Chapter 2383 - God of Wars Reminder

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Chapter 2383: God of War’s Reminder

Han Fei wasn’t afraid that the demonic source would run away. If it could run, it would have run away long ago and wouldn’t have stayed here waiting for him to come.

Therefore, it probably didn’t have the ability to move quickly. Perhaps it was because it was connected to the ground veins here and couldn’t leave even if it wanted to.

Han Fei’s purpose in going to the Origin Star was very clear. Although he had obtained all the resources in this demonic source’s territory, he still had a lot of concerns about whether to cooperate with this demonic source.

Another moment later.

Above the Sea of Stars, an altar appeared, and a curtain of fire rose.

God of War: “You’re here again? Why didn’t you offer sacrifices to me this time?”

Before Han Fei sent a message, the God of War had sent a message to him, mainly because Han Fei came so frequently that even the God of War had the illusion that this guy didn’t seem to be busy at all.

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, let’s not rush into sacrificing or not. I’ve run into a situation here… Blah, blah…”

Han Fei gave a long description and sent the information about the Demonic Domain to the God of War.

The God of War immediately replied, “Are you sure it’s an Origin Ground contaminated by the ominous power? An Origin Ground with at least a million Sky Opening Realm cultivators?”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes, that’s right. I’ve caught a demonic source. I’m wondering if I can cooperate with it. Blah, blah…”

The God of War was dumbfounded. You were asked to do a mission, but you wanted to cooperate with a demonic creature?

The God of War said, “You can cooperate with it. According to your description, such a demonic source shouldn’t be a big threat as long as it hasn’t swallowed more than five other demonic sources. But you don’t know if it has swallowed other demonic sources before, so you can’t take the risk. Besides, no race has the habit of cooperating with the ominous. You can never be dependent on it. Therefore, my suggestion is that even if you can cooperate with it, there’s no need to.”

“No need to cooperate?”

Han Fei murmured. The Vast Ocean Navigator could tell him how many demonic sources this demonic source had swallowed. If the God of War was right, he could kill the demonic source after it swallowed four other demonic sources.

However, the God of War said there was no need to cooperate, it was worth thinking about. With so many resources, why was there no need to cooperate with the demonic source?

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The God of War responded, “What do you think the main purpose of obtaining resources after the star transformation is?”

Han Fei said, “Is it for the Star Path? Even if we don’t take the Star Path, we’ll have to use a huge amount of resources, right? For example, when we prove our Daos.”

God of War: “When it’s time for you to prove your Dao, it definitely won’t be enough for you to snatch these resources from this demonic source’s territory. To prove your Dao, you need to borrow the Heavenly Dao and comprehend the laws. If you can snatch the Heavenly Dao of an Origin Ground, it will indeed be very beneficial to prove your Dao. But do you have the ability now?”

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, do you mean that it’s not of much use for me to obtain resources now?”

The God of War said, “It’s not that it’s not useful. However, since you’ve gone to such a place, according to what you said, there might be a hundred thousand demonic sources here, and you only have three years. How many of them can you kill? If you have the ability to kill these demonic sources, you might as well try stealing the World Origin of this world.”

Han Fei was shocked. “Steal World Origin of this world? Senior God of War, do you think I’ve lived enough? This is a terrifying Origin Ground with 100,000 demonic sources. How can its World Origin be stolen so easily? If I’m not wrong, World Origin should have a certain level of consciousness, right? If it summons thousands of Sky Opening realm demonic creatures, how can I defeat them?”

God of War: “As you said, this Origin Ground is only ominously polluted, but since you can go to this Origin Ground to gain experience, it means that this Origin Ground hasn’t been completely corroded by the ominous. In other words, the World Origin here should still be fighting against the ominous power. While resisting the ominous, it no longer has the time to care about these polluted demonic creatures. Besides, World Origin might have a little consciousness, but it’s mostly dominated by rules. It’s not as smart as you think.”

Hearing what the God of War said, Han Fei was tempted. If the World Origin here hadn’t been completely corroded and was still resisting the ominous, it seemed that he did have a chance.

But Han Fei asked again, “Senior God of War, even if I find the World Origin of this world, I have to face the ominous, right? If I absorb the World Origin of this world, won’t I have to face the corrosion of the ominous power?”

God of War: “Oh! You are facing the ominous right now. So many of you went to the world polluted by the ominous. Every time you killed a demonic creature, demonic origin, and so on, you were annihilating the ominous. As for facing the ominous head-on, if necessary, you can call me to help you.”

Han Fei was stunned. Can you come to help me?

But Han Fei soon realized that the God of War wanted him to sacrifice a lifeform in the Sky Opening Realm and knew that he had dug out the core of the other party’s Origin Star. Didn’t this mean that the God of War could actually enter other people’s Origin Stars through sacrifices?

In this case, as long as a channel was opened for the God of War, he could directly come over. The problem was, what should he sacrifice to allow the God of War to come over unobstructed? Through a strange wormhole or an even more magical path?

Besides, Han Fei remembered that the South Monarch once described the God of War that although the God of War hadn’t become a god, he was infinitely close to a god. If such a big shot really came, he would definitely be invincible.

However, would the God of War covet his body? After all, he hadn’t become a god yet. As for him, he had an 810,000- kilometer star transformation, was talented, and had countless opportunities. It was fine to chat with the God of War through the fire curtain, but Han Fei really didn’t have the courage to face the God of War face to face.

However, Han Fei couldn’t say these words out loud, so he rolled his eyes and replied, “Senior God of War, if you really come over, I’m afraid Great Monarch East Martial will have to come down personally. At that time, not to mention World Origin, I won’t even be able to get the resources in the demonic sources’ territories.”

After a while, the fire curtain responded, “That’s true. After all, this is East Martial’s territory. If I steal his territory, this guy will probably hold a grudge. Forget it… Although I can’t go to your side, I think you still have to find the World Origin of this world. As for how to deal with the ominous’ invasion, you can activate the God of War Seal when the time comes. I can protect you for a while. Since this is East Martial’s territory, once you really steal the World Origin or something and cause a problem in this world, East Martial will come out to clean up the situation anyway. You are just a contestant. What does it have to do with you? East Martial won’t attack you. I think he will give me some face.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Haha, yes, you’re a big shot.

But Han Fei thought that if the God of War asked him to get the World Origin, would someone else instigate their children or disciples to get the World Origin?

After all, according to Han Fei’s current understanding, there had been gods in places such as the Heavenly Race, the Phoenix Divine Race, and the East Sword Pavilion. If they had the guidance of gods, would they compete for the World Origin of this world?

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With this in mind, Han Fei’s mind became active. Compared to the World Origin of such an Origin Ground, this demonic source’s resources were nothing but trash.

The World Origin contained vitality, the rules of the world, the Great Dao, and power.

As for such an Origin Ground, once he obtained its World Origin and gave birth to a Star Core, the problem of injecting vitality would immediately be resolved. Then he wouldn’t need to obtain these so-called life origin crystals anymore.

In fact, he couldn’t eat so much World Origin alone. Then he could let Little Black and Little White eat together and let the Emperor Sparrow eat together. Unfortunately, he didn’t take Little Fatty and the others with him. Otherwise, he could take them to eat it together. If he still couldn’t eat it all, he could sacrifice it to the God of War.

In any case, if he really obtained the World Origin of the world, he would probably be able to complete the star transformation realm.

With this in mind, Han Fei suddenly felt that the demonic source wasn’t attractive anymore.

Han Fei immediately said, “Senior God of War, I’ll listen to you. I’m going to find World Origin.”

Han Fei was about to go offline when the God of War sent him a message. “If you really get the World Origin, you won’t be able to eat it alone. I’ll teach you how to store World Origin. Then you can sacrifice it to me.”

Han Fei immediately replied, “Senior God of War, I’m risking my life.”

God of War: “What are you talking about? Haven’t I taught you enough? I’m thinking of teaching you the Supreme Divine Technique when you inject vitality into your body. Brat, you can’t even bear to give me this little bit of World Origin?”

“Supreme Divine Technique?”

Han Fei’s eyes lit up and he quickly responded, “Senior God of War, who are you despising? Am I the stingy kind of person? I mean I’m risking my life, but you only teach me a way to store the World Origin. Won’t you give my God of War Seal some more time?”

God of War: “Then give me some proper sacrifice, OK? Don’t you know what you offered to me?”

“Okay, wait for me. I’ll definitely offer two good sacrifices to you in three months.”

After the conversation, Han Fei looked quite energetic.

Outside, when Han Fei returned from the Origin Star, the demonic source was still in place.

After Han Fei came out, the demonic source asked, “You’re back so soon?”

Han Fei grinned. “Yes!”

The demonic source: “According to my judgment, there are thirteen demonic sources nearby, the weakest of which is in the west.”

However, Han Fei shook his head slightly. “No, you are wrong.”

The demonic source didn’t seem to understand. “I can’t be wrong.”

Han Fei grinned. “The weakest one is right in front of me.”

The demonic source: “…”