Chapter 2090 - Great Dao of Human Emperor

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“I’m leaving.”

Across the noisy crowd, Jiuyin Ling suddenly said to Han Fei via voice transmission.

When Jiuyin Ling looked at him, Han Fei knew that she had already recognized him, although he didn’t know how she recognized him.

He believed that even if Jiuyin Ling was in the same realm as him, there was no reason for her to see through him.

Han Fei smiled bitterly. “How did you know it was me?”

Jiuyin Ling smiled at Han Fei. “I recognized you at a glance in the crowd because others were stepping on the ground, but you were stepping on my heart.”

For a moment, Han Fei didn’t know what to say. However, Jiuyin Ling said that she was leaving, so Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Then why are you leaving?”

Jiuyin Ling said, “Everyone has their own voice. You are my voice. The moment I saw you, I knew that it was time for me to transcend the tribulation. And you, who are not suitable for gaining experience in the mortal world, chose to do this. It seems that you have found your real path.”

Han Fei sighed. “I haven’t fully comprehended it yet. I just want to empty my mind and relax for some time.”

Jiuyin Ling shook her head slightly. “Every choice makes sense. Every choice has a true meaning behind it. From the moment you walked out of the cage, you had actually found your real path. When you saved the Yin-Yang World and the Water Wood World, you had already embarked on this path. When you created the golden age of the human race, you had actually been on this path for a long time. The Dao of humans, the Dao of the Human King, the Dao of the Human Emperor… You have always felt that you are not a good person, but you have never done anything to harm the human race. You just don’t dare to admit it.”

Jiuyin Ling explained slowly, her voice neither fast nor slow, as if she were comforting, encouraging, or happy for Han Fei.

Hearing what Jiuyin Ling said, Han Fei was shocked and couldn’t help but look surprised.

Jiuyin Ling, on the other hand, continued, “Before I found you, I didn’t know my own Dao and my Dao heart couldn’t be firm. The moment I walked through thousands of mountains and rivers and found you, all the sounds I heard along the way turned into a Great Dao, which was the Sound of Human Dao. From then on, there was no obstacle ahead. The king-level heavenly tribulation couldn’t stop me, nor could the emperor-level one.”

Han Fei pondered for a long time. “Congratulations.”

Jiuyin Ling shook her head slightly. “Because of you, I heard the Sound of Human Dao. This Dao originates from you… I’m here. I’m leaving. I’ll come to you again in the future. I look forward to that moment…”

With that, Jiuyin Ling disappeared from the Bright Moon Village. A hundred seconds later, an ethereal voice suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Deng, Deng, Deng…”

At first, there were only a few light sounds, but then it became a beautiful and ethereal melody.

The billions of humans who were originally partying were suddenly attracted by this ethereal voice. They even forgot to speak, fearing that they would ruin this moving melody if they made any sound.

Someone burst into tears when he heard the rhythm that was full of Dao runes.

Someone grinned silently.

Someone’s frown slowly relaxed.

For a moment, all the sorrow, joy, and hardship in the world seemed to be washed away by this melody.

The master of the Sanskrit Music World, Liang Yin, was shocked when she heard this sound. She was the first to fly towards the sound.

The other kings did the same.

The masters of the Heavenly Palaces, Han Xuan, the Snail Emperor, Luo Xiaobai, Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, and the others all came.

Liang Yin couldn’t help swallowing and said in shock, “What a powerful Dao. It’s so magnificent. For a hundred thousand years, this is the first time I’ve seen such a Dao. Jiuyin Ling created a brand new voice?”

The heavenly tribulations were gathering crazily. After a long time, when the first heavenly tribulation appeared, which was purple lightning, even Han Xuan gasped.

The Snail Emperor: “Who is this little girl? This Great Dao is too powerful.”

Han Xuan said, “I don’t know her well! She seems to be from the Yin-Yang World.”

Beside Luo Xiaobai, Zhang Xuanyu mumbled, “Her first heavenly tribulation is purple. How did Jiuyin Ling comprehend such a terrifying Great Dao?”

Le Renkuang asked, “Isn’t Jiuyin Ling growing too fast? She broke through three realms in one day, but now her Great Dao seems to be stronger than our Great Daos!”

Luo Xiaobai narrowed her eyes and said after a long time, “Shi Pohuang died, and Jiuyin Ling transcended the tribulation… Han Fei is back.”

Even Han Xuan and the Snail Emperor couldn’t help looking at Luo Xiaobai. Why did Luo Xiaobai say this?

Han Xuan asked, “Xiaobai, what do you mean?”

Zhang Xuanyu perked up and slapped his forehead. “Why didn’t I think of that? Who else could make Jiuyin Ling suddenly comprehend the Dao except for Feifei?”

Le Renkuang sighed. “We have to get Xia Xiaochan back quickly.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Although Jiuyin Ling is obscure, she has experienced countless ups and downs in the past hundred years. Look, her Dao seems to be different from before.”

The purple lightning was blocked by the melody and could only slowly penetrate the melody and be absorbed by Jiuyin Ling.

However, the kings immediately discovered that billions of voices were gathering towards Jiuyin Ling. From the beginning to the end, Jiuyin Ling just looked up at the heavenly tribulation quietly.

Han Xuan said in shock, “The voice of the human world? This girl established the sea with the voice of the entire human world?”

The Snail Emperor: “Is the human race going to rise? If this girl’s enlightenment is related to Han Fei, where is he?”

This question stunned everyone. Probably no one except Jiuyin Ling knew where Han Fei was.

One heavenly tribulation after another descended. Even if the heavenly tribulations behind turned purple-red, it still couldn’t defeat Jiuyin Ling’s Sound of Human Dao.

Han Fei was equally shocked.

Was Jiuyin Ling very talented? No, only Han Fei knew that Jiuyin Ling might be very talented, but in the entire human race, she was definitely not that talented.

Whether it was spiritual heritage, bloodline, talent, or even luck, Jiuyin Ling was not the strongest.

However, from the power of the heavenly tribulation alone, it was almost certain that there would be a place for Jiuyin Ling in the future among the human Sky Openers.

Han Fei took a slight breath and said slowly, “So, this is the power of the Dao heart.”

In a moment, Kong Shen came. He was surprised at the death of Shi Pohuang, but the moment he saw Jiuyin Ling transcending the tribulation, his heart trembled. What a terrifying heavenly tribulation, what a terrifying Great Dao.

When the ninth heavenly tribulation descended, the Sky Fiends appeared and covered Jiuyin Ling for about eight seconds, but when the heavenly tribulation dispersed, Jiuyin Ling was still standing quietly in the air.

She glanced in the direction of the Bright Moon Village and smiled.

“Congratulations, Fellow Daoist!”

Amidst the congratulations, only Luo Xiaobai and the other two looked in the direction where Jiuyin Ling glanced.

Zhang Xuanyu cursed, “This b * stard is still alive but doesn’t show up. Is his head hit by an Iron-Headed Fish?”

Le Renkuang asked, “Does he have a reason?”

Zhang Xuanyu said angrily, “Then why didn’t he tell us? At least he should tell Xia Xiaochan! That idiot is still studying how to enter the Endless Void. Is that a place she can enter?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Don’t inform Xiaochan.”

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang were both stunned. “Why?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “He has his reasons for not appearing. Since he didn’t tell us, it’s even more impossible for him to tell Jiuyin Ling. However, Jiuyin Ling is stubborn. It’s said that she has been traveling around the world for the past few decades. It might be her luck that she found Han Fei. Now that Jiuyin Ling is transcending the tribulation, if Han Fei still doesn’t come out, we shouldn’t force him out. At least, he’s not dead yet.”

Han Xuan and the Snail Emperor listened and found it strange.

The Snail Emperor immediately said, “I understand. It seems that he is stuck on the last step to the Sky Opening Realm.”

Han Xuan nodded slightly. “I’m afraid that’s the only reason that brat can hold on for so long.”

Han Fei lay in his recliner and murmured, “The Great Dao of Human Emperor? Me? The Human Emperor?”

Han Fei lay there for a day and a night. He casually threw a projection to host the village affairs, and his mind was filled with the words “Human Emperor”.

“Who am I? I’m Han Fei. Am I really a good person?”

At this moment, with a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, the Emperor Sparrow ran out by himself. At this moment, the Emperor Sparrow stood on a branch and looked at Han Fei. “Do people have to be good or bad?”

Han Fei was silent for a long time. “Can you inform me next time you come out? Do you think I deserve to be the Human Emperor?”

The Emperor Sparrow glanced at Han Fei contemptuously. “I don’t think you deserve to be the human emperor.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei asked, “Why do you say so? I just… don’t really want to take on this responsibility. Yes, not really. I just want to enjoy my life and have fun…”

The Emperor Sparrow asked, “Does this have any conflict with being the Human Emperor?”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “No.”

Emperor Sparrow: “You’ve figured it out.”

Han Fei said, “Before I comprehend it, I want to slack off.”