Chapter 2095 - Rebuilding Heavenly Desolate City

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Chapter 2095: Rebuilding Heavenly Desolate City

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At that moment, a voice resounded between the heavens and earth. The billions of humans in the entire human race stopped in their tracks, walked out of the door, and looked at the sky.

In the Nine Palace World, Han Xuan suddenly opened his eyes. Like a torch, his gaze passed through the void and landed in a small village under the Ashless World.

Han Xuan couldn’t help but grin. “Brat, you’re finally willing to appear?”

The Snail Emperor was tens of millions of kilometers away from the human race, but he sensed that the power of the Great Dao was gathering towards human settlement in the outer domain.

Immediately, the old snail realized that something was wrong. It was impossible for a Sea Establisher to cause such a huge commotion. Even when he opened the sky, the commotion was much smaller than this.

“Is Han Fei going to open the sky?”

In the Cloud Sea Divine Tree, Luo Xiaobai was cultivating in seclusion. However, in her cultivation place, a water drop on a floating limestone jade platform suddenly trembled.

Hearing the voice from the sky and seeing the Infinity Water tremble, Luo Xiaobai was refreshed.

“A hundred years ago, Jiuyin Ling established the Sea. A hundred years later, you’re finally going to open the sky?”

The Infinity Water turned into a long water blade and disappeared into the void. Luo Xiaobai disappeared too.

At that moment, the Dao runes within thousands of kilometers nearby and tribulation clouds within millions of kilometers nearby gathered towards the Bright Moon Village.

In the Bright Moon Village.

Countless people shouted, “Look, something happened in the old village leader’s home. Go help him.”

“Not good, it’s the old village leader’s house. What did the old village leader do? Why the noise?”

There were middle-aged men, young men, and even old men running wildly. Han Fei had helped countless people in the Bright Moon Village when he was the village leader, but he had never asked for anything in return. He just felt that it was what a village leader should do.

Therefore, when everyone saw that Han Fei’s courtyard was enshrouded in multicolored light, chaotic spiritual energy, and even a pillar of light that reached the sky, they all rushed there.

Some people even felt that Han Fei must have encountered some danger. Some were carrying rods, some were holding fishing rods, some were holding double knives, and some were carrying bronze hammers to Han Fei’s house.

However, they were shocked as they ran. Something seemed to be wrong. The spiritual energy in the Bright Moon Village became ten times, a hundred times more intense in an instant.

Many people left home but they felt like making a breakthrough after only taking a few steps. They had to sit down and make a breakthrough.

However, many people still rushed to Han Fei’s house.

However, these people couldn’t go any further when they were a thousand meters away from Han Fei’s house. This was because the spiritual energy here was too rich, so rich that even if they didn’t actively absorb the spiritual energy, a massive amount of spiritual energy was poured into their bodies.

The current village leader roared, “Everyone, hold your breath. Retreat, retreat. Don’t absorb too much spiritual energy, or your bodies will explode.”

Except for the village leader, many people were shouting, “Not good! Retreat! Spiritual energy is pouring into my body crazily!”

“Everyone, retreat! This place is dangerous. There is too much spiritual energy here. We can’t absorb it anymore.”

“Those who want to live, don’t rush forward.”

The village leader who was commanding trembled. He suddenly wondered who this old village leader was. If he was only a Hidden Fisher, how could he have such a huge amount of spiritual energy? This was no longer spiritual energy, but spiritual pressure.

The seal on Han Fei’s body was fully opened, and invisible waves shook out.

If this power was allowed to sweep in all directions, even if Han Fei did it unintentionally, it was impossible for anyone in the Bright Moon Village to survive.

Xia Xiaochan had already come out of the courtyard and was standing in midair. She waved her hand, and an invisible barrier blocked this round of terrifying force. However, even the impact wave formed by energy and seal shook countless people to retreat or even fall.

Someone shouted, “Look, it’s Granny Xia!”

An old man was surprised. “Isn’t that the wife of the old village leader? Didn’t they say that she was dying? Who the hell said that?”

“No, Granny Xia is only a Hidden Fisher. How can she stand in the void?”

Someone said in shock, “She hid her strength. The old village leader and Granny Xia must have hidden their strength. Those who can stand in the void are at least law enforcers.”

“Heh! Does a law enforcer have the ability to condense an invisible barrier to block such a huge impact?”

At this moment, two figures quietly appeared.

Yin’er said anxiously, “Sister-in-law? Is it really you? My brother…”

Xia Xiaochan said, “He has had an epiphany.”

Xia Xiaochan made it sound simple, but Yin’er was shocked. Her brother was only the same age as her, but he was going to open the sky in a few hundred years?

Below, the village leader was dumbfounded. He trembled and said, “Xuan, Xuan, Emperor Xuan… Greetings, Emperor Xuan.”

After the human race was unified, many of the kings in the human world had statues. Even those without statues had picture books. As for Han Xuan, he was the emperor of the human race. Who didn’t know him?

The villagers who came to save Han Fei all dropped their rods, fishing rods, hammers, and sabers.

“Greetings, Emperor Xuan.”

The dense crowd all knelt down.

The villagers of the Bright Moon Village were all stunned. How f*cking honorable was it to see Emperor Xuan?

However, Emperor Xuan was clearly here for the old village leader. Who was the old village leader? Why was he so important?

But then, he saw the Heavenly Master of the Ashless World, Li Yingtian, the Heavenly Master of the Flying Feather World, Xie Yu, and the Storm Dragon Hawk King arrive one after another. Immediately afterward, all the kings of the Heavenly Palaces in the outer domain arrived.

A huge phantom appeared in the sky, spanning more than 800 kilometers. It was a huge snail. Who else could it be but the Snail Emperor of the giant beast race?

The people in the Bright Moon Village were all ordinary villagers. They had never seen so many Kings and even Emperors before.

All the Kings and countless Venerables came.

A drop of water broke through the void and scattered into knife shadows that filled the sky with a swish. They began to spin around Han Fei’s yard.

At this moment, the Infinity Water returned.

As for Han Fei, part of his will was descending into his Origin Sea.

“The existence of the Origin Sea is never to imitate. It’s the origin, the origin of all things. It’s not just to stuff things inside, but to let all creatures be born in it.”

With a thought from Han Fei, more than a hundred thousand kilometers of the Origin Sea, endless resources, and vast energy shattered. Whether it was ultra-quality spiritual stones, the Heavenly Palace Star Tree that he had snatched from the Supreme Clearness World, the endless materials he had saved, the remains of the Sea Establishment Realm, or the essence of the ground veins…

Everything was destroyed by Han Fei with a thought.

At that moment, the time chain automatically upgraded, and Han Fei didn’t even blink at the consumption of a hundred thousand wisps of Chaotic Qi.

Han Fei had spent a lot of effort to build the most luxurious Origin Sea in the history of the Raging Sea. At this moment, it turned into a land of ruins with smoke and dust.

Han Fei shouted in a low voice, “The mountains and rivers are rebuilt, all things return to origin, the sun and moon rotate, and the world Yin-Yang…”

In the ruins, because the power was too chaotic, the ground veins were squeezing. Han Fei raised his eyes, and the sky was right in front of him. When he saw countless runes floating in the sky, he seemed to understand something.

In the outside world.

Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes. When he saw so many people watching, he was calm. He shouted, “Girl.”

Having lived together for so many years, the two of them could easily understand each other.

Xia Xiaochan’s battle suit appeared, her face recovered, her hair was black, and she stepped on the air. As Xia Xiaochan extended her hand, the All Life Water appeared.

Seeing this, Li Yingtian’s pupils were constricted. This was…

And Han Fei’s burly village leader appearance also changed at this moment, returning to his real appearance.

He waved his hand and the Infinity Water was held in his hand. Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan held hands and threw out the water beads in their hands at the same time. The Infinity Water and the Chaotic Origin Water intertwined like two dragons and rose into the sky.

Han Fei shouted, “My name is Han Fei. I accidentally entered the Ashless World, the time gap of the Heavenly Desolate City. The city lord, Li Huang, fought the sea demons for more than 200 years with the entire city. At that time, the Heavenly Desolate City was only a thousand kilometers long and had a population of less than two million. In the end, in the time gap, Li Huang led two million people to die without retreating. I promised him that one day, I would rebuild the Heavenly Desolate City and let Li Huang’s name return to the Heavenly Palace…”

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan ordered two huge hands in the void to grab two gigantic mountains that spanned tens of thousands of kilometers from the sea at the same time.

As early as when Han Fei came to the Ashless World, he had already begun to make preparations. During the hundred years he lived here with Xia Xiaochan, their main task was to prepare the materials to rebuild the Heavenly Desolate City.

Today, the city finally appeared.

At that moment, countless Venerables and powerhouses from all directions were shocked to see the birth of a city. At the same time, they were amazed by their power.

As the two floating islands combined, countless arrays were imprinted in the void.

On Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, a large number of black runes turned into countless black smoke arrays and imprinted on the huge city.

The onlookers were all shocked.

Zhang Xuanyu was speechless for a long time. When he finally opened his mouth, he exclaimed, “Feifei, we’re all kings, but why are you so special?”