Chapter 2092 - Loss of Divine Blood

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Chapter 2092: Loss of Divine Blood

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They came back to this village because Han Fei knew many people in this village well.

However, this time, Han Fei resigned and entrusted the position of village leader to a reliable peak-level law enforcer.

This old man had been stuck at the peak of the law enforcer realm for too long. He had probably given up, so he returned to the Bright Moon Village to teach kids. Han Fei knew that he was reliable, so he trusted him.

Of course, the main reason was that Han Fei didn’t intend to leave the Bright Moon Village.

In the Bright Moon Village, Han Fei had built a yard for himself. There were three rooms and a ten-mile vegetable field. He used the vegetable field to plant some spiritual fruits.

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan was sulking and even cried in anger when she knew that Han Fei had lived here for decades but didn’t go to her.

Han Fei said, “Girl, it’s time to eat.”

Han Fei came in with a plate of golden shrimp balls as an apology.

Xia Xiaochan lay on the bed, turned her back, and didn’t say a word. Han Fei shrugged helplessly. She was really angry this time.

Han Fei sat by the bed. “I made you wait for a hundred years, and now I’ll accompany you for a hundred years. Let’s work at sunrise and rest at sunset in this Bright Moon Village and enjoy a hundred years of peace, OK?”

“Humph! How busy are you? You’re the Human King, who is going to be a Sky Opener. There are still a lot of things for you to do. You still have to comprehend the Dao and open the sky. How dare small potatoes like us waste your hundred years?”

Han Fei picked up a golden shrimp ball with both hands, stuffed it into his mouth, and took a bite. He said, “In the next hundred years, we’ll live like ordinary people, fishing in the fishery, paying fish tax, buying furniture, and making friends. So what if I’m the Human King? I’ve created a golden age for the human race, why can’t I give myself a hundred years of vacation?”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “You’ve already comprehended it. Why don’t you open the sky?”

Han Fei said, “I haven’t.”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly sat up. “How could you come to me if you haven’t figured it out yet? Humph, I’ve just been here for a few days, and I’ve heard countless people praising Jiuyin Ling for establishing the sea in one day and creating the sound of the human Dao. It’s an unparalleled Great Dao. I’m afraid someone went to see Jiuyin Ling first. Now you come and coax me? Let me tell you, I’m not buying your bullshit…”

Han Fei was lost for words. “You got me wrong! I swear, I’ve never been to Jiuyin Ling. I didn’t even look for you. Why would I look for her?”

“I’m not listening, I’m not listening. Sleep on the floor tonight…”

“No, you’ll sleep on the floor this year.”

“Wait, isn’t this too much? I’m the Human King. How can I sleep on the floor for a year?”

Xia Xiaochan pouted and glared at him. “Are you unwilling?”

Han Fei said, “Well, I’m willing, but I really haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve only seen a path, but I’m still thinking about the limits of this path.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Great Dao?”

Han Fei said, “No, I mean the limits of this path carrying the Dao heart.”

“Humph, how can ordinary girls like us understand the Dao hearts of strong masters like you? I’m going to sleep.”

Han Fei was speechless. Why did she suddenly throw a tantrum?

Immediately, Han Fei put the golden shrimp ball on the table and said fiercely, “Humph, I’m your husband! What makes you think that I, the Human King, can’t handle a little girl like you?”

Han Fei stopped making the bed on the floor and pounced on Xia Xiaochan like a hungry tiger.

“Bah! Pervert, take your hand away… Boohoo… I’m gonna set up an array…”

A hundred and two years passed.

In the morning, Xia Xiaochan skillfully cut open a sea clam and spun the dagger in her hand. Then, slices of tender clam meat fell on the plate.

With a flip of her hand, Xia Xiaochan lit the fire and heated up the pot. As oil fell, garlic was stir-fried, and green peppers were thrown in. After she stir-fried a few times, a wave of fire rose, and the clam meat entered the pot. In the blink of an eye, a plate of green peppers and clam meat was done.

Xia Xiaochan kicked the door open, put one hand on her waist, and pointed into the house with the spatula in the other. “Get up! We’re going to attend the annual fish opening ceremony today.”

“OK, OK. It’s still early. What’s for breakfast?”

Xia Xiaochan picked up a fishing hook and caught two sweet potatoes from the vegetable field. Spiritual energy steamed in the void, and in an instant, two roasted sweet potatoes overflowing with spiritual energy were ready.

At this time, Han Fei walked out of the door lazily. “It’s just the fish opening ceremony! You attend it every year. You’ve attended it more than a hundred times. Aren’t you tired of it?”

Now Xia Xiaochan no longer looked like a teenage girl. In order not to let the villagers find out, her appearance and voice had changed, and her hair was a little white.

However, Xia Xiaochan’s temper hadn’t changed. She was still a little grumpy. At this moment, she snorted. “You are the former village leader of the Bright Moon Village. If you don’t go, who dares to start the ceremony?”

Han Fei said lazily, “Just eat. Let’s go quickly.”

Han Fei grabbed the roasted sweet potatoes and ate them quickly. Then he bent down and picked up a large portion of green pepper clam meat with chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth.

Suddenly, Xia Xiaochan let out a low cry and her body shook slightly.

Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “It appeared again?”

Han Fei frowned and activated the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, enveloping Xia Xiaochan with it.

Xia Xiaochan frowned. “I don’t like the Merman Royal Family. I don’t want to go back. Anyway, you have the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique. You can replenish whatever I lose. If it’s just this level of loss, I can still persist.”

Having lived in the Bright Moon Village for nearly a hundred years, Xia Xiaochan liked this kind of life. She didn’t have to go to sea to explore or watch Han Fei run around doing all kinds of dangerous things. They would fish every now and then, make delicious meals occasionally, and play Fish Dragon Cards often. These days were really addictive.

Therefore, Xia Xiaochan didn’t want to have any contact with the past unless she had to. Once she did, such a life might be gone.

Han Fei could guess what Xia Xiaochan was thinking. He didn’t insist, but he had already decided that if Xia Xiaochan’s condition hadn’t improved in two years, he would have to go to the Merman Royal Family.

Under the statue of Li Yingtian in the village.

When Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan arrived, countless seven or eight-year-old children were running around from afar.

“The old village leader is here, the old village leader is here.”

“Grandpa Village Leader, what’s the prize this year?”

“Granny Xia, can you ask Grandpa Village Leader to put something good?”

Xia Xiaochan smiled. “The prizes this time are great.”

Han Fei said with a straight face, “Don’t block the way. Children, run slower.”

The so-called fish opening ceremony was a ceremony held at the beginning of the year. A fish had to be completely dissected in an extremely short period of time, but the shape of the fish couldn’t be destroyed. In the end, a hundred extremely talented youths from the Bright Moon Village would compete. The winner could touch the fish’s belly and obtain the fish opening reward. This was also a symbol of luck. It was said that the winner would obtain luck, but it was just a superstition.

However, in the past hundred years, all the youths who touched the belly of the fish seemed to have good luck, so everyone believed it even more, and it had to be Han Fei, the old village leader, to open the fish.

As soon as Han Fei came, a large group of people surrounded him.

The current village leader greeted him happily, “Old Village leader, we’ve been waiting for you. Let’s open the big golden dragon fish this year. This big golden dragon fish’s scales are pure gold. It’s the best big golden dragon fish we’ve hunted.”

Han Fei smiled. “They’re all the same. Under my knife, none of its scales will be hurt.”

Someone smiled and said, “We trust the old village leader’s culinary skills.”

Someone laughed. “Granny Xia, he’s good at cooking. Just let him kill fish every day. Let’s see if he’s willing.”

“That’s right. He’s already so old, but he still shows off every day.”

Han Fei didn’t mind. Xia Xiaochan followed him and saw Han Fei walk straight to the table under the statue. This big golden dragon fish was four meters long, its scales golden and shining under the sun.

Han Fei shouted in a low voice, “The fish opening ceremony this year begins.”

The children all shouted, “I want scales.”

Someone cursed, “Children, stand aside and watch. Everyone will have some later.”

Han Fei held a rectangular knife half a meter long. His knife shone like a stream of light as it was dancing on the golden dragon fish. Wherever the blade passed, there was almost no trace of a cut.

In fact, both Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan had sealed their strength. Even though Han Fei was only a Hidden Fisher now, his control of the knife was still very good and he knew the structure of these fish very well. If these people could see through this big golden dragon fish, they would definitely find that wherever Han Fei’s knife passed, their bones and flesh happened to be separated.

“Good saber technique!”

The crowd cheered and Xia Xiaochan applauded too. However, no one noticed that Xia Xiaochan’s face was getting paler and paler. Xia Xiaochan felt that something was wrong again, but at this moment, Han Fei was opening the fish, and Xia Xiaochan just gritted her teeth and held back.

On the other side, when Han Fei made the last cut on the fish’s belly, he threw the knife on the table and smiled. “I announce…”

Suddenly, Han Fei sensed something and looked back, only to find that Xia Xiaochan was pale.

Han Fei was shocked and immediately shouted, “that the fish opening ceremony is over… Girl, what’s wrong?”

“Not good, Granny Xia’s face is so pale.”

The current village leader hurriedly shouted, “Where is the spirit gatherer? Where is Xue Fei? Go call him.”

Han Fei shouted in a low voice, “No trouble. Let’s go back first.”

A group of people followed, and most of them felt that perhaps Granny Xia’s time was up. They couldn’t help but feel sorry for the old village leader. The lifespan of a Hidden Fisher wasn’t much higher than that of ordinary people!

Someone sighed and said, “Before the old village leader became the village leader, he had been the inspector of the fishery for a long time. It’s said that he retired from Moonlight Town. I’m afraid he’s not young anymore. Granny Xia is probably not much younger.”

“What a pity. The old village leader is such a good person. Granny Xia is a good person too.”

In Han Fei’s yard, even though he refused visitors, there were still many people outside.

The current village leader said anxiously, “The old village leader is so stubborn. He set up a seal in the courtyard. We can’t enter at all!”