly cut apart by Han Fei, and its surface was full of cracks.

But even so, the shell hadn’t shattered yet. It could be seen that it wasn’t particularly easy to sever the Dao.

In Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea, blood mist flew. This guy forcibly broke through Han Fei’s time loop barrier at the risk of being seriously injured.

In an instant, the power of the entire Origin Sea was mobilized, and the ground below Han Fei’s body cracked, forming an endless abyss cave at the bottom of the sea.

But when Han Fei felt the rich Chaotic Qi, he knew that Shi Pohuang wanted to exile him into the Endless Void like Bei Luochen.

Han Fei grabbed the Immortal Qi with one hand and the Fiendish Energy with the other. He spat out the Chaotic Qi and the third eye between his eyebrows opened.

“Do you think I’ll be tricked a second time? Yin-Yang Reincarnation Saber, explode…”

At that moment, in Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea, where the Great Dao was, a shocking pillar of light rose. Han Fei chose to turn himself into a knife and self-destruct after using the Yin-Yang Reincarnation Knife.

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Outside, in the void, cracks appeared one after another.

In the sky, blood-colored cracks filled the sky, as if the sky had opened, and tears of blood flowed.

At this moment, in the Raging Sea, all the kings and Sky Opening powerhouses looked at the sky in shock. Who was dead?

Han Xuan and Luo Xiaobai’s plan hadn’t been carried out yet. It had only been six hours since the sneak attack of Shi Pohuang, and a Sky Opening realm cultivator had died. Who wouldn’t be shocked?

In the inner sea, in the Sword God World, the Sword God said to Wang Yijian, “I’m going to the outer domain.”

The kings of the Nine Palace World gathered, and Han Xuan and the others had strange expressions.

Han Xuan asked, “Which Sky Opener in the outer domain is likely to die? Is it Kong Shen?”

Luo Xiaobai’s heart did a flip. Shi Pohuang had been seriously injured. Even if his strength had returned to its peak, it was impossible for him to kill Kong Shen in such a short time.

The Snail Emperor: “It’s very close to us.”

Han Xuan said, “I’ll go take a look. Please take care of the human race, Senior Snail Emperor.”

Shi Pohuang’s Great Dao shattered. In reality, Han Fei’s twin bodies became one. Shi Pohuang roared, “You, you are just a clone?”

At this moment, Han Fei was expressionless and said indifferently, “The so-called sky opening is just because you have a deeper understanding of the Great Dao and have fused more closely with your Origin Sea. How dare you slaughter human beings?”

At this moment, Han Fei activated his Dharma Idol and held the Phoenix Feather Violent Saber in his hand. Like a blazing sun rose or a big star exploded, he slashed at Shi Pohuang who had just recovered his original body but had lost his Great Dao.

Han Fei’s white mist body just now couldn’t be blocked by the Imperial Capital, not to mention that Han Fei was attacking with all his strength now.

Shi Pohuang’s flesh and soul were completely destroyed.

This time, the Vast Ocean Navigator spun again, and Han Fei’s golden body was tens of thousands of meters long. He tore the sky with both hands and forcibly opened Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea again. A small vine extended from his hand, and a large amount of Immortal Qi and Chaotic Qi was sucked over.

“Void Descending.”

Hundreds of thousands of Han Fei’s clones arrived here, taking away a massive amount of resources in just ten seconds.

In just a moment, Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea was minced. Because he had expected Han Xuan and the others to come, Han Fei didn’t completely plunder Shi Pohuang’s Origin Sea and left in the blink of an eye.

Less than a hundred seconds after Han Fei left, Han Xuan arrived. When he saw the void crack that was filled with void storms and couldn’t heal for a long time, he was shocked.

This was because the void crack led to the Origin Sea of the dead emperor.

With just a glance, Han Xuan knew that Shi Pohuang was dead. Yes, a Sky Opening powerhouse was killed more than 60 million kilometers away from the human race only six hours after he sneak attacked the human race.

“Brat, you’re back?”

Han Xuan was not stupid. He couldn’t kill Shi Pohuang in such a short time, nor could Kong Shen. In the inner domain, only Wang Yijian had the reputation of killing an emperor with a slash.

However, it was impossible for Wang Yijian to leave after killing Shi Pohuang.

More importantly, Han Xuan felt that this place was filled with the Dao runes of time. In the entire Raging Sea, only Han Fei walked the Great Dao of Time.

Therefore, except for Han Fei, there was no one else.

Han Xuan couldn’t help but smile. It turned out that Han Fei had been here all the time.

In the Heavenly Palaces of the human race, the kings were shocked and announced to their people, “The despicable emperor of the Hundred Demons who caused disaster to the human race has been killed by an unknown powerhouse. The human race’s enemies in the outer domain have been wiped out…”

“Hiss! An unknown powerhouse? Wasn’t it Emperor Xuan?”

“Could it be the Snail Emperor? It’s said that the Snail Emperor is also extremely powerful.”

“The Snail Emperor hasn’t left the human race. How can it be him?”

“It must be Wang Yijian. No one can kill an emperor so quickly except for him.”

“No, don’t forget that they said it was an unknown powerhouse. If it’s an unknown powerhouse, why can’t it be the Human King?”

“Whatever. It’s good that Shi Pohuang is dead. It means that there are still strong masters protecting our human race.”

Hundreds of millions of people were celebrating.

In the Bright Moon Village, Han Fei pretended to return in a hurry. He didn’t need to explain anything to the people who were overjoyed after hearing the news.

Han Fei grinned and thought to himself, What do ordinary people want? To live.

Suddenly, Han Fei looked at the corner in the distance where Jiuyin Ling was looking at him quietly without saying a word. It seemed that she knew who he was from the beginning.