Chapter 2093 - Chaotic Green Lotus

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Chapter 2093: Chaotic Green Lotus

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Han Fei realized that something was wrong. Xia Xiaochan was a king, so it was impossible for her bloodline to be exhausted without any warning. He had investigated more than once but found nothing.

Han Fei believed that his vision was quite sharp now. It was impossible for him not to notice anything unusual in Xia Xiaochan’s body. If he couldn’t, even a Sky Opening realm cultivator might not be able to notice it.

In the courtyard, the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique descended, and Han Fei consumed another five hundred years of vitality to replenish Xia Xiaochan’s strange bloodline.

Just because his strength was sealed didn’t mean that his Great Dao was sealed, so the effect of the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique wouldn’t be reduced at all. However, Han Fei was actually very shocked. This time, it was much more serious than this morning. In his true realm, with a full five hundred years of his vitality, even if a Sky Opening realm cultivator was seriously injured, he could recover seventy or eighty percent in an instant.

However, it could only support Xia Xiaochan for a while. In the past three years, Han Fei had consumed as much as 5,000 years of vitality. However, he had consumed the most today.

As for the people who could solve this problem, Han Fei could only think of Eldest Senior Brother or Xia Hongzhu.

In the past two hundred years, Han Fei went to every small gathering of the Void Temple. The last big gathering was after Jiuyin Ling preached to him.

After listening to Eldest Senior Brother’s lecture, Han Fei, who had already seen his path clearly, completely comprehended his own Dao heart.

However, there was still half a year before the next hundred-year gathering.

However, Han Fei couldn’t wait. Compared to Xia Hongzhu, Han Fei trusted his Eldest Senior Brother more. After all, his Eldest Senior Brother was at least a Monarch.

Han Fei comforted her. “It might be because your strength has improved too fast in the past hundred years. As for why your bloodline disappeared, I have to ask someone.”

Xia Xiaochan’s face darkened. “Are you going to the Merman Royal Family?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No!”

Xia Xiaochan asked in surprise, “Are you going to Uncle Xuan or the Snail Emperor?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No.”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyelids twitched. “Ah! Then who are you going to ask? The Martial Emperor City?”

Han Fei shook his head. “Stop guessing. The Medicine King World specializes in refining medicine. I’ll go ask them.”

Xia Xiaochan couldn’t help being relieved. If it was just the Medicine King World, no one could threaten Han Fei.

Han Fei sighed in his heart. He wanted to tell Xia Xiaochan about the Void Temple, but he didn’t think it was appropriate to let her know too much now.

The Void Temple was definitely involved in a lot of secrets, and it was the enemy of the Immortal Temple and the Time Temple. If Xia Xiaochan knew that he had entered the Void Temple, he didn’t know what would happen in the future.

Therefore, Han Fei just comforted Xia Xiaochan and then said that he would go to the Medicine King World and come back in two days.

A moment later, in a sea area, Han Fei activated the mark of the Void Temple in the depths of his soul.

When Han Fei felt the mark in his mind flash with a gentle light, he couldn’t wait to say, “Eldest Senior Brother, I have something to ask of you. Can we open the Hundred-Year Gathering in advance?”

After about a hundred seconds, a figure finally appeared in Han Fei’s mind. “Okay.”

When Eldest Senior Brother confirmed that the Hundred-Year Gathering could be held, a huge bronze door appeared in the void, and the bronze door was immediately covered in white mist.

In the eyes of other creatures, this place was suddenly covered in a white mist, and they couldn’t see the bronze door at all.

Han Fei couldn’t wait to step to the bronze door. He pressed the Human King Token on the bronze door, and a crack slowly opened. Han Fei took a slight breath and stepped in.

It still looked the same. It seemed that the gathering place of the Void Temple was this mountain that stood somewhere.

When Han Fei arrived, several figures appeared one after another.

Senior Brother was already sitting there, and an azure dragon was swimming in the sky. Han Fei immediately bowed. “Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother, Senior Brother Azure Dragon.”

Azure Dragon said, “Junior Brother, I heard that you have something urgent to ask us? Let’s talk when everyone is here!”

Then, the big skeleton appeared, and Second Senior Sister Shen Le appeared.

When Senior Brother Heavenly Thunder, who was ranked tenth, appeared, Eldest Senior Brother said, “Junior Brother Six God is dealing with the Immortal Temple. Eleven is fighting for opportunities. There are only ten people gathered today.”

Because everyone came because of Han Fei’s request, they all looked at Han Fei.

Second Senior Sister Shen Le said, “Little Junior Brother, I heard from Eldest Senior Brother that you’re in trouble. Tell me about it.”

Senior Sister Green Lotus said, “Yes, Little Junior Brother, what trouble have you encountered?”

After hearing Han Fei’s explanation, before anyone could say the solution, Senior Brother Old Desolate said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that Little Junior Brother already has a wife at such a young age!”

Senior Sister Red Lotus giggled. “Hehe! How blissful. We’re all envious.”

Senior Sister Dark Shadow asked, “Do you all know the reason? Why don’t I know it?”

Senior Brother Skeleton: “I don’t know either.”

At this moment, Senior Brother Azure Dragon said, “It’s normal that you two don’t know.”

Han Fei was stunned. Why are they talking and laughing so happily? Isn’t this too much?

Senior Sister Shen Le said, “Okay, stop teasing him. Little Junior Brother, this is indeed a big thing, but it’s a good thing.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. I’m already so distressed. How can it be a good thing?

At that moment, Han Fei felt that his head was about to explode. This was not the kind of explosion out of sadness, but out of excitement, shock, and disbelief.

Han Fei clenched his hands and couldn’t help but mutter, “I see, I see. Haha… So it’s a good thing? I’m going to have a son?”

Senior Sister Red Lotus said, “Therefore, your wife’s talent must have been greatly limited at the beginning. Her birth must have been difficult. She didn’t die young, so there must be someone protecting her. It wasn’t until you reforged her bloodline that her overall foundation was improved again. However, in many realms before she became a king, she definitely didn’t walk them through perfectly. If she wants to make up for it now, she will either be reborn or cultivate an avatar to fuse with her. With such a re-cultivation, her basic strength will definitely double.”

Han Fei let out a long breath of relief.

He was overjoyed. Pregnant? He didn’t expect his first child to be so troublesome.

At this moment, Senior Sister Green Lotus said, “Little Junior Brother, I’ll give you a Chaotic Green Lotus. When you go back, you can inject it into your wife’s Dantian. The vitality of the green lotus should be able to help you consume less vitality.”

Han Fei was overjoyed. “Thank you, Senior Sister Green Lotus.”

Then, a lotus broke through the void and fell into Han Fei’s palm.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

< Name > Chaotic Green Lotus

< Introduction > A Chaotic Spiritual Treasure born in the depths of the Chaotic Sea. It contains infinite vitality. Eating it in the Sky Opening realm, you can live another life.

< Level > Chaotic Spiritual Treasure

<Quality> Ordinary

< Contained Chaotic Qi > 245,536 Points

< Effect > When an ordinary person is about to die, he can use this lotus to live one more life. A Sky Opener can extend his life by 300,000 years with this lotus. A Monarch can extend his life by ten thousand years or refine it into a pill.