Chapter 2381 - Demonic Source

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Chapter 2381: Demonic Source

Han Fei was really grateful for the 100,000-year competition in the East Sea Divine Realm. It had broadened his horizons, given him a lot of insights, and provided him with a lot of resources.

It turned out that in addition to the river of time, there was really a river of life in this world. Although he didn’t know the river of life at the moment, he could already see his own river of life.

The water in the River of Life represented his vitality, and the length of the River of Life represented his lifespan. His vitality could be replenished, but his lifespan couldn’t be easily extended.

Once this river of life burst, it meant the loss of life. It meant that even if he had vitality, he couldn’t repair his lifespan.

“So this is the true relationship between lifespan and vitality.”

What Han Fei was observing now was the length of the river of life. His river seemed to be 132 meters long. By logic, a Sea Establisher should have a lifespan of 100,000 years, and he should have a lifespan of a million years.

Therefore, the answer was obvious. His lifespan was 1.32 million years, and his river water was full, which meant that he wasn’t short of vitality.

Han Fei understood. Both he and his Origin Star had a river of life. The problem was that his river was easy to judge, but the one of his Origin Star was longer and deeper than his.

However, the life river of his Origin Star was too illusory for him to judge its length. He could only compare its depth. So far, Han Fei discovered that the life river of his Origin Star didn’t even reach half of the depth of his, only about one-third.

Han Fei knew that this was a newborn Origin Star and it was still lacking. For now, it seemed to lack vitality.

At this time, Han Fei was shocked. It seemed that his Origin Star was quite lacking in vitality, and the vitality of the star was only one third. No wonder the God of War said he should inject vitality into it.

However, Han Fei was not in a hurry to inject vitality. He didn’t know if the vitality in the life origin crystal or the vitality condensed from other people’s Origin Stars was more.

Anyway, it would take four months for his Star Core to be fully born. During this period, he had plenty of time to get a lot of vitality.

After experimenting with the Vitality Condensation Technique, Han Fei couldn’t come to any conclusions.

But now, his second mission had been completed. However, his first mission, to kill Sea Establisher demonic creatures, hadn’t been finished.

However, that mission was even simpler. It should be completed in a few days.

However, it was definitely premeditated that he was ambushed. How did they know which direction he would take? Why were they ambushing him here?

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Han Fei vaguely had an answer in his heart, which was the demonic source.

Han Fei didn’t plan to rest. Since today’s luck was “Greatly Ominous”, he might as well find the demonic source and destroy it in one fell swoop.

Han Fei believed that the demonic source was not as difficult to get as he imagined. Otherwise, how many people would be unable to complete the mission of the demonic source?

From the looks of it, Han Fei thought that the demonic origin was more like a wise person who would let people ambush him. Furthermore, those demonic plants would listen to its orders. This meant that the other party’s level was higher than these demonic plants. However, it couldn’t be higher than the perfected Star Transformation realm. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have become the third mission.

Furthermore, Han Fei didn’t think that the demonic source would be in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, because this was also too difficult. There were less than 5,000 peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators who participated in this 100,000-year competition of the Divine Capital Dynasty. If the demonic source had the combat power of the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, what was the point? They might as well directly let these 5,000 people pass.

Therefore, Han Fei thought that the combat power of the demonic source wasn’t high.

He thought of the demonic plants that attacked him. Perhaps the only powerful thing about the demonic source was that it could guide the evolution of demonic plants.

Perhaps in order to ambush Han Fei, the demonic source nearby had mobilized most of the surrounding combat power. Therefore, Han Fei rushed all the way and didn’t encounter another demonic creature of the Sky Opening realm.

Finally, after half a day, Han Fei stopped in the depths of this swamp, which didn’t look like a swamp but more like a big lake.

If it weren’t for the large amount of algae on its surface, Han Fei would have thought that the swamp here was more like an inland sea.

At this place, Han Fei knew that he had found it.

His perception couldn’t penetrate the swamp here. There seemed to be a power preventing him from doing so.

Han Fei stood in midair and said in a very straightforward voice, “You only have one chance now. If you can’t ambush me this time, you will definitely die. So, have you decided what to do?”

Seeing that there was no answer, Han Fei smiled and said, “If I’ve guessed right, the power you can use has basically been used up. Although there are many demonic creatures here, including countless demonic creatures in the Sky Opening Realm, they can’t all be under your control. You are just one of the countless demonic sources in this world, so the power you can control is limited. So… let’s make a deal?”

The swamp was bubbling, and more and more bubbles appeared and became denser. Finally, when a purple crystal flower bud appeared and bloomed, Han Fei could finally see the so-called demonic source.

A humanoid demonic plant appeared in the purple crystal spring. Han Fei couldn’t tell if it was a demonic plant, a human, or a demonic creature.

She seemed to have the characteristics of all three.

“You are the demonic source?”

After he was ambushed, he realized that there seemed to be a wise guy behind these demonic plants. Otherwise, if he were those demonic plants, his first thought wouldn’t be to ambush him.

This was because ambushing him was meaningless to the demonic plants and demonic creatures. He didn’t have an ominous aura. Although he had exuberant vitality, they were demonic plants and didn’t lack vitality. So why were they ambushing him?

If these demonic plants didn’t want anything from him but still ambushed him, they could only have received orders from something.

From the looks of it, as he expected, this demonic source was indeed alive.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged:

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<Name> Demonic Source

<Introduction> An intelligent demonic plant that lives in the Dark Demon Domain. Because it has the ability to quickly absorb ominous power, it can control many demonic plants and demonic creatures. They parasitize all demonic creatures that they can attach to and make them their clones. And the parasitic demonic creatures won’t find that they are just a clone. In a demonic source’s domain, all creatures are its nutrients. However, the demonic source needs to give birth to a true body to have combat power. Before that, the demonic origin’s combat power can only rely on the attached demonic creatures. Their bodies contain a large amount of ominous aura and they can only be suppressed with the pure life origin crystal in their hearts.

< Quality > Rare

<Realm> Perfected Sky Opening Realm

<Ominous aura contained> 3,092 wisps

<Battle Technique> Spiritual control, parasitization, life absorption, energy absorption

<Collectible> Ominous Demonic Crystal

<Note> In a world polluted by ominousness, no spiritual plant is innocent.

Upon seeing this message, Han Fei’s heart trembled. Holy sh*t, do those Sky Opening Realm demonic creatures know that they were possessed? The demonic source turned them into its clones without telling them but allowing them to maintain independent consciousness. Is this demonic source a pervert?

Besides, Han Fei never expected that this thing would turn out to be in the perfect Sky Opening Realm.

“What deal do you want?”

This demonic source seemed to be relatively calm. Although Han Fei couldn’t sense its strength, according to the introduction of the Demon Purification Pot, it was clearly not strong. However, if they really fought, this thing should have some trump cards.

But Han Fei didn’t care. No matter what trump cards the demonic source had, even if it had a large amount of ominous matters, Han Fei didn’t care. This level of ominousness could easily be purified by the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique. At most, he would waste some vitality. And in the Demon Domain, vitality was the least lacking.

However, what Han Fei didn’t expect was that the demonic source really came out and was willing to communicate with him. This was different from those demonic plants. Even the demonic creatures in the Sky Opening realm wouldn’t be willing to communicate with him, or to be exact, they didn’t know how to do it.

Han Fei said, “I want resources, treasures, life crystals, and a tremendous amount of vitality. Can you satisfy me, or are you willing to give me clues?”

There was no killing intent on Han Fei at the moment. He was seriously negotiating. He wasn’t a native of the Demon Domain. Even with the Vast Ocean Navigator, he could only find three places with resources a day.

But the demonic source was different. Since this guy had intelligence and could still negotiate with him, it meant that there was still room for negotiation.

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, the demonic source immediately replied, “Okay, no problem. But how can I trust you?”

Han Fei grinned. “You can only trust me, can’t you?”

However, the demonic source shook its head slightly. “No. Since it’s a deal, there should be a return from you. I can give you the resources, treasures, vitality, and even a large number of life crystals you want. However, you have to help me. Otherwise, you can kill me. But I have to tell you that even if you kill the current me, you can’t kill the real me.”

Han Fei put on a smile. “You’re quite eloquent. Okay, tell me what you want.”

The demonic source said slowly, “I want you to help me kill other demonic sources. In exchange, I can give you all the treasures, resources, vitality, spiritual fruits, and so on in my territory and theirs.”