Chapter 2380 - River of Life

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Chapter 2380: River of Life

Without the power of the python, the effect of the God Sealing Spear Array was immediately stabilized, but not completely.

At most, the God Sealing Spear Array could last for another ten seconds. Of course, if another demonic creature was sealed, the effect of the God Sealing Spear could be strengthened to more than ten seconds.

As for the second prey, Han Fei chose the toad.

Han Fei put on a smile.

As Han Fei snapped his fingers, the big toad’s body was pierced through. It was a water-shaped spear branded with the Dao Pattern of Heaven and Earth.

Earlier, when he was deliberately tied up by the big toad’s tongue, he had already left the Infinity Water behind. As long as he thought about it, the Infinity Water could change into any form he wanted.

At this moment, the toad was directly skewered. The Dao Pattern of Heaven and Earth imprinted on the Infinity Water, and the toad had no chance to struggle at all.

Not only that, the toad and the python couldn’t even disband their bodies.

This scene far exceeded the expectations of the other four demonic plants. They never expected that in such a short moment, their two teammates would be almost suppressed at the same time.

Without the two major helpers, the God Sealing Spear Array here was relatively stable, and their strength had dropped by as much as 30%.

The main reason was that the range of the God Sealing Spear Array was relatively large now, and they had borrowed the power of countless demonic plants and demonic creatures. Therefore, they had only lost 30% of their strength. Otherwise, it would only be more.

Previously, these six demonic plants were equivalent to six peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. But now, they were at most six late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

Han Fei, who had been through countless battles, had long been prepared to deal with various situations. Two of the six demonic creatures had been resolved.

The remaining four demonic creatures knew that it was useless to disperse their bodies at this moment. The first thing they had to do was to open a channel.

Then, to Han Fei’s surprise, the four demonic creatures began to borrow power from each other and gathered all their power on the eagle.

At this moment, they had already discovered that Han Fei was different. This person was not easy to deal with. He had killed two of their companions as soon as he attacked. If they waited for a few more seconds, they would probably be all dead.

As soon as the eagle flew away, Han Fei grinned. After it flew away, Han Fei suddenly said, “There’s no wind here.”

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Han Fei deprived the God Sealing Spear Array of the Great Dao of Wind. No matter how the bird flew, it had to borrow the Great Dao of Wind.

If the Great Dao of Wind was suddenly gone, wouldn’t the eagle be doomed?

However, Han Fei did not attack the eagle immediately. The centipede, cheetah, and treeman lent their strength to the eagle, which must have greatly weakened them.

Even if the eagle didn’t have the Great Dao of Wind, it must have other ways to fly again. Han Fei suddenly appeared in front of the cheetah at nearly eight times the speed of light.

The cheetah wanted to disperse its body and transform into countless demonic plants, but Han Fei was still faster than it. He stabbed the God Sealing Spear at its head.

The Tree Demon wanted to help the cheetah, but Han Fei launched a series of ultra-light speed fist marks with two fists of his six fists. Coupled with the fact that Han Fei had put on the God Slaying Boxing Gloves again, the sky was filled with debris.

Realizing that the cheetah was doomed, the Tree Demons and centipedes dispersed. Thousands of demonic creatures suddenly appeared and spores flew all over the sky.

However, how could Han Fei not know what the centipede and the treeman were thinking?

They knew that they could only rely on the eagle, so they used most of their burdensome demonic bodies to hold Han Fei back. And their main body had already run to the eagle.

At this moment, Han Fei had just finished sealing the cheetah.

The entire God Sealing Spear Array was filled with spore powder of various colors that could isolate perception.

Han Fei’s perception was blocked. However, Han Fei smiled faintly and shook his head slightly. “Void Descending.”

Different from other cloning techniques, what the Void Descending Technique split out wasn’t completely clones. When the clones exceeded a certain level of strength, they would become the main bodies.

This trump card was accidentally discovered by Han Fei during the more than 30 years in the Ruins of Gods. However, he had never used it until now. If he didn’t have to kill these six demonic creatures today, he wouldn’t have used it.

Besides, he dared to use it because he was the only one here. Even if there were Monarchs, they might not pay attention to him. How could the Monarch’s perception pass through the array of the God-Sealing Spear, through the barrier of these spores, and finally find his little trump card?

Han Fei thought that Monarchs wouldn’t be so bored.

The eagle was dumbfounded too. Why did this person suddenly appear?

The eagle had no time to think. It gathered its sharp claws with all its strength. However, a holy pillar of light suddenly descended on it.

A large amount of ominous aura was directly purified, and thick black fog spread out in all directions.

At this moment, the eagle still had some strength left, but after being illuminated by the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, a large amount of dark aura in its body was purified, and the power it had just obtained from the others was immediately reduced. The battle became one-on-one.

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Thirty seconds later, everybody including the eagle was nailed to the ground by Han Fei.

After destroying the dispersed bodies of the Tree Demon and the centipede, Han Fei finally caught the Tree Demon.

Han Fei wondered what would happen if their independent body parts also evolved to the Sky Opening realm? Would they fuse with each other and directly prove their Daos?

Han Fei had studied them for a long time. He could only understand that all of them came through parasitism. As for why they were such life forms, it could only be related to the Great Dao of Parasitism.

Han Fei couldn’t help but think of Xue Fan from the Blood Sea Divine Wood City in the Water-Wood World. That guy really had forward thinking and took a parasitic path. If he really grew up, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After that, Han Fei didn’t take out their life origin crystals immediately but used a strange technique.

This technique was the Vitality Condensation Technique passed down by the God of War.

Although using this technique would strengthen his karma fire, he had to try it out. He had to know how to use it first. At the same time, he wanted to gain the experience of using this technique.

Using his own vitality as a catalyst, Han Fei triggered the vitality of the six demonic plants in the God Sealing Spear Array.

In fact, he only triggered their life origin crystals. How could there be a better test subject?

After a while, Han Fei felt that a mass of extremely rich vitality was slowly taking shape in front of him. However, the feeling of being burnt by the so-called karma fire was not obvious, or even felt at all.

“Could it be that these demonic creatures are not good things in the first place, so it’s not easy for the karma fire to produce?”

Han Fei didn’t really want to be burnt by the karma fire. He just wanted to check the Vitality Condensation Technique and confirm how to use it in the future.

But the result was not ideal.

The vitality of these demonic creatures condensed into a very pure life origin. It seemed to be several times more than absorbing their life origin crystals alone.

Throwing this part of vitality into his Origin Star, Han Fei felt that this rich vitality was quickly absorbed by his Origin Star, like rain falling on the sand, absorbed in the blink of an eye.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He felt that he seemed to see a small river. This vitality seemed to converge in this river in his Origin Star. The increase was as much as one tenth of the river.

“Is this… the River of Life?”

“No, no, Feng Xingliu once said that the river of life is a mysterious river that integrates the lives of billions of people. Mine should just be a quantification of the vitality contained in my Origin Star.”

Not only that, after Han Fei suddenly closed his eyes, an illusory river appeared in his mind. It seemed that he had accidentally found it, so it no longer hid from him and actually appeared.

“That was the river of life of my Origin Star… And this is my own river of life?”