Chapter 2096 - Im the Human Emperor

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Chapter 2096: I’m the Human Emperor

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Li Yingtian didn’t expect Heavenly Desolate City to be established in such a way.

Han Fei had even prepared the floating islands in his Ashless World, which showed how failed he was as the master of the Heavenly Palace.

Li Huang’s name would probably be comparable to his in the future.

Of course, while Li Yingtian was helpless, he was actually a little delighted. It seemed that Han Fei was going to open the sky. Han Fei’s influence in the human race was unprecedentedly huge. The floating island he personally built would definitely be a very popular place to settle.

At least, he didn’t have to worry about the basic population of the Ashless World in the future.

As the master of the Heavenly Palace, what he was most afraid of was that there were few people in the place he ruled. Without people, it was very difficult for strong masters to be born. And if there were no strong masters in the Heavenly Palace, how could it be called the Heavenly Palace? Besides, if there were no people under his command, who would provide him with power of faith?

Therefore, even the master of the Heavenly Palace had a great demand for population.

When no black runes appeared from Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan’s bodies, they knew that Li Huang’s curse was finally lifted.

No matter how strong Li Huang was, he had planted that curse on them with the power of the entire city. It was not impossible for him to forcibly disperse the curse.

However, he could forcibly disperse the curse, but since he had promised Li Huang, there would be negative karma if he didn’t keep his word. This would definitely be a knot in his heart.

Therefore, now that the Heavenly Desolate City was rebuilt, Han Fei could successfully open the sky.

Xia Xiaochan had mixed feelings. She knew that Han Fei would figure out the last opportunity to open the sky sooner or later, but she didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Other people had to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of years to comprehend it, but it only took Han Fei 200 years. Even if time could be accelerated in his Origin Sea, he hadn’t entered it many times over the years.

Above the main city of the Flying Feather World, countless humans were waiting eagerly. Half of these people were former residents of the Ashless World, but they had been living in the Flying Feather World for a long time. However, in their hearts, they knew that the Ashless World was their roots.

More importantly, when the Human King Han Fei suddenly appeared, everyone, even children, was surprised and shouted his name.

A youth asked, “Father, is Han Fei the Human King?”

The middle-aged man nodded. “Of course. Two hundred years ago, the Human King led the army of the human race to attack the Hundred Demons, killing emperors and kings. In one day, he almost killed all the strong masters of the Hundred Demons. That battle record, tsk, it’s unprecedented!”

A child shouted, “Has our hero, Human King, returned?”

“Roar! The Human King has returned!”

When all the creatures shouted, two huge floating islands appeared.

The mountains combined, rays of light flashed, and spiritual energy surged from all directions.

Han Fei glanced at Xia Xiaochan. “Girl.”

Seeing Han Fei appear above the Heavenly Desolate City in a flash, Xia Xiaochan knew that Han Fei was going to transcend the tribulation here. He could use the power of the heavenly tribulation to rebuild the Heavenly Desolate City.

It could be expected that as long as the Heavenly Desolate City survived this heavenly tribulation, at least some strong masters would be born in this city in the future.

At this moment, Han Fei’s heavenly tribulation had just gathered. Because the area where it gathered was very large, the heavenly tribulation didn’t come very fast.

Han Fei’s voice rumbled like thunder, echoing throughout the world. “My name is Han Fei. I’ve cultivated for more than three hundred years, slaughtered sea demons, and created a golden age for human beings. I’ve killed countless enemy Venerables, dozens of kings, and three kings, so I called myself the Human King. Now that I’m going to comprehend the Dao and become an emperor today, I’ll be the Human Emperor…”

When Han Fei said “I’ll be the Human Emperor”, thunder rumbled in the sky, as if disapproving of this statement.

Han Fei snorted and continued,

“As the Human Emperor, I should open a new world for the human race.”

The sky exploded. This time, a mystic power descended as if to suppress Han Fei. However, Han Fei’s momentum was constantly increasing, and the power of the four directions was pouring into Han Fei’s body.

At the same time, Han Fei’s words made countless people excited and their blood boil. Although it hadn’t been two hundred years, the moment he appeared, countless people couldn’t help but admire and worship him.

After all, Han Fei’s story had already spread throughout the outer sea. He was the only hero of the human race. This was because Han Fei had established the current situation of the human world alone.

Therefore, when Han Fei said that he was going to be an emperor, countless people were convinced and full of expectations.

At this moment, the Great Dao rumbled, and the kings were shocked. All the Venerables were moved. Those who could say this had already convinced them.

Han Xuan’s expression was solemn as he clenched his fists. This brat’s path was a little special!

And the happiest one was actually the Snail Emperor. Han Fei still had a giant beast incarnation in the giant beast race. The stronger the human race was, the stronger Han Fei’s original body was, and the stronger the human race was, the easier the future of the giant beast race would be.

After all, the giant beast race had always been the target of others.

If it weren’t for the Sea of Mist, the giant beasts would probably have to compete with the Hundred Demon Clan, the undersea human race, and even the human race. Otherwise, they would become materials in the hands of others.

Han Fei stepped in the air and pointed at the sky.

“As the Human Emperor, I should help the human race live and work in peace.”

“As the Human Emperor, I should preach all laws and educate all living beings.”

“As the Human Emperor, I should lead the human race to cross the sea to the east and return to the Infinite Ocean.”

“As the Human Emperor, I will open the sky if the heavens stop me.”

It seemed that even the Heavenly Dao here couldn’t stand it anymore. Before the heavenly tribulation gathered, a heavenly tribulation struck down with a bang.

Just like the heavenly tribulation of Jiuyin Ling, it was purple at the beginning. When one after another bolt of lightning struck down, Han Fei opened his arms and let the heavenly tribulation cleanse him.

Han Fei’s flesh and blood were like dry land that needed the nourishment of rain.

Han Fei grinned and looked up at the overwhelming heavenly tribulation. The Dao of the Human Emperor was not the Dao, but the Dao heart. As Jiuyin Ling said, he had stepped on this Dao from the beginning, and now he was walking further and further on this Dao.

Since he had already embarked on this path, why should he be afraid of bearing this pressure? Therefore, his Dao heart was already strong enough.

As for the opportunity to open the sky, it was to comprehend the true meaning of the Origin Returning.

When the first lightning struck down, Han Fei’s bones began to shine. His Golden Jade Bone had reached 99% more than 50 years ago.

However, for some reason, he was still lacking the last bit. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make a breakthrough. But at this moment, there were finally signs of loosening.

Since the first heavenly tribulation had descended, the following lightning would naturally condense more quickly.

However, this time, Han Fei had no resources to use. This was because all his resources had been shattered a moment ago and turned into the origin of his Origin Sea.

Therefore, Han Fei could only resist the nine heavenly tribulations with his body.

The purple lightning struck down, and the lightning on Han Fei’s body twisted and cracked. Only those who had transcended the Sky Opening tribulation knew that every heavenly tribulation of the Sky Opening realm was a transformation.

Han Fei’s flesh, skin, bones, six senses, and soul were all rapidly strengthening.

Some of the power of the heavenly tribulation was absorbed by Han Fei into his Origin Sea, trying to continue to open up the Origin Sea, but the power of the heavenly tribulation didn’t seem to be very effective in opening up the Origin Sea.

Fortunately, Han Fei let the heavenly tribulation temper his body.

When it came to the fifth heavenly tribulation, Han Fei suddenly felt that his gold jade bones had finally broken through the last barrier.

The heavenly tribulation seemed to realize that something was wrong with Han Fei. When the sixth lightning bolt appeared, Han Fei felt a large amount of Immortal Qi, but it was not as gentle as the Immortal Qi he refined. This Immortal Qi was very violent.

In addition, Han Fei saw a purple mist sprinkling down from the sky.

“Primordial Purple Qi?”

Han Fei took a deep breath. Only when one was in the heavenly tribulation of the Sky Opening realm would the Primordial Purple Qi appear for a short moment.

Therefore, Han Fei suddenly jumped into the Primordial Purple Qi.

Han Fei opened his mouth, and a terrifying suction force erupted. The entire sixth heavenly tribulation was swallowed by Han Fei. A massive amount of Primordial Purple Qi was also swallowed by Han Fei.

Below, Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Can this be done? Can he even eat such a heavenly tribulation?”

Zhang Xuanyu mumbled, “Wow, wow, wow.”

Han Xuan was shocked. He didn’t know how Han Guanshu and Jiang Linxian gave birth to such a son. The human race was really lucky to have such a leader!

Even the Snail Emperor had never seen anyone transcending a tribulation like this. He said, “This kid’s physique is probably comparable to mine, right?”

What the Snail Emperor said was actually very shocking. He was carrying a snail shell. Didn’t this mean that Han Fei’s physique was even comparable to his?