Chapter 2091 - Greetings, Mother-in-law

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In the inner domain, not far from the Sea of Mist, the Emperor Sparrow suddenly said, “Little Fatty is going to transcend the tribulation.”

Han Fei had to stop. Why did he have to transcend the tribulation at this time?

Han Fei had expected Little Fatty to transcend the tribulation, but he didn’t expect it to be so fast. This was because Shi Pohuang was also an octopus. Little Fatty was swallowing the power of Shi Pohuang and comprehending his Great Dao. It seemed natural that Little Fatty, who was already on the verge of transcending the tribulation, suddenly wanted to transcend the tribulation.

Yes, after Han Fei slept in the Bright Moon Village for a day and a night, he left a clone to continue to manage the Bright Moon Village and went to the Merman Royal Family.

Jiuyin Ling was right. In fact, he had always known his Sky Opening direction, but he didn’t want to admit it. He had always been the one educating people. Back then, he was the one who guided Jiuyin Ling to gain experience in the mortal world. He didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, he had become the one being educated.

Han Fei knew that his relationship with Jiuyin Ling was very subtle and complicated. He admired Jiuyin Ling, but he couldn’t accept her love.

This kind of love was too noble, so noble that they didn’t even need to be together. It was completely on the mental level… Oh, no, now it had become a kind of love at the Great Dao level.

Han Fei couldn’t accept it now.

In fact, what Han Fei liked most was the frolicking relationship with Xia Xiaochan, which was very close to life and warm.

Or rather, what Han Fei could also accept was the relationship with Ximen Linglan that they went through thick and thin together.

But now, the only one Han Fei could catch was Xia Xiaochan.

Xia Xiaochan had been cultivating in the Merman Royal City for a hundred years. Xia Hongzhu was very happy. This was the best time to repair their relationship.

“Mom! The Dao heart is too mysterious. The length of time one enters the Endless Void is mainly related to his Dao heart. There must be a measure for the Dao heart, but in fact, this kind of Dao heart is impossible to quantify. Therefore, I recently researched a way to come out of the Endless Void?”

Xia Hongzhu, who was sitting cross-legged to recover, stopped cultivating and opened her eyes slightly. “Oh? How to come out of the Endless Void?”

Xia Xiaochan said solemnly, “The Endless Void is a kind of chaotic space after the void collapses. Since it can be opened from the outside, there should be a way to cause the Endless Void to collapse from the inside. The Dao heart can decide the length of time with which one stays in the Endless Void but can’t decide if he can come out of it. Therefore, I think we can ignore the Dao heart now… The Endless Void is the source of Chaotic Qi, and there is Chaotic Qi in reality, although it’s very thin. But this shows that the Endless Void is leaking Chaotic Qi to the outside world. Can we use the Chaotic Qi to find a weapon that can open the void channel by injecting Chaotic Qi into it…”

While explaining her research, Xia Xiaochan drew a strange needle-shaped instrument on the fish skin map.

When Xia Xiaochan was about to explain the mechanism of this weapon, Xia Hongzhu suddenly said, “Your sweetheart is here.”

Xia Xiaochan raised her eyelids. “Mom, don’t interrupt me. Are you listening to me?”

Xia Hongzhu said, “Your sweetheart is really here.”

Xia Xiaochan put her hands on her hips and said angrily, “You’re not listening to me at all. I studied it for a long time before I figured it out. Also, I don’t have a sweetheart. I don’t like mermen… Humph…”

With that said, Xia Xiaochan hugged her fishskin maps. “If you don’t listen, I’ll study it myself. I’m a king anyway.”

Xia Xiaochan ran to her palace angrily.

After only a few steps, a figure walked in with a swish.

Han Fei shouted, “Greetings, Mother-in-law.”

With that, Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan who was stunned.

The pile of fish skin maps in Xia Xiaochan’s hand fell to the ground. When she saw that Han Fei was not in the Half-King realm, he knew that this Han Fei was real.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Xia Xiaochan suddenly screamed, and then the girl pounced on him.

“Where the hell are you? How did you get out? Do you know how worried I was? If it weren’t for the fact that the Infinity Water was still intact, I would have thought you were dead. Boohoo… Crunch…”

Xia Xiaochan jumped on Han Fei, opened her mouth, bit Han Fei’s shoulder hard. The bite force of a Sea Establisher certainly couldn’t be described as ordinary.

No matter how strong Han Fei’s body was, it still hurt!

However, what Han Fei liked was this feeling. When he was with Ximen Linglan, they relied on each other, which was a very complicated feeling.

Compared to Jiuyin Ling, he was too low in spiritual level.

He felt most comfortable with Xia Xiaochan. They were childhood sweethearts and knew each other well. For example, when he was with Ximen Linglan or Jiuyin Ling, he would definitely not be as casual and crazy as with Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei patted Xia Xiaochan’s back and said gently, “Yes, I’m back. Sorry to keep you waiting. I promise I won’t be away for so long next time.”

“What? Next time? Crunch… You are not leaving me again!”

“Yes, yes. I’m not leaving. I’m definitely not leaving. How can I bear to leave you!”

Xia Hongzhu looked at the two people who were playing lovey-dovey in front of her and thought to herself, These two are kings! How can they do this?

However, judging from the way the two interacted and how intimate they were, Xia Hongzhu really didn’t find that Han Fei harbored any ill intentions towards Xia Xiaochan.

The two of them got along so naturally that they were almost inseparable. As a mother, she had been with her daughter for a hundred years but had never had such a casual feeling with her daughter, but her daughter had it with Han Fei.

Xia Hongzhu could tell that Han Fei and An Bailing were completely different people. However, as she said before, no matter how good Han Fei was, he was too radical. The closer the two of them got, the deeper their love would be, the more disastrous the consequences would be if anything happened to Han Fei in the future.

Therefore, even now, Xia Hongzhu didn’t really agree with Xia Xiaochan being with Han Fei.

However, Xia Xiaochan didn’t listen to her now! Since Han Fei was sucked into the Endless Void, Xia Xiaochan had been studying for a hundred years how to break through the Endless Void to find him.

However, Xia Hongzhu thought that Han Fei was already dead, because no one could float in the Endless Void for so long, not even her.

Therefore, she was very surprised that Han Fei could come out today. Almost immediately, she realized that Han Fei didn’t stay in the Endless Void for so long. He should have come out early.

Since he had come out early, why hadn’t he come to pick up Xia Xiaochan but made her wait in pain for a hundred years?

However, she remembered that a few days ago, a Sky Opening realm powerhouse died. This must have something to do with Han Fei’s reappearance.

Besides, judging from Han Fei’s current momentum, even if he had restrained himself, he was still stronger than before. Therefore, Xia Hongzhu had already guessed the reason. In the past hundred years, Han Fei was probably seeking the real opportunity to open the sky.

“Humph ~”

Han Fei knew what Xia Hongzhu was thinking. She was the child of a god, who had peak combat power in the Raging Sea. How could she not understand why he appeared?

Therefore, Han Fei said solemnly, “Mother-in-law, I’m at the peak of my strength now. Please allow the girl to come back with me.”

Xia Xiaochan turned around and said imploringly, “Mom! I’ve been in the Merman Royal Family for so long and my strength has grown rapidly. It’s time for me to go back.”

Xia Hongzhu clenched her fists and snorted. “Aren’t you going to study the Endless Void?”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head quickly. “No, it’s too tiring. I’ve failed so many times. I’m tired.”

Han Fei said, “We still have to study it. Come on, leave these research materials to me. I’ll study them in the future. One day, you and I will be able to travel the Endless Void at will.”

Xia Xiaochan immediately stuffed the pile of fish skin maps into Han Fei’s arms. Han Fei was about to put them away when his heart did a flip. A syringe?

Xia Xiaochan was not a refiner, so she didn’t master and construct a complete instrument combination system as accurately as refiners. Because of this, her drawing was simple and easy to understand.

This weapon was more like a container that squeezed the Chaotic Qi than a syringe. Through the eruption of a large number of Chaotic Qi, one could find the connection point where the Chaotic Qi of the endless void penetrated into reality.

Although this idea was not complete, it was clear, simple, and easy to understand. Han Fei felt that this method might really work.

Of course, it was definitely not enough to rely on this idea alone. Han Fei was here to pick Xia Xiaochan up, so he didn’t think too much about it and put the maps into his Origin Sea.

Perhaps because the Raging Sea was still under her control, Xia Hongzhu didn’t stop Han Fei from picking Xia Xiaochan up, but her voice appeared in Han Fei’s mind.

She said, “Xiaochan is my daughter. If you take risks again and again, I can tolerate it once or twice, but I won’t tolerate it forever. Take care!”

Han Fei nodded imperceptibly and quickly rushed out of the door with Xia Xiaochan.

The two of them mumbled.

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Did you meet Chun Huangdian?”

Han Fei said, “Fortunately, I didn’t see him. Otherwise, I might have killed him.”

Xia Xiaochan said, “His strength has soared. You have to open the sky first, or it won’t be easy to fight him.”

Han Fei said, “So what? I just killed an emperor.”

It wasn’t until the two of them left the Merman Royal Family that Chun Huangdian appeared with a cold face. “You allow her to marry a human?”

Xia Hongzhu shook her head slightly. “Not yet. Women have their naive moments. She thinks this is love…”